Hypocrisy to the forefront

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Hypocrisy to the forefront

Post11 Apr 2020

The height of hypocrisy in the BK organisation, exhibited and perpetuated by the "so called" Seniors is mind boggling and nauseating ... a special treatment for these Souls will be certain, but not in the Golden Age but in hell.

A nice example, would be the circumstance under which Dadi Janki's last rites were performed. "Bless that Soul" ... but while in the body was the last few years truly a state of living or EXISTING, experiencing the results of actions against what they preach ??

Look at the long list of eulogy, video and all other show of "body consciousness" that they preach to GET RID OF.

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Re: Hypocrisy to the forefront

Post12 Apr 2020

Now they have a nice fat income, they've got to make jobs to keep themselves looking as if they are doing something. To put on a pretence of religiousness.

I also notice from one of the other obituaries of a non-Sindhi BK (1982 to 2020) who served from 1982 ... she was left in a Care Home to die.
BKWSU wrote:Sister Winnifred “Winnie” White was born in Jamaica in 1935. She ... met the Brahma Kumaris (BKs) in 1982 ... was a conscientious student and over the years attended class at West Bromwich, Edgbaston and Birmingham Centres ... moved into the Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne with Sister Sheila. Winnie served there for many years and returned to London via Birmingham where she settled back into the community at Global Co-operation House.

Winnie had 3 children, Richard, Everald and Donna. She also had Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Sadly Donna passed away very recently and as Winnie had been staying with Donna, the family decided for Winnie to be placed in a Care Home

They promised Destruction within 2 to 3 years, and 80 years it still has not happened. They never thought it would take this long, they thought they'd all get away with their shenanigans and be "save by a nuclear war". Now people who gave their lives, "ground their bones", and handed over all their wealthy and property to them are dying off one by one ... they have to create some act to pretend like they cared.

They did not care, they just used. They avoid the cost of bringing children into this world by just enculting other families, and they avoid the cost of looking after ageing BKs, by dumping them back on their families, or society.

You are, of course, correct from a Gyani point of view. We were taught not to remember any bodily being, not even our own parents ... but it's OK if you deify the BK Seniors.

Meanhile, remember that under Sister Jayanti of London, they are fighting a legal battle to get £100,000s off a tragically deceased ex-BK who left 20 years ago and had started a full sexual-emotional relationship with a non-BK partner who also died.

They are fighting to take £100,000s from the 70 and 80 year old parents who brought those individuals into the world, loved and cared for them. Now those 70 and 80 year old parents have no one to look after them, but still the BKs want to take away what they might pay for the care they need and by fighting legally are delaying the process.

They are not hypocrites, they are gangsters, a little self-serving, international mafia; and scum. From the page you link to.
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