Mulund and Bandup (Mumbai) people trying to ban BK centre

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Mulund and Bandup (Mumbai) people trying to ban BK centre

Post17 May 2017

Please do not go to BK, I have heard Godavari from Mulund Ashram itself is idiot. She looted everything from his Brother's property and yet she says she is a "great sanyasi". In short, I can say they are "Dongis" and they are hungry for money. I usually wonder now how she become millionaire.

This is the reason their people do and lot and they make huge ashram. They beg for funds from rich people and build their ashram in the name of GOD. Brahmkumaris say they are sanyansi but as per me they are not, they are money lovers. This is what I have heard from Mulund Mumbai Ashram. Not the same and not afraid of lord, and gives The Knowledge of Baba.

It's a corrupted religion they have created which says "peace". But I don't say peace, they usually separate husband and wifes after marriage. Half of Mulund and Bandup people are trying the ban in their location.

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