How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen around us

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Re: How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen aroun

Post11 Feb 2019

Something I did note was the further blurring of lines between their activity and Hatha Yoga. A further confusion of what they are doing with "Yoga".

I found that bizarre give how most of the Seniors could not even bend down to tie their own shoe laces (they have young virgins for doing that) and how anti-health and anti-physical exercise they were in the past.

Hatha Yoga was nothing more than Bhakti ... and now they quote Sri Aurobindo instead of Dadi Janki or their god on their flyer.

I argue that BKism is not actually Yoga and, specifically, not Raja Yoga or RajYoga. It's spiritualism or psychicism.

If what they do is "Yoga", then so is drinking (having union with) beer.

I suppose you are right. All such organisations offer a watered down, entry level spirituality that is much the same as the others, as it all comes from the same sources.

* (Sri Aurobindo was famous for joining the Indian movement for independence from British rule - that Lekhraj Kirpalani called traitorous. For a while was one of its influential leaders, before becoming a spiritual reformer).

As to the awards, I would argue that the particular the BK campaign that got one was specifically designed to do that, as to the rest, to quote Woody Allen ...
"80 percent of success is showing up.”


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Re: How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen aroun

Post11 Feb 2019

Very good point about the Hatha Yoga and the physical condition of Dadis/Sisters. The layers and and layers of disconnect is increasing. At the same time, these layers are giving them the facade to hide behind, and present different face at different situations. Easy to fool the ignorant and acceptable for the wealthy and corrupt. It is a win win situation for all of hem.

Look at all the scandals with Aasarm Babu, Ram ... Nithyananda and many more. In spite of direct association with these bogus gurus, the rich and the powerful have come out unscathed.

In each of those groups, the dissenting voices are ignored or sidelined ... by media and others.

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