BKs Flush Another £6m Down the Drains

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BKs Flush Another £6m Down the Drains

Post01 Jul 2021

Excuse the pun, but the BKs have just flushed £6m down the drains replacing the plumbing of their palladian mansion house in Oxford. I guess that means Destruction is not in 2 to 3 years then? Or may be it is ... they've installed a 50,000 litre tank for heating oil, which will cost about £30,000 to fill, to run the building for 6 months should the national grid fail.

Their definition of "sustainable" clearly being different from Friends of the Earth's.

OK, to be fair, the money's going on far more than just plumbing, as asbestos was found all over Nuneham House, and roofs had to be repaired. It's become a total renovation, including many period pieces & tasteful interior decoration. May be they ought to go legit and just admit they are in the lucrative high end property development business, having amassed quite a portfolio by now? Seems a "Dadi Janki" room is a bit late though.

One wonders how precisely this is "serving humanity", rather than just serving themselves.

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As a registered charity, the Brahma Kumaris are entitled to claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK taxpayers. The Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim back approx 25% of your donation from tax payers via the British government.

The land and buildings were leased for 125 years by The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in 1993.

Destruction in 2118?

Clearly the BKs are now practising a new 17th Celestial Art, 'The Art of Believing and not Believing' when it comes to raising money for their luxurious property acquisitions.

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