BKs: $10,000 from follower, refuse to pay after heart attack

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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BKs: $10,000 from follower, refuse to pay after heart attack

Post30 Sep 2020

In one case, the BKs $10,000 from a follower, refuse to pay for treatment after heart attack, family is forced to step in. In another, a young 7th grade girl surrenders to them, after 20 years she has a serious illness, BK throw her back for her parents to look after.

As comparison, the average salary for a housekeeper in India is $540 per year.

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Is Brahma Kumaris good or a fraud?

Demi Demi
December 18, 2019

Yes they biggest fraud. They take money from pensioner by brain washing. Their leader roaming in luxurious car. They go yearly for foreign trip. By the Poor's collected money. My friend join the brhma Kumari 25 years ago. She spent lot money n services from her account. She was ditched from parents.

After death of parents they took 7.5 lakhs from her account max. Amount they rob maximum amount from her account.

She was totally brain washed. Even when she got heart attacked. They did not paid. Her Brother n family members paid treatment charges. They enjoy the life by fooling poor and unhappy people they easily come in to their track.
Answered August 11, 2016
Originally Answered: What is your opinion on this so-called Indian organization - Brahma Kumaris?
My inlaws have been into this since 1990.

I just fail to understand their concept. All the answers below who say its all fake, I agree to this. Even the thought of BK makes me feel extremely angry. I personally have never seen their Baba or listened to their Murli or been in the drishti session and neither wish to ever. I just happened to listen to a few things that my mother in law told me about BK and some instances which made me believe its all useless. For peace of mind, all you need is a good heart , good deeds and good people around you.

I particularly would like to bring an instance to everyone’s notice as I havent seen anyone writing about this. Girls are brain washed so much that they decide to completely surrender themselves to BK and are expected to leave their house forever. I particularly know of a girl who surrendered herself at age of 12 , left her school, her family and gave her life to BK. Isnt this the most ridiculous thing? Girls do not even have maturity to decide on their career at this age and are so brain washed to surrender? Also for parents, I feel they still think their daughters as a burden and introduce them to this so that they get rid of all the responsibilities towards her.

A 7th grade girl left everything for BK and after 20 yrs, when she had major health issues was sent back home as they wanted her parents to take care of her. Why should someone who has given up her life for your organisation be sent back? Isnt she your responsibility? For the past 3 yrs she’s at home and I do not think so BK will take her back again ever. That means a life ruined forever and as she has no formal education, she will have issues to lead a normal life.

Another girl left her engineering midway, left her house forever and joined BK. She forgot all the pains that her parents took to raise her, pay for her education. I wont be surprised if in a few years she comes back home forever and struggle to lead a normal life.

And guys arent supposed to leave their house and stay with BK. Guys can lead a normal life, get a job, enjoy worldly pleasures. Why only girls?

Rest things as same as other mentioned, what is the use of this organisation and people joining if they cant keep peace at home?
Sandeep Londhe
Answered June 4, 2018

It's a fraud i think, because at firat they try to finish all ur intrest from ir family, home , money etc, and then get transfer ir properties on name of them, u can try RTI arthat how many homes are in name of BK…
Sunny Bhinde
Answered September 22, 2018

do not waste time in fraud….this spiritual loots people ,live in bunglows , luxury life,.they are followers of rich people …if common man goes they do not even bother….its common they brainwash ....keep your mind strong before entering to their lecturers….true religion not to hurt any one…be honest….chosse truth path…help needy ...…god is every where…do not waste time going to such plc……truth and old religion is santam dhrama
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Re: BKs $10,000 from follower, refuse to pay after heart att

Post30 Sep 2020

Ramu Saab, lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Answered June 1, 2015

Originally Answered: What is your opinion on this so-called Indian organization - Brahma Kumaris?

I happened to visit a bramhakumari ashram in 2011 with my friends as part of day long bus tour of Mount Abu.being from a big city of Bangalore I was shocked at the way the so called gurus were acting.we were ushered into some kind of pravachan hall where a guru was brainwashing a group of very poor uneducated village people.the guru was tellin the poor people that they i.e the bramhakumaris were great just because they were letting filthy village people to come into their abode,that they must consider themselves blessed at getting this opportunity and they were told on and on about how lowly they were and because they are such uncultured and untouchable people they must follow the bramhakumaris to rid themselves of their sins.this is exactly how these bramhakumaris get their followers,they manipulate the feelings of the destitute,downtrodden,sad,depressed, and kind of brain wash them into following them.India is full of such crooks!i hope this post would work as a warning to anyone wanting to join them.bramhakumaris are nothing but vultures preying on the weak souls of people.

Abhishek Gupta, works at Bajaj Finserv
Answered May 6, 2015

I don't know much about them but my friend's mother has been a folower for a time now and all she does is keeps on watching their channel just sitting in front of tv for 3-hours.

The thing that sickens me most is that she forgets to cook food, take care of her household. I personally think that nothing should be more important than a family and if anything is coming in the way of family it must be stopped.

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