Remote or Telepathic hypnotism?

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Remote or Telepathic hypnotism?

Post27 Aug 2015

New to me but I am currently reading about what is claimed to be remote or "telepathic hypnotism". Hypnotism at a distance.

It took me a long time to accept BKism contain a highly hypnotic element, or elements identical to hypnotic practises - although I accept it is more.

I have never heard of telepathic hypnotism before. Of course, it is is demonstrated to be true, it will have a great bearing on BK claims. There is no science I know of to back such claims up.
Frederick W H Myers wrote:I have cited first this experiment at a distance, without attempting to analyse the nature of the suggestion given or power employed by the hypnotist. Of course it is plain that if one can thus influence unexpectant persons from a distance there must be sometimes some kind of power actually exercised by the hypnotiser; something beyond the mere tact and impressiveness of address ... Evidence of this has been afforded by the occasional production of organic and other effects in hypnotised subjects ...

It is, however, in my view, by no means improbable that effluences, as yet unknown to science, but perceptible by sensitive persons as the telepathic impulse is perceptible, should radiate from living human organisms.

We have just seen that the subliminal state of the hypnotised subject may be approached by ways subtler than mere verbal suggestion - by telepathic impacts and perhaps by some effluence of kindred supernormal type. We have now to trace the supernormal elements in the hypnotic response. Whether those elements are most readily excited by a directly subliminal appeal, or whether they depend mainly on the special powers innate in the hypnotised person, we can as yet but imperfectly guess.

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