BKWSU lies: still targeting children

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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BKWSU lies: still targeting children

Post24 Jan 2013

Despite knowing full well their Adi Dev version of the history of the organization is false, and despite knowing the rest of the world is starting to know it, the Brahma Kumaris do what the Brahma Kumaris think best ... and set a example for children by lying and fabricating about in ... but in a sweet and peaceful manner, one presumes.

From the January/February 2013 Youth Wing Newsletter, that includes titles about "Moral Responsibility and Janki Kirpalani telling the children to, "go deep inside the self and check your feelings and you will discover truth and honesty inside", BK Chandrikaben repeats the usual garbage about their founder Lekhraj Kirpalani. Strange that after 70 years neither BK Raja Yoga nor her "humility, has not made Janki Kripalani honest. Or even classy.

Note, "Destruction" is swopped to "World Transformation". Lekhraj Kirpalani was not 60 in 1936, he appears to started his satsang in 1932 and there was no revelation of Shiva until after 1950. Beforehand, he though he was God.
Then, in 1936, at the age of 60, when most of his colleagues were planning their retirement, Dada Lekhraj entered into the most active and fascinating phase of his life, during which he became known as Brahma Baba. Initially he invested more time in quiet reflection and solitude. Then one day, while in a meditative state Brahma Baba felt a warm flow of energy surrounding him, filling him with light and exposing him to a series of powerful visions. These visions continued periodically over several months. They gave him new insights into the innate qualities of human souls, revealed the mysterious entity of God and described the process of world transformation.
Although the visions ceased, their Source remained with him for the next 3 decades, guiding his transformation as well as that of those around him.

This is not the end of this week targetting of children ... the BKs also continue to mine the pubicity value of setting spurious "World Records" ... this time for "The World Largest Maths Lesson" at the Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon on 17th December, 2012. Over 3300 participants from more than 30 schools of Delhi attended. (The Guiness Book of Records lists the NSPCC in the UK as holding the same record for multiple locations).

What purpose this has except for sitting a load of children in front of a picture of Lekhraj Kirpalani and indoctrinating them, who knows.

Perhaps they are getting sponsorship deal from Limca™ ... Coca Cola's Indian soft drink. The mathematical memory coaches are both BK adherents.

“Largest-Maths-Lesson”-Guinness-World-Record-By-Brahma-Kumaris1.jpg (44.91 KiB) Viewed 1329 times

“Largest-Maths-Lesson”-Guinness-World-Record-By-Brahma-Kumaris3.jpg (21.89 KiB) Viewed 1329 times

Aiming at a youngers, the BKs also hold painting competitions at centers.
Painting contest:The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, Sector 51-A, held a painting competition for the children of different age groups, as a part of the Children’s Day celebrations on Sunday. Deepali Sharma, a professor from Government Home Science College, Chandigarh, and artistes, Neenu Vij and Anju Pasricha, Brahma Kumari Kavita Didi and Brahma Kumari Anita Didi were the judges of the event.

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