A failed prediction and alternative future path

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A failed prediction and alternative future path

Post21 Feb 2013

A failed prediction and alternative future path

As I entered the BK I noticed that they said it was a spiritual education centre. However, just as ex-l explained (as a reaction to 'the dawning of the truth'), I soon got the idea that the BK were more spiritists than spirituals. I had an innate objection to spiritism, because it can cause so much trouble in a person's life, and it embodies certain dangers. But I encouraged myself, said, "Okay you're into it now, try to make something out of it. There is black magic but this is white magic."

From the very beginning, as I was meditating, I avoided staring into the BKs' eyes or at their forehead. It felt as if indeed they beamed through me, but the main thing was that it distracted me. I could not get into meditation, nothing happened. I just saw a person. Instead I looked at a point just above their heads, tuned into the vibes from there. It worked.

We used to meditate in silence. Sometimes however the BK gave a guided meditation. It helped me better and I quite liked this. At a certain momement I noticed that when we were meditating in silence, the teacher whispered. It seemed akward. At the end of the meditation session I asked why she was whispering. She denied. But it happened again. Again I asked and she denied. Than I decided to try and find out more about this.

It was not easy. I focused on it but sometimes I was in meditation to deep. When I was out of meditation, she looked at me and stopped whispering. After a few sessions I got a vision. This was at about the tenth or twelfth session.
I saw a white room. It was vast, but not infite. It seemed immaterial and in the sky.The people from the class were sitting on chairs, clothed in white. The teacher was walking around, talking at normal voice. She was obvious anxious but more in a irritated way. She kept on stressing a certain thing. Then she sat before us, meditated a while and returned again. Finally, I got the word. "Destruction".

However, it did not get into my conscious mind yet. But she made a mistake. I got out of meditation earlier, or either she spoke too loud. She said: "Big Destruction".

As I was home I struggled with my memory which was blurred by the meditation. Finally, I remembered. At that time there was a second teacher at the centre. I asked her what "Big Destruction" meant. She said that at the end of the Confluence Age, all souls would return to the Soul World.

The next session the whispering teacher was there again. She was clearly irritated. She said something like, "Why is somebody doing so much wrong to himself" or "Why is somebody making himself so wrong". I had a feeling she meant me. We were then with a group of especially beginners and the opening up about the BKs' view to the end of confluence time had shaken many, 'cause the number of attendants at the session diminished considerably afterwards. At least that is what I think. But maybe it was because of other, personal reasons.

I contined following lessons though I did not like the concept of "Big Destruction". The non-whispering teacher told me again that at the end of the confluence time all souls would go home. A very small group of people, the real Brahmin souls, that had a connection of love with the Supreme Soul, a group of about 250 to 750 souls would incarnate in the Golden Age. But this was kept secretly inside the BK. Their subjects would inherit the Silver Age, only. But many subjects would be allowed to live in the Silver Age. The number was not fixed. The BK organisation by then, according to her, was striving to get as much adherents as it could, that would all go to the Silver Age.

In guided meditation she said that Destruction would take place 20 years from then.

A jump in time. At the end of my time with the BK (spring 1992), I came up with the feeling of leaving them. (We were free from the bindings of Ravana or the Raven by then. But that was another surprise. All of a sudden there was Ravana ànd Maya, whereas before there was only spoken of Maya in Baba's teachings).

However, I decided to leave. There was a mass of information that kept coming. I grew tired of it. There was a lifestyle that did not fit me. What opened my eyes was the following. I got a vision of the new world in meditation, or it was given to me, or I created it in my mind. As well as one from Saraswati (I never called her "Mama" nor did I call Brama "Father "-- it just doesn't feel right to me). I saw it as a breaktrough.

Then I got an invitation to celebrate the birth of Krishna. There was a little description ajoining. Said that the birth of Krishna would lead to the beginning of a new era. Only 900,000 souls would survive a forthcoming end of the world and inherit the Golden Age. At the end of the Silver Age, 330 million would live on earth. At that moment the 900,000 souls all were already there and all of them were adherents of the BK. A total of 5.5 milliard (by then the total world population, minus 900,000) would die.

It was strange because it contradicted the earlier sayings of the non-whispering BK teacher. The numbers were different. More souls at the beginning of the Golden Age. A fixed number at the end. No new adherents would either live in golden nor Silver Age above the total of 330 million. Not all souls would go home, contradictory to what the teacher had said. It puzzeled and shocked me, this sudden shifting.

Then I looked at the titles of the other sessions planned. Some were about virtues. I remembered that at a certain moment I saw how virtues were following each other, just as, according to one of the BK teachers, Baba had once explained to her. In meditation at home, I sometimes gave the energy of the meditation back to Baba to divide amongst others as a service. So I did with the energy of the virtues. But I was critised by the teachers. The method was wrong, the sequence was wrong, the timing was wrong etc. It was just all wrong.

Now as I read the invitation, the same virtues came along, in the exact same order or sequence as I had noticed.
I looked closer. I saw a session named 'victory' but all I felt was defeat of myself and selfworth. I saw a session named self-respect but I felt as if my self-respect had been brutalised and taken away. I remembered that according to Baba the first thing Maya does is to take away your self-respect and than take you over. But I was wondering if the BKs weren't doing exactly the same thing. I saw a session named humility but I felt humiliated and brought to humiliation. Just consequently the contrary of what the sessions-titels were. Strange.

I meditated over it. When I looked again at the titles of the sessions I got the idea of myself driven forward by the BKs. Stepping over stones where they did not, jumping over gaps where they dare not, bridging gaps for them. They were hunting me forward behind my back, kicking me with sticks, forcing me to go on. I asked myself if this was really God at work.

I remembered the "experience" of the cutting of my back I had in meditation (see : "the dawning of the truth"). I got the idea of a force or virtue or something else involved, they were aiming at, something that would give them their desired and or ultimate victory. I visualised myself being with them, attaining this goal. Then I experienced anxiety that, if we attained it, what would happen to me. I saw them making me come to fall and die. Discarded off, as no longer was I of need to them. (Exactly the same was lateron described to me by the healer that helped me after I left the cult, but independently of me, i.e. without me even telling of the BK).

I asked myself. Do I want this to happen. Even if it was to reach this goal of attaining a new world by this way. My mind said, "NO". As an ultimate sacrife I could, maybe for the good cause of it. But I was scorned on the way, hunted down as if I were nothing but a wild animal, humiliated. Again I remembered the cutting knife-experience in meditation (described in 'the dawning of the truth'). I said to myself, "This is not a good thing. If they do this to me, they will do this to others as well. I have only myself, but if it was for me to decide, do I want a new world to be starting like this, indulging these matters?"

The answer again was, "NO".
    Do I want the new world to start with the extinction of (by than) 5.5 milliard people ? NO.
    Does the extinction of 5.5 milliard people feels to me as a victory ? NO
I even got the idea of a superior race of people being created by cheating, abusing, misleading, manipulating many, many others. The paralell of Nazism even came into my thoughts. It all made me shiver. Would I go to a party knowing that I was celebrating, while 5.5 milliard others would die in the future ? NO

I decided not to go. I left.

The last thing that I did is that I discussed an alternative path, in which a peaceful tranformation would take place. Where groups of spiritual and non-spiritual people, ecologists, activists, etc, would all work together to create a better place for all of us --- I think we need to take our responsability.

Even as I had invited BapDada to be with me, BapDada choose to ridicule me by a tale afterwards, told to me by one of the BK lecturers (not an adherent but someone who gave lectures sometimes to the BK. I attended one lecture, but outside the BK - setting after my leaving, in my own town).

I think it is clear that we cannot go on like this. We are not taking good care of ourselves, and the planet. We need to change. But it need not be via destruction, is my opnion.

I find it very saddening that Shiv Baba and his adherents still hold on to the dogmatic path of Destruction. It need not be so. There is an alternative (and not just because of me) That is the way of real transformation instead of Destruction. We can all work together and everyone can inherit a better world. Not just an elite group.

Now it is 20 years later. The prediction of the BK teacher that the world would have ended by now is not true. It was probably divinely inspired. We all lived through that. How much more lies do we indulge, on account of this so called suppreme soul and its teachings ? When will we open our eyes ?

George Orwell wrote a famous book "1984." I read it long before I visited the BK but it is probably even better to read it after you have left, for detoxification. While the principal figure Winston Smith, in the novel, is amongst a crowd, paying hommage to Big Brother at a square, all of a sudden a new enemy is proclamed (Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia; in the novel, are at a continuous war with each other). As a mass, the crowd shouts against this new enemy while the former enemy is now the ally. Later on in the book it is stated that,
" It is not a matter of whether the war is not real or if it is,
Victory is not possible,
The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continious,
A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance,
This new version IS THE PAST and no different past can ever have existed,
In principal the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of
The war is waged by the ruling group against it's own subjects,
It's object is not the victory over either Eurasia or Eastasia,
But to keep the very structure of society intact "

To end with, I add a part of the songtext of 'Boy Blue', on 'Eldorado' by ELO. I think it is a beautiful record, although the songtext in general makes no sense, but leaves you with a general good feeling. Hollow, just like the BK teachings sometimes is.

But this part, I think, is worth looking at :
I've seen bold knights, dropping like flies,
I've seen kings, rolling in the mire,
I've seen God, point the finger of doom to our foes
I have fought in the holiest wars,
I have smashed some of the holiest jaws,
I've been jailed, been impaled and been dragged through the world

One thing I have learned through these years,
Is that no man should be stricken with fear
It should be that he walks with no care in the world

or to listen to,

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Re: A failed prediction and alternative future path

Post22 Feb 2013

Good post. A classic.

From my experience when teaching the 7 Day Course, "The Cycle" was usually the lesson that threw people out ... which is why it is no wonder certain types would prefer to keep it hidden to suck people in.

No doubt people must have been charmed by how nice and polite/peaceful/attentive we were ... and fell for the "free" trap ... then when they heard of the 5,000 year stuff they realised we really were a whacky cult. Of course, no one questioned this nor reviewed why they quit. In the old days they would say it was proof they have no been through the whole cycle themselves!

It's worth pointing out that world population is now more than 5.5 billion, so that prediction failed as well.

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