Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improving!

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Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

Post23 Mar 2021

Your video link was broken, is that the right one? I think this is the English translation, but please correct if not.

I did not know Vedanti was a spirit medium. The chat I could see what mixed about, BKs divided about whether Gulzar came or not. People going on about how it is "time for faith to be tested" (as in believe with no evidence of any truth). Is this an official position, are now they claim 4 souls are coming in one body; Vedanti, Gulzar, Lekhraj Kirpalani & Shiva?

It's becoming like the marketing for men's dispoable razor blades. You know, how each year they add another razor blade to do the job one did but make you buy another handle to go with it.

Vedanti is the same one from Africa that the PBKs go crazy about and claim is going to unite with them & Virendra Dev Dixit? (And what has happened to him & them during all this drama. Is he still on the run from the police?).

Is this going to be a fixture now, is she doing full on Baba Milans like in the old days? Gosh, the excitement of all the speculations will be keep BKs thrilled.


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Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

Post24 Mar 2021

"passing adequate urine"

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

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