Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

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Re: Veerendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post30 Jan 2018

Ex-I and Pink,

Do not count out Deep State (DS) and possible Swiss or offshore bank accounts. The press is an instrument for DS and DS has influence even in India. Keep an eye on the money trail. Whose money is paying the judicial sector of India to take on the case and what are the aims and objectives of the paymasters? I can predict an increased visibility for the BKs in India and the world when the Virendra Dev Dixit investigation is cleared from the pages and screens of the DS manipulated media. I have witnessed similar manipulations in many countries, some personal.
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Re: Veerendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post30 Jan 2018

I think we should stick to what we can know and likely be prove, e.g. Why is India so bad for women? or Indian women lift the lid on married life. I doubt Virendra Dev Dixit's operation exists on any "Deep State" radar, however, for all their VIP chasing, the BKs might. I remember stories of every one from the KGB to Lord Carrington checking them out.

IMHO, the BKWSU leaders would love to be the Deep State's invitation list ... the Deep State has lots of power, money, land and property ... which the BKs love the most.

Others outside of our discussion - non-BKs - have proposed that is precisely what the BKs are; a kind of "one world, one religion" serving the New World Order. Given the BKs leaning towards the rich and powerful, their sucking up to the United Nations, and their perpetual "serving" of rich and powerful and corporate leaders rather than workers or the lower classes, I can see how they might be seen in this light ... but it is not something we can saw we know.

Meanwhile, in India, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi starts a demolition drive on Baba Virendra Dev Dixit's ashram in Rohini. It seems they are going to knock it down.
New Delhi, Jan 30 (UNI) The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Tuesday started the demolition drive in Baba Virendra Dev Dixit's 'Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidhyalaya' ashram in Vijay Vihar, Rohini from where several women who were kept under illegal confinement were rescued in December 2017.

An MCD official said,"the demolition drive was started in the afternoon on the illegal construction of Baba Virendra Dev Dixit's ashram. Action was taken with the help of 20 workers and about 100 police personnel," the source said.

"Though late, but MCD has started the action. If this would have not been done, then on the upcoming court date, what face would they have shown. The Baba's fort will now be destroyed, where young girls were exploited," Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal said in a tweet.
North Corporation also sealed 45 properties in all its six zones. The sealing action was initiated in the morning in Police presence and a total of 37 properties were sealed in areas of Outram Lane, Rohini, and Deshbandhu Gupta Road and Nangia park.

Meanwhile, building department of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation also sealed 14 properties at Rajouri Garden, Panjabi Bagh and Hari Nagar, complying with the directions of the ‘Supreme Court Appointed Monitoring Committee’. The actions were taken for misusing the properties.

The PBKs are fighting back defensively asking support to stop the demolition of a 15 feet Shivling
We need your immediate support to stop the illegal action of Municipal Corporation of Delhi who have issued a notice to demolish a building which has a Shivling of 15 feet on the rooftop. The purpose of this Shivling was to indicate that it is the place of spiritual study, where ancient Raja Yoga is imparted. It is the place where daily Gita study takes place bringing the awareness and importance of Gita.

Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya (AVV) is a spiritual family. Members of this group own a home in New Delhi since 1996 where spiritual activities are conducted. The address is at A-346 to 349 , 351-352, Vijay Vihar, Phase-1, Rohini, Delhi. There are around 150 dedicated Sisters and mothers residing in this building where spiritual gatherings are held on Sundays. Aim of this family is to create the feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam.

As per the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special provision Act) amended up to 2017, the buildings constructed before 1 st of June 2014 in an unauthorized colonies are protected. The spiritual members themselves with their money and energy have constructed the four storied building by 2010 itself i.e. before the cut-off date.

They have plenty of genuine proofs to prove the same, yet the government has turned their deaf ears to these mothers and Sisters. They are asked to vacate the building by Jan 29th.

They have uploaded a defence, here.

Whatever Virendra Dev Dixit did, right or wrong, it still all seems pretty bizarre to me ... that is for it to happen before any court decision actuals proves whether the allegations of "illegal confinement" etc were true or not.
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Re: Veerendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post30 Jan 2018

The AIVV response ... one has to wonder if the BKs are pulling strings in the background via their contacts. Given how how invested into the government and legal system the BKs are via their "jurist wing", police seminars and so on, one has to wonder what is going on behnd the scenes.

The whole thing seems remarkable without there being such pressures.

If the women are being made homeless, where are they going to go? A 117 page legal response is, here. It debunks the "girl suicide" story. It was a male follower, Anil, who accidentally fell from the 4th floor. His hospital record is included. No note if he died later but he was hospitalised.

Far from "saving the women" how is this demolition not the State further persecuting them?
Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya (AVV) is a spiritual family, which aims to establish a new world filled with a feeling of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbkam’ (one world family) through Godly knowledge and Raja Yoga. Spinsters and mothers are in possession of the property since year 1996 and have been managing spiritual activities of Adhyatmik Vishva Vidyalaya since then and have been spreading spiritual education since last 22 years from the AVV branch at A-346 to 349 & 351-352, Vijay Vihar, Phase-1, Rohini, Delhi.

Around 150 dedicated Sisters and mothers are residing in this building and the spiritual gatherings that are held on Sundays constitute around 300-400 members including the householders who come from their homes to attend the satsang. There is a shivling installed over the 5th floor terrace as a mark of our spirituality. This building forms the basis for the spiritual gatherings of hundreds of devotees who continue their spiritual studies here.

We received a show cause notice for making unauthorized construction on 28-12-2017. We submitted brief reply to the said notice and requested for two weeks time to peruse and analyze entire record of building. However, instead of granting time, the Assistant Engineer P K Chauhan has hastily issued the notice for demolition of building on 10th of January 2017.

As per the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provision Act) amended upto 2017, the buildings constructed before 1st of June 2014 in an unauthorized colonies are protected.

The spiritual members themselves with their money and energy have constructed the four storied building by 2010 itself, i.e. before the cut-off date. We have plenty of genuine proofs to prove the same, which we have presented in the court but before considering the facts the judge has given the next hearing date on the 7th of February but we have been asked to vacate the premises within 24 hours from the night of 28th January.

Injustice is being done to us spiritual Sisters and mothers who are residing here. In the country of Bharat where religion is considered to be might and where it is believed that ‘Gods reside where women are worshipped’, there the people in power seem to be turning a deaf ear to the cries of hundreds of Sisters and mothers.
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Re: Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post01 Feb 2018

Auto-translated from Hindi, Girls can not be freed from the influence of Baba.

This is not surprising. As we've written before, "you can take the individual out of the BKs, but you cannot just take the BKs from out of the individual".

Clearly their abductors were ignorant of every lesson learnt before regarding forced cult interventions.
Minor girls who have been freed from the [AIVV] ashram have not been able to free themselves from the blight of Baba Virendra Dev. 41 girls, rescued from there, have been kept at the Minda Bal Village Home in Alipore. But here girls are on a fast pace and they are not allowed to do anything different from the rules and regulations of the ashram.

Girls are neither eating a ready meal at home nor have they dressed in the clothes given there. Even they not ready to talk to any employee, or councilor of the house. This is the reason that on Saturday, some women of Minda Bal Village Homes had gone to the ashram to collect clothes and other items of girls who had been freed.

The problem is not only about food

Madhu, the chief counselor of Minda Bal Village Home, told that the girls did not eat the food of the house on the first day. The girls say that if eaten by the hands of another, it will be against spiritual education, it will be considered a food defect. That's why he will eat the food made with his own hands. In such a situation, cooking arrangements have been made for them. But the problem is not only about food, but it is not ready to wear any other clothes except the special clothes of the ashram.

Girls want to stay in a closed room

Girls want to stay in the closed room. Girls are also not liked walking in the open park of the house. Their thinking is that by doing so, it will be a violation of Baba's education by the eyes of the outsiders. They interact with each other and when the women's counselor of the house wants to talk to them, they will sit quietly and face down. They are not telling anything about the ashram. They pray from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. In order of prayer, their blindfold their eyes and slow down and talks with himself.

Return to the ashram

The girls say that their religious texts are in the ashram only. They are unable to study any book. When they were told that religious texts were made available here, they only talked about reading texts from the Ashram. They repeatedly request to send them back to the ashram.

Minda Bal Gram is a children homes licensed with the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT of Delhi under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000.


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Re: Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post02 Feb 2018

What are the Brahmakumaris saying on this .. will they accept that they are also giving the "hopeless" hopes to many for all those years?

What has the law to say for their hidden crimes, which may be worse than that of virendra dev dixit
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Re: Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post06 Feb 2018

The latest news ...

Counsel for the Central Bureau of Investigation on Monday submitted before the Delhi High Court that a look out circular (LOC) has been issued against Virender Dev Dixit. All PBK centres are under surveillance and an investigation is underway, the CBI said, seeking an additonal month's time to submit a further report.

The Court also observed during the proceedings that the ashram was not a 'vishwa-vidyalaya' or University, as defined under the University Grants Commission Act and it cannot, therefore, continue to represent itself as one. It further observed that the Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya in Rohini, Delhi is also having no legal status as it is neither a registered society nor a corporate entity, according to the Companies Law.

However, the Division Bench did not pass any order directing it to stop using the expressions 'vishwa-vidyalaya' or varsity when the counsel for the ashram requested that he may be heard before passing any direction.

In response to why parents were only abanndoning girls at the ashram, the PBKs' advocate, Amol Kokane created a shock by responding, “... According to Sankaracharya, nari narak ka dwar hai [women are the gateway to hell]”.

The newspaper not reporting the full exchange.

What the PBKs advocate reported is true ... it is a direct quote from Sankaracharya - which would be a huge embarassment to the court as Sankaracharya has god like status in India. As it's not a BK/PBK quote, I can only guess he was saying something else.

The issue of "spiritual university" title was raised again ... why are the BKs not being dragged down for it too?

Meanwhile, scores of parents, whose daughters were "rescued" from Baba Virendra Dev Dixit's Ashram, have alleged that their children were being subjected to cruelty and misbehaviour by their "rescuers".
The parents, who were in the court for the case proceedings, alleged that the girls have been kept in the Minda Bal Gram, Alipur for more than a month now but their age verification process is not being conducted.

"My daughter was taken to the Bal Gram on the suspicion that she was a minor. However, she was a major when she had gone to the ashram. It has been more than a month but I have met my daughter only twice.

"The age verification process has not been conducted till date. My daughter wants to come out but she is not allowed. Her studies are hampered," said Mukesh Devi, whose 19-year-old daughter is inside the Bal Gram.
"They are ill and even if we are taking fruits for them, we are not being allowed to give it to them."

Swati Maliwal - who if she not a BKWSU stooge I think is in this matter way over her head - refused the parents' allegations stating that they were one of the best centres of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).
"I have myself visited the place and the allegations do not hold water. In the case of the delay of age verification, I think it is a complex process and so it is taking time. The gravity of the case and the facts related to it require time."

Why is she allowed to kidnap and imprison women without they themselves even making a complaint, or even they themselves demanding to return?

The parents have demanded that the girls be brought out at the earliest, not be taken to their respective native places, but would be sent back to the Ashram ... since they (the girls) do not want to go back.

Showing his ignorance, the high court judge actually demanded to know "which Shankararcharya said, 'women are the gateway to hell'?" (as there are now 4 current Shankararcharyas, each regional heads of the Sanyasis religion.

Actually, it was Adi Shankararcharya This is what the Brahma Kumaris themselves say he taught and they are accurate about it ...
dvāraṃ kimekaṃ narakasya nārī

‘What is the door to hell? It is the woman’.

It is from a work called Mani Ratna Mala, 3rd shloka. Indeed, it is also said in the Shrimad Bhagvat Purana,
sańgaḿ na kuryāt pramadāsu jātu
yogasya pāraḿ param ārurukṣuḥ
mat-sevayā pratilabdhātma-lābho
vadanti yā niraya-dvāram asya

One who aspires to reach the culmination of Yoga and has realized his self by rendering service unto Me should never associate with an attractive woman, for such a woman is declared in the scripture to be the gateway to hell

Indeed, it goes on to say that.
"woman was created by God as the representation of Maya, and one who associates with such Maya by accepting services must certainly know that this is the way of death, just like a blind well covered with grass".

Hinduism, heal thy self ... or as Christianity would say, "Do not judge, so that you will not be judged, since you will be judged in the same judgment that you make, and you will be measured by the same standard you apply.”
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Re: Virendra Dev Dixit in trouble

Post20 Feb 2018

The Dev Dixit debacle continues on with, seemingly, another unnamed woman making similar accusations at a different PBK / AIVV centre.

It seems like in India, having sex is an "illegal activity". Is that right? Can one be "rescued" and removed from your residency, even if you do not want to be?

A case was registered under sections 341 (wrongful restraint), 365 (Kidnapping and abducting), 347 (wrongful confinement to extort property), 370-370A (trafficking), 376 (rape), 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC. Based on the complaint, S-I Pravakar Nath again lodged a complaint and the police moved the Bidhannagar court for permission to raid the ashram. The court on Saturday issued a search warrant, following which the raid was conducted.

Dev Dixit himself has not been found and remains "at large".
THE BIDHANNAGAR police on Saturday raided a branch of Adhyatmik Ishwarya Vishwavidyalaya in Salt Lake, run by self-styled guru Virendra Dev Dixit, and rescued 15 women.

“In the raid on Saturday, 15 women in the age group of 25 to 60 years were rescued. Chandra Mata, who ran the ashram on Dixit’s behalf, was arrested. Two inmates have been detained for questioning,” said a police officer. Police said that on February 9, a woman had lodged a complaint at Bidhannagar’s East police station, alleging that in 1984, Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwarya Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya — run by the Brahma Kumaris — had organised a show at Contai in West Midnapore, which she had attended. Influenced by the programme, she had later joined a branch of Adhyatmik Ishwarya Vishwavidyalaya in the district, where poor women pursued spiritual studies free of cost, the complainant said. In 1992-93, she allegedly came to the ashram in Salt Lake, where Dixit reportedly forced her to have conjugal relationship with him.

Bidhannagar DCP K Sabri Rajkumar said several others also allegedly faced the same fate at the Salt Lake ashram. “The victim initially did not inform her parents. In 2004, she returned home and informed her family,” he added. While probing the complaint, Sub-Inspector Pravakar Nath of East police station found that Dixit had deputed two women — Girijamma Y and Chandra Mata — to run the Salt Lake ashram. The ashram is run from a rented house, said Rajkumar.

“Virendra Dev Dixit used the place to commit illegal activities with women when he visited,” he added.

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