Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post26 Nov 2017

It was not uncommon in my time in the BKs for rich donors to financially support the residence and livelihood of a BK based on who they are, i.e. they would not necessarily have done it for just anyone, they were impressed by that person. They may not pay for everything but will let BKs use a property and make regular donations, i.e. the main living expenses are covered. Then the yugya may come in as a secondary support till the place becomes self-sustaining (in whatever way that means - local donors, centrewassi going an actually getting a job, other BKs sent there to do just that).

Mexico BK service started when a wealthy young heir from Mexico city met the BKs in Edinburgh one year when I was there for the festival. I am pretty sure Florida USA was initially, and if I am not mistaken for quite along time, funded by Rick and Sandy, a couple many may remember meeting in Mt Abu. They really liked BK Waddy (Veronica McHugh) who is a most likeable personality and, I think, let her live in one of their properties in Tampa.

The interesting thing about the well-off is how their donations affect them minimally. It is excess that is not missed.

Maui, in my experience, I have seen a stark comparison between those who donate time and energy compared to those who donate money. The former have basically said, ”I am yours do with me as you will - and they can get seriously dissed, abused, walked all over; whereas the latter, the cash donors - have autonomy. It is that autonomy that let's them earn the cash and let's them have a choice whether to donate any or not; and some eventually walk away, while others become ”subscribers" who get special treatment.


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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post26 Nov 2017

Absolutely correct PP, on all counts; and the relationships continue re: Florida.

It has also been my experience about the stark comparison you described between those donating money vs. those giving all time and energy. I have found it over the years disgusting and have grown to have great disdain for this. And, as you say, rich donor is supporting these people, the one I know is totally impressed with this particular soul. I did a workshop with the one in the USA and she needed a car; this donor provided her with a new one. When I asked the donor, whom I knew, I was told "she needed it". No questions asked. I was also told Mohini knew about it, but to this I cannot verify truthfulness.

Ex-I ... from where I sit and can discern, there is no negotiation between the organization and donor/or person involved. The disparity is offensive; but as PP points out so accurately I believe, it is excess that is not missed by the donors. The one I believe to be a total opportunist uses and takes; her donor is Indian. She gives much service but she has a good gig going. The other one donor is not. I know I sound sarcastic, but at this point in where I am trying to untangle myself from all this, I really don't care how I sound.

Wouldn't it be wonderful for that money/monies to be supplied to perhaps help those needing it in illness ... just a thought ...
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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post27 Nov 2017

Maui wrote:Wouldn't it be wonderful for that money/monies to be supplied to perhaps help those needing it in illness ... just a thought ...

Or for the money to be used to truly protect, liberate and empower young women and girls in India rather than sustain the fat, physical and metaphorical around Baba's Princesses?

This issue or system, which is a kind of 'hidden system' because it is not discussed openly in strategy meetings or openly taught to all (it must be taught to some), was the last straw that broken my back. All the attention on chasing after VIPs and the wealthy who, absolutely, had no interest in actually surrendering like the rest of us. And it was a response directly at the Kirpalani Klan at the very core of cult; Janki and unquestioning lieutenant Jayanti. The supposedly purest of pure, most powerful of powerful.

Here's a couple of examples of the hypocrisy. There was another wealthy couple in the USA did not actually follow the Maryadas but who were offered to open and start up a centre, because they had money and property. On the other hand, at our level as "footsoldiers" for the Yugya, we were not even allowed to leave one centre and go to another without permission, nor to start up centres or sub-centres. Our lives were decided upon by the needs of the centre, ie if the centre needed members to bring in the money to support it and keep it running.

In another case in the USA, a young India Sister did excellent work to raise awareness and put on a good example so that a local Indian business was willing to make a hefty donation. From memory, it was $50,000.

When the check arrived, so did Big Mohini. She hoovered it up and took it away to New York never to be seen again, the Sister left to face to the donor. No explanation was made for where it had gone, how it had been used. Not just that Sister but others left soon after, I understand the women was broken by losing her faith.

Because the Brahma Kumaris have a distinct "sanskar" of hiding their past and not discussing finances, these events are not document nor accounted for allowing the cycles to be repeated again and again with new recruits.

Like you.

Same too with the covering up of the failed predictions of destruction.

I hear more about individual BKs feathering their own nest and exploiting cultures which throw money at holy people.

It seems to be to the real game, the real religion, the real structure and system of BKism that is not taught but operated by the inner circle, one that Janki illustrated to me, ie how she at first established a financial circle to financial support her and then grew it large enough to buy power and influence in Madbhuban. We were just pawns in that game.

It's not that "the BKs are all about the money" (although perhaps they are), it's that understanding the money, the economic of the cult, are to really understand how it operates.

I've also notice that it's money that decides what is adopted and what is not, eg "serving" Fortune 500 corporate executive (the most ridiculous activity) instead of adopting ethical and accountable systems or protecting the welfare of adherents (like providing rights and pensions etc).

How much money have they and why cannot they tell even their adherents?

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