BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

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Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

Post31 Aug 2019

GuptaRati 6666 wrote:I am also sure that rishis and sadhus would also be on the look out for the rebirth of Krishna, though the BKs only tactfully respect the sages and saints.

The BKs' don't have anything but vague, ambigous speculations to titillate their audiences with and exploit.

Remember the old "Mama was reincarnated into the Nepalese royal family" ... before one member of the royal family machined down the rest of the royal family!?!

Their fantasies tend to reinforce their values and demands for conformity to them, eg emphasising wherever they are born will be "pure", or families "high" or religious.

Now count how many "Maharatis" (influential senior BKs) have died and ask where they have all gone.

However, you make a good point. You would think if Krishna had been born, all of India would be interested.

Let's face it, it's never going to happen ... and then the BKs will change the definition again, eg "Oh, we did not mean real Krishna, we meant a Krishna-like level of consciousness".

And, of course, they definition of "Krishna" is entirely different than Hindu's. This is typical of their dishonesty. They use an already existing term or value to hook people's interest and get them in the door, then give it a new twist ... and call it the true and original meaning!
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Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

Post02 Sep 2019

The BK Gyan speaking about Krishna’s second coming was simply a delusional individual with a saviour complex putting together Christian soteriology he’d encountered with the Hindu iconography and stories he was more familiar with.

That doesn't mean he wasn’t sincere (delusions are sincerely held) or kind and gentle, or even charismatic. Any professional experienced with delusional people will tell you of the many forms that takes. Lekhraj was lucky that he lived in a country where ”god-men” are accepted and honoured rather than in the West where, by the 1930s, psychology and psychiatry had become established and anyone claiming to be Jesus, God, Krishna, Napoleon, whatever (as many have done for centuries), was soon pathologised, certified and ”treated” .

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