SriMat-Defying Wonders of the Universe

Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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Re: SriMat-Defying Wonders of the Universe

Post02 May 2015

I was thinking about similar recently ...

How, on one hand, the BKs claimed Lekhraj Kirpalani *was* god, then continued to claim he was equal to god/inseparably god possessed, his every utterance unquestionable Shrimat ... and yet, on the other, how they blame his churnings for all the failures and politically correct stuff and sort of mock or patronise him - lovingly perhaps - as the silly old man ignoring his instruction as and when they feel like it.

I *suspect* this was similar to how he was treated in real life ... their eye on "the old man's money" like any second rate, cheapster family.
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Re: SriMat-Defying Wonders of the Universe

Post03 May 2015

To say it was Lekhraj’s words that were in error also goes against the fact they believe it was God Shiva speaking through him.

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