"Space For Truth" - another BK front?

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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"Space For Truth" - another BK front?

Post31 May 2013

I found out it just 3 years ago, but fortunately these resources are still available, although not directly because of some re-building of that site at the moment. I found it to be some BK Greek project, initiated in the 90s.

Please, take a look at the organizers subsite. Three names:
    Anthony Strano (BK Greece),
    Neville Hodgkinson (BK UK), and
    Dorothy Steinfeld (BK USA)
leave no doubts about that this is another BK front.

There are also some quotes directly from the BK teachings, e.g. here.

There is also another interesting sub-site about past events on SfT, it was related to the Olympics in Greece, 2004. Take a look at this.

Perhaps some of you would be able to recognize among the scientists who signed this message some familiar names (related to the BK)? I found one. PhD (Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry) Maciej Kuznikowski from Poland, Łódź, who is a Brother whom I knew quite well.

I had already been a BK for a year or two, when Maciej just "came to Gyan" and was doing his "7 Days Course". He is someone rather important to the BKWSU, at the moment, as BK Halina allows him even do some translations. I own a "Madhuban classes 2012" mp3 CD where BK Maciej translated some English classes or lectures (even though there are no mp3 tags, I can very easily recognize his voice), that's why I can acknowledge that.

The BKs also used to gather in his flat on the BapDada's coming or any other transmission from the Madhuban (via secure connection). Sadly, it was me who installed on Maciej's computer the whole stuff (operating system, software and was configuring the internet connection. I taught him everything, enabling the BKs to use some new technologies. Every time I think of it, I feel terribly ashamed, but I was a total idiot at that moment; naive as a child, completely fooled, "under a spell", and was able to do anything for "Godly" service and improvement with no hesitation.

Does anyone know some more details about that BK front? The latest activity of SfT is from 2010.
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Re: "Space For Truth" - another BK front?

Post01 Jun 2013

It appears to be attempting to be an "intellectual presentation" of Gyan.

I predict it will languish, lay neglected, with sporadic attempts to update it.

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