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questioning BK

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Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for peace

Post27 Mar 2009


I have been watching and listening to lectures of Shivani madam on Astha channel.

I find it important for all the people in world to see similar lectures in BKs or in any other organisation for bringing bio-chemical peace or equillibrium energy (E = M C2) state at mental level. This can help us in ones to be at harmony with our observed existing biological enviornmental nature.

Whenever she talk about bio-chemical thought process and subject of discussion, I think people should also see it in the following scientific processing for right congnition on the elevated conversation.

Think this that her subject can be seen and related to following points.
    1. Advanced systematic statistical scientific information techique on psycho-analysis.
    2. These topics of anger, ego, which do exist in biochemical material form manifested in our human biological system.
    3. Doctor, biometric engineers, researcher and psychology students will be taking these as their subjects in university in future generations as thesis.
    4. Cognition and information technology will be changing due to the systemic integration of such information provided by BKs.
    5. It will be considered as major technological projects in the 4th or 5th generations.
    6. Due to advance in bio-informatic technology and science we will be having or may feel important to have anger-meter/ego-meter/greed-meter/love-meter/peace-meter.
    and we will be able to measure and take graphical printiout of our anger representation.
    7. Bio-chemical electronic representation of thought will be possible and this is what the BKs want.
    8. I see scientific reason and logic with biometric information both at physical and biochemical mentally. This is helping me to feel important to be at peace in our own biological system and with its surrounding biological nature of eternal growth.
    9. Shivani also says about energy. In 4th/6th generation we may be able to display, measure, process energy manifestation.
    10. One day the enlightened soul will be bi-metrically and technologically represented and understood and will be seen important to evolve.
I suggest that the BKs should voluntarily involve themselves technically with all the universities for taking Shivani's subjects as major thesis projects.

For this they should use following subjects;
    1. Spiritualism
    2. Biometric and bio-informatic technology
    3. Psychology
    4. Neurology and other bio-medical fields.
    5. Embedded computing systems
Science is not for Destruction if goodwill people from universities and Organisations like BKs come together around the world for common spiritual-cum-scientific research helping the world to evolve in right spirit.

I am highly sensitve person hence I write what I see. You may think I am too much or it is all rubbish. But I do not mind whatever you think on it.

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Pink Panther

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Re: Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for pe

Post19 Mar 2019

Dear swapnilr76 (where do you guys get these creative and inspiring names? Some supernatural meditation inspiration? )

I for one would like it if the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University actually did do some serious actual research according to proper guidelines and offered it up for peer review instead of forever spouting platitudes and making claims that are untested or untestable.

However anyone who is trained in academic rigour and scientific method knows that any hypothesis when tested is not necessarily proven only from within its own terms. One must eliminate other factors not included in the hypothesis or the conditions under which it was tested.

Good luck talking logic to the BK establishment.My prediction is that if you do propose you idea to the, they will be patronising to make you feel good for being clever, but dismiss you and not give you a second thought.

They are sitting on a gold mine, why would they risk that by putting it to any serious test?


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Re: Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for pe

Post19 Mar 2019

talking of e=mc2 and the other pseudo-science for the BKs, here is a video that is an eye opener on where the BKs might one day get to - from spirituality -> religion -> comedy ->...
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Re: Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for pe

Post19 Mar 2019

swapnilr76 wrote:5. It will be considered as major technological projects in the 4th or 5th generations ... I suggest that the BKs should voluntarily involve themselves technically with all the universities for taking Shivani's subjects as major thesis projects.

Science is not for Destruction.

Hi swapnilr.

Unfortunately, the god spirit - and leadership of the BKWSU - does not agree with you ... from their perspective, what's the point in education or research if the world is going to be destroyed in two or three years. Far better to spend their donors' money on buying land and property (why?), and chasing VIPs.

Science specifically is for Vinash/Destruction according to their god.

That is your number one problem.

Whereas I trust that you are being sincere and the general direction of your comments and considerations are reasonable, I'd like to warn you against any hopes that the BKs might be interested in them, or to allow that hope encourage your commitment to and involvement with the BKs.

If you are interested in science, go to a real university and invest yourself 100% in real education and practise in the fields you mention.

I do not know which videos of Shivani you are speaking about but he is just a puppet, a parrot, AI at best. She is just a marketing mouthpiece spouting out "sounds good" gobbledygook to suck people like you in.

Yes, I've often suggested that what the BKs need is an "yoga-o-meter" ... an ommeter, instead of an ohmmeter (joke) ... but do you know the reason why they will never been interested in having one, if one was possible ... it would prove that they, or too many of their followers, aren't having Yoga/samadhi/enlightenment.

BK beliefs depend on the fallacies of "false confidences" and "confirmation bias", to be able to demonstrate that, actually, someone is *not* having experiences, *not* being conscious etc etc etc would be far to great a threat for their income stream to allow it. They need people to believe they are having experiences, and those experiences are of any benefit, in order to exploit them for free money, free labour and free property.

They exploit it by using their *lack* of experiences to encourage them to give more and more in the hope of receiving them.

Good luck on your scientific career ... those are all valuable and developing areas of science.

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Re: Science & Technology, Universities & Spiritualism for pe

Post16 Jun 2019

I would like to add that scientists in the BK's Sangam Yug, Sat Yug, and Treta Yug are regarded as servants or slaves. They will never say this to scientists when they are chasing after them as VIPs to endorse BKism.

I cannot imagine the BKs during a possible first or many subsequent meetings with Noam Chomsky telling him he is a servant or will become one in the BKs' kingdoms of the Sun and Moon dynasties.

Shivani can read Discovery Magazine, Scientific American, or watch the Internet channels where science journalist and scientists will communicate their research findings to the lay public. What are Shivani's credentials in the natural,abstract,medical, pure and applied sciences? What is her authority level in the sciences. One of the attributes of the sciences is the rejection of authority? The authority can be questioned or challenged especially when the self-professed scientific authority has had no recent bench experience, ie has done no experiments in a laboratory.

Swapnir76, in 1976 I used to have thinking like yours, but not with such heavy use of cute scientific jargon. It was immediately after grade 13, when I became a BK. Then I entered university and was fortunate to land research assistant ships, in spite of disapproval from senior BKs, after the God-spirit had given me the green light to pursue medical studies.

Yes, I was a science wiz-kid in high school and was sucked into BKism, but training as an apprentice psycician-scientist, the sweet flowery BK thoughts of science were replaced with mastering the art and craft of scientific investigation using hypothesis testing and applying research to better the lives of patients.

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