BK 22 Year Long Property Grab Court Case settled with Fine

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BK 22 Year Long Property Grab Court Case settled with Fine

Post24 Aug 2019

We document these stories to show the real face, or heart, of the Brahma Kumari land and property grabbing cult.

What is notable here is not that they preyed on a family following the death of a family member, nor even that they kept fighting for more than 22 years enjoying the property as they did so ... but that they had the conceit to defy the court.

And spend their donors money on advocates to fight such cases, of which there are many. Rs 10,000 (USD $139) is, however, a mere drop from the BKs' acquired ocean of wealth.
Brahma Kumaris fined Rs 10,000

The High Court has imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Bengaluru, for once again claiming ownership of a portion of a building though their claim was dismissed earlier.
The Brahma Kumaris approached the High Court seeking a direction to a civil court to allow them to implede as an additional respondent in a property case. The children and other legal heirs of one S Veerabhadrappa were fighting a property partition case.

The civil court had in 2015 passed an interim order disallowing the application of the Brahma Kumaris. The partition suit has been going on since 1995. Brahma Kumaris sought to implead in the case claiming that the second floor of the building that was being partitioned had been willed to them by Veerabhadrappa in 1993.

The civil court dismissed their application.

In the HC, the advocate for Brahma Kumaris argued that the lower court’s dismissal of their application would compel them to file a suit that would lead to multiplicity of proceedings.

The respondents (heirs of Veerabhadrappa) argued that the Brahma Kumaris have “been making constant but unsuccessful attempts to stake its claim over the property belonging” to them.

It was pointed out that the family members had concluded a civil case in 2010 itself. The Brahma Kumaris challenged it in 2011 which was dismissed after being withdrawn in 2012. The trial court judgement of 2011 was then challenged in a review petition. This was dismissed in 2014. They had also filed an application for impleadment in another case in 2011. It was also dismissed. The 2015 dismissal by the trial court was yet another impleading application.

The heirs alleged that the Brahma Kumaris were “thus abusing the process of law.”

The HC in its judgement said, “A careful analysis of the facts leads to an irresistible conclusion that the petitioner has made untiring, but unsuccessful attempts in staking its claim over the second floor of the Schedule ‘A’ property. Counsel for the respondent no.1 is right in his submission that, repeated application for impleadment, in the facts of this case borders on abuse of process of law.

Imposing a fine of Rs 10,000 on the respondents, the HC said, “Petitioner is not diligent in prosecuting its case. The respondents are being drawn to court time and again on the same application and deserve to be compensated.”
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Re: BK 22 Year Long Property Grab Court Case settled with Fi

Post26 Aug 2019

I hope that if they keep trying the legal system the next judge hits them with a meaningful penalty.

If I were the claimants I'd be looking for comprehensive compensation - not just costs but lost income, rent or sale opportunities etc as well for vindictive "abuse of the court process” mentioned.

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