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Re: The Vatican

Post10 Apr 2018

Ex-I and Pink, I respect this website for its high level of authenticity and it has got to remain that way. The story about the BK literature becoming university presidential garbage was related to me by the sister-in-charge, who is now deceased.

Ex-I, the boy crush and girl crush business, though serious, tickled me with great laughter. I have been on the receiving end of the girl crushes towards me. When it happened and it did many times, I had to pinch myself to ensure I was not dreaming nor was I in some hypnotic state.

Yes, I do admit that I am a magnet for women and it has upset my lady many times, because she is very psychic and can easily detect when women try to get into me. My lady was once very upset because she sensed that a woman was projecting herself psychically into our home! I am not obsessed about being a magnet for ladies; I will make efforts to be inconspicuous nor grey, a term used in espionage.

One benefit of being an ex-BK is being free of girl crush from respected BK Sisters. Had I remained in the BK system there might have been scandals of affairs with BK Sisters and my person globally! I am grateful!
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Re: The Vatican

Post11 Apr 2018

GuptaRati 6666 wrote:Ex-I, the boy crush and girl crush business, though serious, tickled me with great laughter.

Appreciated, but let's keep 'on topic' and discuss BK to BK relationships elsewhere.

I was thinking more about how, without the freedom to express normal, healthy love, attraction and attachment with other human beings, the emotions within Brahma Kumaris become perverted and come in any manners.

Since the very beginning of their cult, the Brahma Kumaris have had this obsession with rich, powerful and famous and have projected their emotions onto or at them ... Lekhraj Kirpalani, of course, being one. Although largely, I accept, there would be no conscious thought of reciprocation on a human level, is not this just ordinary human desires being channelled in a perverse manner, ie ... using women's natural mating instincts?

Taking women's natural mating instincts ... the search for a good mate, a provider and a protector ... and turning them into recruiting devices seeking out finanial sponsors for their centres, donors and public faces for their programmes? They invest large percentages of their resources into capturing them.

However, can targeting Popes, Cardinals and priests be seen in this manner givent that a) they belong to another religion, and b) they are likely to be celibate or gay?

In their case, I'd say part of the interest is in 'status by association' ... making themselves appear to be a reputable organization ... and part of it has been about 'learning the tricks of the religion trade'.

A small part might be a minor thrill for, eg, an ex-Catholic BK to meet them. That is to say, the BKs using BKism to meet their own idols in an otherwise pretty pointless and futile endeavour ... the celebrities, in their own turn, just using the BKs back for whatever their gain is, eg, to appear more spiritual in the case of a politician, or more open and progressive in the case of the Vatican.

May be the likes of the Vatican also wants to "keep its friends close and its enemies closer" and learn more about the other cults and religions too?

But, as with all the dodgy political associations the Brahma Kumaris, normally with more Right Wing tendencies in India etc, how much did we as BKs have to swallow our own political or ethical positions to go along with their social climbing hypocrisies?

I'd use the terms "petit bourgeois" for their social climbing hypocrisies, but I'd be afraid it is a bit dated these days, or even call them "co-hypocrisies" as their targets are largely playing the same game.

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