Dissaffiliation & affiliation: Experiences of conflict in BK

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Dissaffiliation & affiliation: Experiences of conflict in BK

Post19 Apr 2021

Dissaffiliation and Affiliation: Experiences of Conflict in Leaving Christianity & Joining a New Spirituality, by Terence J Lovat & Kellie Morrison. From 'Joining and Leaving Religion: Research Perspectives' by Leslie J. Francis, Yaacov Julian Katz, Gracewing Publishing, 2000.

The authors explore some of the complexities in separating from Christianity in order to adhere to the Brahma Kumaris movement, using data received from 49 case studies.
The notion of conflict is examined in relation to the conversion process and is guided by the view that the convert is an active, meaning seeking agent in search of an autonomous truth ... [& looks at] the ways in which those conflicts were assuaged or negated through adherence to the Brahma Kumaris.

It is argued that many of the case studies portray conflict resolution as an accompaniment of conversion

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