Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post05 Jan 2014

Dear Ex-I,

Sorry for taking so long to respond, but the truth is that I have been very busy.

The first thing I would like to say here is that even though I am addressing this letter to you Ex-I, I would like to share this letter with all friends and relatives of the BKs. This letter is mainly for all of you. So Ex-I, I have to admit that your posts made a very strong impact. It is because of this that I have decided to write you this letter.

The thing that impressed me the most about you is the passion you have inside of you, to want to discredit the BKs and the organization in such a way. You are doing an excellent job. It is very obvious to me that you can’t live with the BKs. That is very clear. What is even more amazing is the fact that you, and most people writing on this forum, can’t live without them either. It’s like I feel you guys are stuck or trapped somehow. I honestly cannot understand why you give them that much importance if they represent so much negativity. It seems that this is consuming your lives. What is it about them that glue you to this forum, for years now? Is there really “something” special about the BKs, or is there really no life out there for you guys? Can’t you break loose? It is just an observation. No hard feelings (to anyone).

Having said that, I feel you have given me the opportunity to stand in front of the world to tell you my own personal experience. I thank you for this. English is not my first language, so please excuse my faulty writing.

I think one of the wisest things I´ve heard someone say in Madhuban was (and still is): “I can only talk from my own personal experience.” So here goes mine to you, and to everybody reading this.

I do not want to bore you, so I´ll get right to the point. I love God. There, you have it. Plain and simple: I love God!!! I am “coming out of the closet”, in front of the entire world. I love Him as a friend. I love Him as my teacher, and now I´ve come to understand and love Him more as my Father. The God Almighty of the universe is my friend and my personal hero. Pretty amazing, no?

I would like to confess to you and to the world, that on this latest trip to Madhuban (October 2013), I was ready to turn in my BK ring and BK badge and call it quits. God is my witness to this. I was so disappointed and broken hearted…. It´s like suddenly I saw things regarding the BKs that I did not really like. I do not want to bore you with details and long and painful stories. You and this web sight seen to understand this disappointment pretty well….

So, on this latest trip to Madhuban, with my energy levels “on the ground”, I went straight to bed. With strong jet lag, I woke up around midnight and decided to walk the grounds. Everything was so quiet and peaceful…. There is some sort of magic in India, and at that time, in those quiet and peaceful surroundings out in the countryside, the mind can only experience stillness and peace. It is a beautiful time to contemplate and to think. I truly recommend it. The energy is different there. It is quite special.

It is truly beautiful to see what the BKs have achieved. You have to admit that. All those buildings to accommodate so many people… the kitchen that feeds thousands of people every day. The big hall, Diamond Hall. What a powerhouse!!!
It all happened there, around 4:30 in the morning. We were all in the hall. It was time for Amrit Vela. We were about 2,500 people sitting inside the hall. I was sitting in the back. Dadi Janki was conducting morning meditation.

I did not have to tell God why I was there. He already knew. He knew I was ready to call it quits. I was so broken hearted….

So as I was experiencing this beautiful silence, this stillness and all this collective peace, God suddenly gave me what I now know to be the greatest gift or gifts of my life. And these gifts were coming directly from God. I know what I am saying, because I know what I experienced. Everything took place in silence.

What I am telling you is my personal experience. I am coming to you from the heart. No need to lie here… I was not expecting this. I did not ask for it. Like I say, I was ready to give it up. So for me this was an unexpected gift. And this is what He made me understand:

The first thing He did, with so much love, was to welcome me there, as if Shantivan were my true home. He made me feel that. He knew I was broken hearted. He knew everything about me. He is truly amazing. I love God. I have to admit this. The more I discover, the more I love.

He made it clear to me that there is really nowhere else I could go, even if I wanted to turn in my ring and leave. He made me understand that there is a link between myself, Brahma Baba, and Him (God) that is eternal and unbreakable. The example He gave me was that of a DNA chain. We are connected, and this chain cannot be broken, ever. I am this. I understood it. He gave me this experience and this understanding. This all happened in silence.

I cannot lie to you when I say that He made me cry again, like during my early days of childhood (BK childhood), when I found Him, or He found me. Magical moments like these are the greatest treasures in life, and death. To be able to be on a “one-on-one” with God, and be able to “see” Him eye-to-eye, is the greatest experience any human being can ever experience. It is unsurpassable. This does happen and is happening now more than ever before. I know. I experienced it. Believe me on this one. I say this from the heart. This is not information someone told me, this is something I personally experienced.

To see God have love for humanity is breathtaking, but to see God love those who have found and discovered Him, simply melts you away. I am so fortunate to be able to take so many of these beautiful moments and memories to my grave.... I can say with all assurance to the entire world, that I knew, and I saw God while He was here in the world! I have seen Him with my own two eyes, even with this third eye. I am sure of this, and you can take that to the bank, cash it and then go bet with it. It is a sure winner. I guarantee it. God is truly amazing. God has arrived! I know this, but again, it is only my personal experience talking here. I thank you once again for giving me this platform where I can stand in front of the world and share this.

To be alive is wonderful. Planet Earth is magnificent! Just look at all its diversities. We live on something that it alive and we don´t even understand this. We take everything for granted nowadays. Our values are all wrong. Money is not God, even if the paper says we “trust in God”.

To be alive now and know God in this way is more than incredible, because you come to understand that He is here to change you. You begin to experience it. Something I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime is my own personal transformation. I can only say to you that it is starting to feel pretty damn good. And when you can see and understand this in life, you are truly blessed. This is what I feel has happened and is happening to me, especially after this trip to Madhuban. God really worked a miracle with me this time. Believe me….

What I am trying to say here is that I too was ready to join your ranks, your anti-BK movement. I was blinded with rage. I guess there is no greater disappointment in life or death than to “see” someone, or a group of people (in this case the BKs), use “God” or the idea of “God”, to his or her advantage. This truly sickens me. God belongs to every living being equally, I know. He belongs to me and to you too. God loves us more than we know or can possibly comprehend. The more I discover, the more I love, and I am loving Him more each day because I am discovering so much….

When He says that He comes for His “long lost children”, He means it. We are completely lost! But what exactly does He mean with that? Lost of what, or from where?

The answer is right in front of us. Just open your eyes and look at the state of the world. Tell me of a place in the world where there in no fear or uncertainty in people´s hearts. If it is not one thing it is something else. So much violence, so much greed. So much lying and corruption…. So much fighting and so much struggling, even inside the BKs.... Yes, I think we are pretty lost and pretty confused as a race. We have forgotten how to live with ourselves, with nature and with one another. Our values are all upside down, and now this mess is global. Do we really believe that there could never be another nuclear or another world war? Are we that asleep? If we continue to live this way, war will be inevitable. How can we continue to rape nature and consume the way we do and not feel the consequences of our acts? Global warming is a reality which we can’t deny. Look what we are doing to our animals, to feed our carnivorous appetite. We have created factories of meat. What happened to all the magnificent trees? Where is the silence and the clean air? Look at the state of our waters. Where is all that nuclear waste??? And now all these radio frequencies invading every cell in our bodies. Cancer, cancer, cancer, it’s everywhere you look. It is in every house, invading every family. Overpopulation, unemployment and the global economic madness…. Where is humanity headed? Children all over the world are now committing suicide. It’s an epidemic… Is this what we really want out of life? How long can we keep on lying to ourselves?

Please know that the BKs did not put any of this information in my head, nor do I feel they have brainwashed me in any way. I see reality every day of my life, ever since I was a young teenager and I understood what overpopulation meant for the planet.

But today I feel I am “awake” to this great reality, thanks to the BKs and to the information BKs have. And because of this I have chosen to live my life the way I feel God wants me to live it now (Shrimat). He is my Boss, nobody else. I have now come to see and accept the BKs as one thing and God (Baba) as something else. They are not together, and I think this is where you guys have it all wrong.

As you know, Baba has told us over and over again, that if you want to see the “Biggest fools of all fools” (human beings), you will find them here in the BK family. This means bigger than anybody “out there”. Today I can confirm this. I have seen it and I have experienced it. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

Having said that, I am the first one to admit and to say to the entire world, that there is human weakness inside the BK family, a lot of human weakness. This weakness might translate to “corrupt”, “abusive”, “greedy”, “selfish” and anything and everything you can imagine. Today I understand this to be nothing more than human weakness, just like the weakness that you and I carry on our shoulders. No one is perfect. It does not matter what color of clothes you ware. All defects and all weaknesses come from the inside. Even the BKs can’t escape this reality. We are all Guilty!!!

Even the BKs…

The only example that comes to mind is this one:

Imagine that God came down in the form of an open umbrella. He just stands there creating a soothing shade. Many desperate souls walked into that shade and found comfort in it. I did. Who wouldn´t? With time, the space under this umbrella became very crowded. Let´s say it became full of BKs dressed in white. And just to clarify things, the fact that we are all dressed in white standing under this canopy does not make us divine. While we are under this canopy we are also dancing the dance of our sanskaras (the personality dance). We are polishing ourselves as we confront one another. And you should know that in this Godly family everybody wants to be a king…. So just imagine the pushing and the shoving that takes place in here… Some think or feel that they are more important than others, especially if they have or were given a position in this organization. When this happens, the abuse becomes inevitable. Human weaknesses take over. Believe me, I know. But I also know that not everyone in this family plays this game. You can, and you will find the most beautiful human beings in here. And when I say the most beautiful, I mean it. I know you know this too. Anybody that loves God is a friend of mine, and here I find genuine love in people’s hearts. I experience it during our collective meditations, especially during our Amrit Velas.

But what I have also come to understand is that God has come to remove these weaknesses from all of us, including the BKs. It has to happen. It´s the only way we will ever experience that heaven or that happy, safe world that we all want to live in.

My personal weakness (one of many) is that I can get very angry when I see hypocrisy, injustice or lying. I know the perfect world I want, and none of that fits inside my perfect world. So when I see this happening inside the BKs, it creates a short circuit inside my head. “It’s illogical,” as Spock would say. You cannot be so if you are a spiritual organization…. How could you lie? Is that not hypocrisy? You are a spiritual organization that “represents” God in the world. How can that be logical?

Today, I know it is logical. This is one of the many gifts God gave me in Madhuban this year. He made me understand things. What I mean to say is that we BKs (those who choose to remain under this canopy) ALL have dirty clothes (even if they all seem clean and white). And the dirt is all these weaknesses we carry inside ourselves, from vices, fears, incorrect thinking, etc. I have learned that the transformation that is taking place (and will take place) is the reason God came to the world. He came to wash our dirty clothes, to change our way of thinking. And not only our dirty clothes, He is here to wash and clean the mess we have made in our beautiful garden called planet earth. He created the world, and He is creating it once again.

I have noticed how you bombard your readers with the “fact” that there is so much child abuse inside this institution, as if the BKs specialize in this. It seems that this is one of your greatest weapons against the BKs. Well, just in case you do not know, this phenomena (child abuse) happens and is happening all over the globe (the devil is loose, my friend). India just witnessed another rape case. It happened today. This is the sick world we live in. Its everywhere you look. But that does not justify anything. You should also know that not everybody in the BKs is a BK at heart, nor does everybody follow all the principles. There are many “spies” in here, even a few anti-BKs that try to damage the name and reputation of this institution. Comprende? The institution has grown very much and you will find all types of individuals in here. The beauty of this place is that the doors are open to the entire world (no discrimination here). It is here where you can transform your “evil” ways. That is what God has come to do, to transform all of us, from devils to angels. It is up to each and every one of us who comes here to decide what we really want with our lives.

God tells us in here that if “you take a step of courage, He will take a hundred in return”. I have taken that step, and I have witnessed that return. Like I said, the more I discover, the more I love. Baba is working His magic on me. I know it. I too have had feelings of hate toward Seniors and people in here, but now I understand that like myself, everybody in here has their own process, even the Seniors. They don’t have it easy, you know? Can you imagine everybody pointing the finger at you? Seniors also pay Karma, and they do. We can all see it. But that is their reality. At times I feel that it is they who have to learn the most in here, and the greatest lesson they have to learn (some, not all) is that nothing in here belongs to them, not even their status or their positions of authority. That is why I say global functioning is corrupt. These positions are invisible in the eyes of God. They do not exist. They are man made (not chosen democratically). All this creates divisions inside the family, and all these divisions arise from human weaknesses: the need to be, “we the good ones, and all the rest of you”... God does not operate that way, not here nor in China.

I am not in this organization to follow or to serve the Seniors. I am in here to follow and to serve the Father, and the greatest lesson this Father has given me is the lesson on self-respect. No senior in here is better, wiser or more powerful than me, and if they don´t like what they are reading, they can take it up with the Chief Architect, up above. You give them the power to judge you and they can destroy you. From now on, only God will judge me, and that will be at the end of my life. The more I discover, the more I love. Now this Father has even given me the capacity to understand and to have mercy for the people I once felt hate for, for real. Who else but God can do work like this?

This is the magic and the transformation that I am talking about. I never thought I would be writing this. You can ask around in this Yagya and people will tell you how much anger and hate I felt for some Seniors. Today I kind of feel sorry for them. I´ve come to understand that the abuses I see and experience are nothing but human weaknesses. Status can also be a facade. Nobody tells me otherwise. Let´s have compassion for them instead of feeling all that hate. Why am I going to give them more of my precious energy? My energy should go to God, and to me, and to the people and the things that I love. They want my energy??? Well not today, not any more. God will take care of them as He is taking care of me. It is not my responsibility to change them. I know that now. I should now be concerned about being happy, and staying happy, no matter what. This is what really matters in my life today. And why am I so sure of this? Because the more I discover, the more I love.

The same applies to you guys. Why do you give so much of your time and energy to the BKs? Have you ever thought about it? Like I said, you can’t live with them, but you sure can’t live without them. In a way I see you need them. You feed on them.

Baba told me I could not go anywhere even if I wanted to, that we are all one global, family. Could it be that this also applies to you guys?

How can this spiritual knowledge capture people’s attention in such a way? You call it a cult? It is not a cult. It might seem so, but when you truly see where all this is coming from you will realize that this knowledge is something truly spectacular (out of this world). No BK, or no human being for that matter, can come up with such profound knowledge, especially in the world of today.

If you really comprehend God to be absolute purity, then his language has to be as pure. I have not found a more pure form of spirituality for myself than the spirituality I have found through the BKs. And it is not the BKs. It is the God that is working behind all that BK beauty and all that BK weakness. That is why I cannot go anywhere even if I see “corruption” inside this beautiful organization. I now know why and who is behind all this. I now know this is part of the transformation that is taking place. I am fortunate to know it. I wish you too could see what Baba has made me realize and see. I guess its just luck. Today I want to share this luck with you and your readers, ESPECIALY THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF THE BKs who must feel so very lost and confused with your website.

My message to them is this one:

If your friend or relative has been “trapped” or “hypnotized” by these strange people in white, just have patience. You are not losing them. They are just going to school to become better people. Look at it this way. Think that it is a process where they are only trying to find themselves. Do not judge them, but wish them well in this new knowledge they are learning and practicing. This form of meditation shows you how to bring peace into your mind and into your life. Have patience and with time you will see your friend or relative become a much happier person. There is nothing like being at peace with one’s self. This has been the greatest treasure I have found with the BKs: peace. That is a fact. I could have been in jail by now if it were not for The Knowledge I found with the BKs. I am so thankful to God and to the BKs for giving me such an important tool in my life. I can access peace whenever I want. I am now the ruler of my senses. I am learning how to control my feelings and passions. I owe this to the BKs (for real). I know I am a better person today thanks to the things I have learned here. I feel fortunate for this.

This new “family” or concept of family that your friend or relative has found in the BKs is really nothing more than the collective understanding that we are all one universal family. Culture, race or religion is not important here. Not any more. What unites us as a family is the love we feel for this spiritual knowledge. What unites us is the fact that we know we have found God.

You should know that this anti-BK website was created by people who are hurting inside. I think anybody can see this. Most of the things they say here are exaggerations and flat out lies. If they really want to establish a forum where everybody can express themselves freely and honestly, why then the use of masks??? What are they afraid of? Why do they throw rocks and then hide behind their masks? Why not come out clean? The way I see it, this is the behavior of cowards.

Anyway, what you should know is that we choose to be here (with the BKs) because we found a way to transform our weaknesses. It’s the only place in the world that I know of that specializes in this. Its not that we are saints just because we belong to this school. We are not angels simply because we wear white. We are old souls who have accumulated a lot of sin. We are here because we have found a method to remove that accumulation of sin.

The way I see things, the struggling that goes on inside this organization is mainly because people in here have hidden desires for status. Not just a status for the present life, but for future lives as well (The Golden Age). Everybody wants to be a king. Everyone wants to be in the company of kings. That is why there is so much pushing and shoving in here (at every level). It is sad, but it is true. Human weakness once again.

And to be a king, or to be in the company of kings, it seems a position in this organization can and will give you that “advantage”. Sick, but true.

Let me clarify something, please. There are Seniors in this organization (real Seniors), and then there are Seniors…. There are also many wannabe Seniors. There are many of these. They are not necessarily selfish or greedy. They are simply weak in character.

I say this to you in the presence of God. I do not care for any status, here or there. I know very well who I am and where I stand. I don´t need that nonsense in my life. Love is the only status I want and need in my life. Love is my flag, and God is the wind that moves my flag. If I will be a cremator, here or in the Golden Age, I now have The Knowledge and the tools to work myself up the “ladder”. That is one of the greatest things I have learned from being a BK, self-respect. I create, and I am in charge of my own destiny, no one else. The only way I can change the world that I do not like, including the people I don´t like, is to change myself, to try to be that perfect person that I want to be. Today I know that God is helping me become that. If you allow Him, He can do the same for you.

This is what bonds us as a family here. We all want that perfect world. We know it´s coming, so we are preparing ourselves for it (even with all this pushing and shoving).

God teaches us here that heaven operates under different laws. Purity is the main law. But more than a law, it’s a way of life. God has come to teach us how to live our lives so we can enter that pure world (heaven). Like I said, He comes to wash our dirty clothes. He washes away all our vices, all our fears and all our weaknesses. He gives us true knowledge and shows us the correct way.

The night is about to end and the new day is about to arrive. Not everyone believes this, but we do. We see reality every day of our lives. Turn on the news and you will see hell staring at you in the face. If your friends or relatives have “changed” or are not interested in “life” any more, it is because they have realized that life today is like being on a merry-go-round, it’s headed nowhere, just going round and round. Your relatives or your friends just “got off” that merry-go-round. But they are there, standing beside you (if they are not, they are not your relatives and they were never your friends). They might not want to ride the merry-go-round any more, and that is what disturbs you, that they are not part of your life any more. But they are, they just lost interest in going round and round. They have now found a meaning and a purpose in their lives.

If you yourself don´t want to get off the merry-go-round, you are in your right. Just know that if you do decide to get off (even if its for a short time) you can always get back on again.

What I am saying here is that you should not judge your friends or relatives for wanting to get off that merry-go-round. If you love and care for them, you could always get off for a short time to see what they are up to. You would come to know your friends or relatives from a different perspective. You might even learn something wonderful….

If you are not interested in their newfound spirituality, you can always get back on that merry-go-round. And if you do, you will know that your friends or relatives will be standing there beside you. They did not “leave” you, they never did. They just have other interests now. In a way, your friends and relatives just matured, but they love you as they have always loved you, maybe even a bit more. Do not lose faith in them. They have not lost faith in you.

On behalf of my Father, The Chief Architect, up above, I invite all friends and relatives of the BKs to come to Madhuban to experience that beautiful silence that I talk about. You might then begin to understand that God has indeed arrived….

There is only One God and only one world family, not because the BKs say this, but because its logical, as Spock would say. Soon, very soon, the entire world will know that God has arrived. Laugh all you want, but don´t ever forget that the clock is ticking…. Time will put everything and everybody in order, including you.

So please come and meet Him. You are most welcome. He too is your Father/Mother. Madhuban too is your home. Why am I so sure of this? Because in the eyes of God you are all my Brothers. The more I discover, the more I love. Come and share something unique with your friends and relatives. Don´t miss out. Come and see with your own two eyes what they are up to, what they do here, and walk away in peace knowing that they are in very good hands. But please don´t believe all the nonsense you read in this forum. Come and experience it yourselves. See it with your own eyes. Be opened minded and you will see God open up the world to you. I guarantee this. I lived it.

Now Ex I, regarding my film and the posts you sent me regarding my film. Let me first make an observation please.
You hammer me in your posts about me abusing my son to do BK service. You make it seem as though I forced him to labor. You also mention the fact that you have never seen my film…. Does this not make you look kind of foolish? How can you talk about something when you have no knowledge of the subject matter? You want to destroy the BKs, and that is very clear, but you also want to destroy me, without even knowing why you want to destroy me. I told you I am not the BKs. I am just my own personal experience with the BKs. Don´t make me the enemy so fast without even knowing me. Don´t you think you should first see the film and then make your comments? It is just a thought.

This film was made with so much love and dedication. It was something I wanted to do for over 26 years. The BKs had nothing to do with it. Yes, a few “Seniors” wanted to edit the hell out of it, but I didn´t allow this. Like I told you, I am not here to serve them. I did this film for God, and I made this film for my son. I did it in representation of the truth that I have learned with the BKs, and through them.

I knew this film would be controversial. I knew this as I was writing the script. That was my intention all along. Controversy creates discussion. I did not want to entertain people; I wanted to make them think and to question. I wanted to disturb them intellectually and emotionally; a kind of an “uncomfortable truth”, in your face style. I could care less if you, your fans, or the BKs think I was abusing my son. I know very well what I was trying to do and why I was doing it. My son had no idea of what we were doing. He never read the script or rehearsed for anything. You people should know that making a film is not like reading a book. Scenes are not shot in order. As a storyteller and a film director I knew what reactions I wanted to get out of my actor (son). We did many takes. I used the ones that seemed more natural. Was I manipulating the project? You better believe it. I knew what I wanted to get out of it because I knew why I was doing this film. My son only understood what we did at the end of the project, when he saw it for the first time. You should have seen his face of amazement. Not because of the story, but because he understood how films were made. Can you now see the beauty? You have no idea what a great experience it was doing this film with my son. I guess only Baba, my son and I will ever know this. And this is the gift and the memory I wanted and still want to leave for him. It wasn´t just shooting the film, it is also everything that happened after completing it. The film festivals have also been a wonderful experience for my son. This has bonded us in a very special way, Father and son. I am sure you don´t know that as you write your ignorant and destructive comments.

Yes, you should know that the film caused a lot of controversy inside the BKs, specifically in the UK. While the film was a “hit” in most parts of the world, London banned it. The reason, “I was abusing my child”. This is a very sensitive area for them. And do you want to know why it is a sensitive area for them? Because of you guys and all of your exaggerations regarding accusations of child abuse. What a cowardly way to fight your battle.

Today, we (the world in general) feed our children so much violence through T.V. and all visual mediums; we have come to accept this as “something normal”. Just take a look at what young children are watching today when they play with their video games. They become heroes or villains, and in their “video battles” beheading the enemy becomes something that gives them pleasure. I have witnessed my son use a visual machinegun during these video games to kill and re-kill the enemy till this enemy is all splattered and all in pieces. Killing becomes “fun”, even if it is just for points….

Through T.V. commercials we bombard children with TOTAL LIES. With the use of clowns we tell them what to eat (Coke and McDonalds) even if we know it is not good for them. We show them how to be greedy, and to want to posses everything they see. It is really us who ruin their purity. This form of abuse has been accepted in society today as normal behavior. We do abuse our children. Why do we lie to ourselves? Profit has become more important to society than the wellbeing of our children. That’s how lost and confused we really are. Greed is a very big and a very serious vice.

So in my film I “show” reality to my son (in reality I am showing reality to all the viewers of the film), and suddenly I am abusive?

This is only a film. Some people (not just you) are offended by it. Maybe the controversy only helps the film. We as adults create films and visual material that destroy the minds and the innocence of children, but when a film with a child confronts us adults with an uncomfortable reality, then it hits us as something “dead wrong”? I use the same means of cinematic manipulation and try to show the other side of the coin. Mickey Mouse is a lie that has become a reality. Why can it not be true that God Has Arrived to change this old world, even if it is a true story? This film is not a children’s story. It’s a serious subject matter addressed for adults. Anybody who sees it can understand this right away. It is a film that forces you to think. Maybe that is why it has done so well at film festivals. Controversy works.

You talk so negatively about the BKs regarding my film, when a lot of the BKs you try to destroy think similarly to you regarding my film ... So please make sure who it is you want to destroy.

“What right do I have to use my son that way?”, you said. Please Ex I, do not be ridiculous. Now I have to go to you guys to ask for permission? Do not be pathetic, please. Having known God the way I have, I only planted a seed of love in the heart of my son. Even if I die today, he will always know his way home and his way back to me. I gave him a gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life. I could have given him a Ferrari. I chose this instead. I hope that before I die I can hear my son (as a man) say these words, “My Father knew God, and I did too”. When the time comes for him to want or need God in his life he will know where to find Him. It is my duty and my responsibility as his Father to tell him this. Don´t need your premission. Don´t question my ethics, not in the presence of God.

You seem so angry in your posts regarding my son. What do you people know of my relationship with my son? You accuse me without even knowing the facts. Don´t you think that is kind of arrogant, and kind of irresponsible? You will do anything to destroy the reputation of the BKs. Tell me please, what happened to you that you are in that much pain? Is it pride? What did they do to you that you have so much hate in your heart? You can´t live with them, but you sure can´t live without them. Are you getting paid to write so much waste?

Baba says that there will be some who will repent so much at the end, that they will actually cry tears of blood. Today I can see what He means with this ... I hope that I am ready to face my own personal music when my time comes. I would hate to realize that I had God in my life and then realize that I turned my back on Him. Nobody but I would be to blame for this. You guys all seem so cocky and so tough throwing rocks and hiding behind your masks, but time will reveal everything. Sorry to say this, but time is not on your side. You guys will want to hide under the rocks that you throw. All the angels will be amongst you, surrounding you. You will see them, and you will feel the love. That is when it is going to hit you like a bolt of lightning. You will understand. You will know what you did. That is when you will look down in shame. This will all happen in silence. The more I discover ...

So Ex-I, having said all that, I want you to know that I understand you very well. I might not agree with you 100%, but believe me when I say that “I hear you”. And because I hear you so well, this is what I wish for you: I honestly and sincerely wish that you find God, whichever God you choose as your God. I wish you can take hold of that God of yours and put Him right into the center of your heart. Do not let Him go.

I truly wish I could experience that moment with you, when you feel the love of God overflowing, because there is nothing more beautiful in life than to feel God in your heart. I wish this for you, for your family and friends, and for everybody reading this, especially my son.

If this ever does happen, where God does come into your heart, then please look me up (without a mask), and share with me your experience of how God came into your life and melted your heart. Let me see with my eyes how your God transformed you. You would only confirm to me that God has arrived and is transforming the world, one human being at a time.

So till that day comes, I will be waiting for you, my dear Ex I. I do have faith in your God. I have faith in you. You are a miracle waiting to happen. Maybe them we will do your film, GOD HAS ARIVED 2.

All the best, to you and to everybody.

See you in the movies ...

BK John (Mexico)
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post05 Jan 2014

Fuck off. Nothing more depressing than the self righteous.

Amazing how they cannot allow themselves to see we've already been there, had all those feelings then woken up to the delusion

WAKE UP you condescending little man,


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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post05 Jan 2014

Your long and repetitive post reminds me of sunday morning church preacher, who keeps repeating the same topic over and over, till most of the audience falls asleep ..!!
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post05 Jan 2014

Mr Green wrote:**** off ... you condescending little man.

We all celebrate Mr Green because he manages to summarise, in so few essential words, ... and makes us laugh.

And I have to say, I laughed greatly when I read his response ... because it absolutely hit the nail on the head of what I was thinking to myself.

Actually, I was going to put it in BK terms and say how Baba tells we must start the New Year with some "newness" and so ... for my newness, I was going to start the year my speaking my mind to BKs in my own language. And then say pretty much the same.

But, for those who have nothing better to do with their time ... and the dedicated BK IT term who read our every post and feed back material to the BK spin doctors ... please allow me to rationalise and clarify our position.

So, to the copyright thief who is "hiding" the theft from Reuters and other original sources (to use his tone & language) ... and the BKWSU who is using it for its own PR ... I must apologise because I have not read over your entire post at present. I will in time but, so far I have only quickly scanned over it.

I noticed two things ...
    Firstly, that you are confused and confusing "God" with the spirit entity or entities behind the Brahma Kumaris which I find offensive. My relationship with God is fine. God is Truth and I serve it. The BKs don't, they serve themselves. BKism is about intoxicating individuals to delude and exploit them, and to lead them in falsehoods.

    Secondly, that you are repeating verbatim all the usual spin about us that the Brahma Kumari spin doctors have spread throughout their cult religion, e.g. that we are "angry" (therefore bad), that we are the anti-party (an anti-BK movement) ... and, of course, the old "anonymity" issue.
Therefore, please allow me to address the latter first. It's a bogus distraction the BKs have created to distract from the facts of our observations and criticisms ... which they never address. Would they listen or change if we used real names? Of course not ... so what's the big deal?

When this community arose, many years before this website started & during the xBKchat era, it started out as an internet chat forum. A discussion forum for ex-BK members. When people join any internet chat forum, that's just what they do ... they pick a short, available username, e.g. their nickname, their cat's name, where they are from, their hobby etc. It's utterly innocent, and fun. There is no evil intention whatsoever.

There are no "masks" ... quite the opposite. Using a username allow the individuals the freedom to speak honestly and openly as if they were in a therapy group or confession without fear of being targeted. They can be more real.

The mentally and spiritually twisted Brahma Kumari inner circle has made such an issue out of this from the very beginning, because it drove them wild speculating just who was saying what and they were unable to do their usual thing of subtly working behind the scenes ... seducing or pressurising individuals. It's true, the BKs operate like a spy network, and if someone came along and used a real name the would research who they were and what they had done, then use it against them if they had to. Such are our "divine" and "angelic" BK friends ...

Apparently they were successful shutting down by doing that ... and then, unable to do so with us, they tried to use force and a dishonest & unethical legal threat to suppress our voices.

I say "dishonest and unethical" because the main individuals involved were hypocrites who had broken Shrimat, e.g. two BKs who had married other BKs to fiddle immigration, one - Hansa Raval - who had had a relationship as a center-in-charge, and who was intentionally using the registered charity for her own personal gain and nothing to do with the BKWSU. The BKWSU supported her in this illegal action.

Hansa had also attempted to fiddle the US immigration system to keep well paid Indian BK Brothers in the USA and involved herself in other dubious social and financial activities to benefit herself and the BKs. (She had dumped her own infant child with her first - and non-BK - ex-husband in order to join the BKs; and was encouraging other BKs - including her second and BK husband - to leave his child). Yes, that's right. She had married and had a relationship with a foreign BK Brother ad the BKWSU supported her.

Therefore, it interests me that these issues arises again when involving yet another another high profile BK involved in "ambiguous" moral or legal activities the BKWSU is benefitting from ... and another child who may in the future be damaged by BK influence. We'll have to wait and see on that. My advice to you would be give up the BKWSU and focus on your own child, career or family. It's a wild goose chase.

Quickly, to finish for just now:
    "Angry" ...? I think in English we call it righteous indignation (not "anger"). In Christianity, for example, it is considered not to be sinful and virtuous. The BKs don't like it because it questions and challenges their corruption.

    Should one not be angry when one lost one's childhood, formative years of one's life, one's parent to parents to a cult leader ... lost one's career or education, one's partner or friend, and were deceived and deluded by people who knew they were teaching a falsehood? There's nothing wrong with being angry and turning it into appropriate action when it is the right response to have, e.g. fighting con artists, threats to one's community, parasites etc. I'd say it was right to get angry and that good things come of it.

    But if there's one thing that would makes me angry ... or more specifically a mix of boredom and irritation ... it's being accused of being angry by individuals who have never met me again and again when I am not. Personally, I would not have stuck this out for years unless I found it interesting and beneficial. I've learnt a lot about how cults, culture and psychology through doing so, met some interesting people, and had a lot of laughs.

    I am not angry when I write. In fact, I am very Om Shanti.

    "Exaggerations" ... lies etc. Actually, we have a very, very, very high accuracy rate in what we have uncovered and documented about the BKs. And yet we know only a tiny precentage of the **** ... and that is the word for it ... that goes on within the BKWSU.

    "Anti-movement" ... wishful thinking on behalf of the Kirpalani Klan. Actually, what we've involved in is something much more interesting and effective than that. It might excite the Kirpalani Klan that the end of the world must be near because they have an "anti-party" organising against them (as in the beginning, so in the end). I'd say the truth of it is something different.

    We're just telling the truth and making the BKs have to be more honest as difficult and as against their nature as that is. We're actually helping them renounce all their lies and stupidity, and improve their organization. There is no movement. No organization. No nothing.
We're Socrates and the Cynics which, if you don't understand the metaphor, please just ask me to explain it, or look it up.

(* Actually, it's a little known BK prediction but Pink Panther will be Socrates in the next Kalpa and I am Diogenēs of Sinope ;) .)

I just wish the BKs weren't made so stupid by their hypnotic intoxication, and turned into unquestioning drones by their leaders, that they would understand and appreciate us better.

Lastly, if you are going to speak of the BK god spirit here, John, please do not call him "God". Do not confuse an entirely different concept with the BKs' spirit entities. But, other than that, you are welcome to respond ... and I'll read over the rest of your post later.

Have you removed all the copyright material from your movie? The BK are terrible copyright pirates and have no qualms about stealing other's property if it is for the sake of their business.
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post06 Jan 2014

John (Mexico),

I did read all your post ...

You sound like so many BKs I have met (including myself at certain stages), in particular, those from Roman Catholic backgrounds who have reasoned their way free of Rome but their hearts still yearn for the archetype. Then along comes a new avenue for its expression ... for you it was the BKs.

Your meditations, like your faith and your lengthy post here, show that you are very good at talking to yourself, and talking yourself into your wish-fulfilment!

You interpret everything to suit your desires. You were on the verge of leaving the BKs but ... you found a way to accommodate the inconsistencies. Are you amazingly unique? Did we not all do that (and likely still do)?

Re-read what you wrote, imagine it is written not by you about the BKs but by someone else about the Catholic Church ... or a Muslim convert. It’s the same.

I have a niece who went to a Christian school, had a religious grandmother, had a big heart, found a Baptist boyfriend and became a born-again Christian and his wife. She and her husband see the world in similarly ”convenient” ways, simplistic to others, real for them. Any ”inquiry” or discussion (he in particular) is always biased to confirm what they want to confirm.


Your post reeks of 'confirmational bias' and narcissism (which we all have in degrees, except Mr Green I suspect).

You say India has a certain atmosphere - so why not view the "experience” from that perspective? What if you were wandering in the hills on a warm night outside Jerusalem or the Arizona desert and then meditated at 4 am? Would that, along with your "god-consciousness” not inspire a profound experience?

Let me share one of my Madhuban Amrit Vela experience. It’s better up on the roof or on a hill, with the stars up above in your eyes, in fresh air. No burping, farting, dozing body-odourous hundreds & thousands. And, if you are lucky, you look up into Space, at Orion the Hunter, and you will be reminded why Hera placed him there, then ”God" will send a bear to stand within view of you, to remind you that you are but a pus-filled ego of a pimple on the arse of Time.


Your associating your son with BK material may be done with the best intentions, but do we not all consider we act with best intentions? did not your parents’/school’s/society's values infect you, with best intentions?

Search out posts here by people raised by BK parents and read how it affected/affects them. Or just imagine entering puberty with the whole celibacy and apocalypse trip having shaped your formative years (oh that's right, you were raised in a Catholic family or society and you turned out fine! LOL).


The whole anonymity thing - I use a nickname here for personal reasons, one is to stay anonymous from other users on this forum rather than from the BKs (I know some BKs know who I am, as do some on this forum, but that’s OK), More importantly, Pink Panther is a mysterious, elusive, fun mouth piece!! Being me needs to be more serious, and PP is serious enough, thank you very much!

PP allows me to ”detach” from my personal positions more readily and stand in any shoes I like, a useful tool in discussions.

Now that you have stated your position as "BK John (Mexico)" and you have hoisted your emblem declaring something, it is harder, more demanding, time consuming, disloyal, questionable etc) to shift it than to defend it, or to adopt a different view readily.

It makes it more awkward for you in BK society if you publicly started to take an approach more sympathetic with some views here that you previously disagreed with. Some would see that as treacherous, proof that people who come here are lost sheep vulnerable to wolves, rather than adults who can think for themselves.

You should print out your last post, store it for 20 years then re-read it. Hopefully, you will be embarrassed by it rather than making excuses as to why you, and the 8 billion other souls are still grateful to be alive (Oh, one thing we have worked out here, and the BKs will not tell you, is that Paramdham is a soul factory, defying even "the Father of all souls” by producing more and more ”babies” than he knew he’d fathered, until the prophecies are fulfilled. But why so many Chinese? :D ).

Offtopic: And what is with this supreme architect business? A view of god inconsistent with BK Gyan if ever there was one. (Another topic please).

Now I agree. ex-l can be a real arsehole. Not his fault. When he went to the BKs he thought they said to meditate on ”I am arsehole” - he over-imbibed on the intoxication of that and became a banker (- or 'sounds like’).

Mr Green can be maudlin in his own way - not easy being he.

I can be a patronising pri*k (and when I am, I hope others pull me up on it) but, mostly, a big difference you’'ll find is that people here are real people, speak with personal integrity - from personal experience which you highly value. They are not salesmen or lawyer-like apologists debating issues they wish weren’t BK dogma or history, spouting a party line with party approved jargon, obsequiously toadying to please their masters (meaning their ego-loyalty) and never acknowledging any valid points (which you have actually done somewhat, good on you).

Now, one last thing.

If integrity and consistency were your touchstones, you’d know that although child abuse or other crimes happen everywhere, and have happened throughout history etc, it is what an organisation does about it that counts. When errors and failures and mistakes are made, it is what is done about it that counts. If the Pope can seek forgiveness for sins and set up systems to review and reform and prevent the same systemic problems of his church, for which he is the number one spokesperson, surely God is man enough to do the same?

People before PR, surely?
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post06 Jan 2014

I've read through your response, John, and started a lengthy reply but I did not see your response to Misty's questions on the previous page.

I do, however, want to add one question ... you've accused us in public of "Flat out lies". That's a very strong accusation. I'd call it fighting talk.

Please substantiate your accusation.

Please state specifically what "flat out lies" we have told.

Thank you.
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post07 Jan 2014


As I quite rightly thought, you are completely brainwashed by the Brahma Kumaris just like the rest of us were. In your very long response, most of what you say is what was drummed into your and everyone else's heads. You are making completely contradictory comments. You cannot say that the film was not made by BKs or that it doesn't have anything to do with the BKs. Read what you have written back to yourself and you will see how contradicting it sounds ...

One doesn't need an organisation like the Brahma Kumaris or any other in order to find that they belong to God. One doesn't need to go to Madhuban or anywhere else for that matter to find that God is taking care of them, if there is such a thing as God.

The bottom line is that this film was not really made for your son. There has to be an ulterior motive both for you and for the Brahma Kumaris. That is how they and other business minded BKs operate. I am pretty sure that your motive was to get a foot in the door in Hollywood or other film making industry because you have the looks of someone who could do well in the film industry because of your looks. Maybe going through the Brahma Kumaris and getting closer to some Seniors within the organisation was your way to try and attain at least one film as a back up. This is what most of the other business minded BK's have done ... published books, cds etc and now they are running businesses and making money from books, cds, workshops etc but with more attractive names to attract the public.

The bottom line is someone up there knows the real truth ... and that's all that matters ... deep down inside all those that have gone down this route know the truth of there ulterior motives be it Seniors or moneymaking entrepreneurs ... a lot of business minded Brahma Kumaris are using their involvement within the Brahma Kumaris as a platform to make something of their lives in the professional world, to getting all the people they want to work with by networking through the Brahma Kumaris and some of these BKs are making millions of dollars now for themselves.

This can only be seen when you step out completely and move away from the Brahma Kumaris ...

I am over the moon that I stepped away from the Brahma Kumaris as challenging as it has been for me ... I am a victim of child abuse within the BKs and the difference between this happening within the BKs and outside in the world is that within the Brahma Kumaris, there is no one you can turn to, there was no counselling, if you had the courage to tell the Seniors about what happened, they point the finger at you and blame you for allowing it to happen ... The Brahma Kumaris take no responsibility to ensure that these things don't happen. There was and is no protection within their organisation. It's all swept under the carpet ... people get away with it ... it is completely contradictory to the celibacy and detachment that they preach.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings, sexual beings, beings that have come to this earth to express their feelings, emotions and to share their lives with others. The Brahma Kumaris organisation takes away our dignity to live, our right to feel, to love, to share, to express our feelings and to socialise with other people in the world. The Brahma Kumaris make you so withdrawn so that they can control every aspect of your life. They make you so detached that you are living in some kind of stupid bubble away from all your friends and family ... they use psychological tactics to obtain your mind, body, wealth and experience to serve their organisation in the name of God.

The Brahma Kumaris think of themselves as superior to other human beings on the planet. It's all nonsense ...

United Nations Human Rights organisation should intervene and not allow cults like the Brahma Kumaris to enslave vulnerable human beings into their organisation ... the abuse I have experienced within the organisation as a young child growing up is traumatising and I certainly would not wish it upon any human being be it a child or an adult. THE BRAHMA KUMARIS PREY ON VULNERABLE HUMAN BEINGS ... THAT IS A FACT AS I WAS A VICTIM WITHOUT EVEN REALISING IT ...
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post09 Jan 2014

I am hoping John Sass will come back and clarify just what outright lies I, or we, have told on this website.

It's an easy thing to do, throwing around such accusations, without actually substantiating what they refer too.

Misty's questions regarding the political affiliations of the Kirpalani Klan in Mexico on the previous page still stand as well.

Enlightened. I am sorry for what you went through, and others continue to go through. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe young women especially are abused and exploited within the BKWSU to a far greater degree than we are aware ... and yet I am accused here, by John, of being a "coward" for speaking up against it. How bizarre ...

I am not expecting John to come back. I completely stand by my critique that it was unethical of him to use his child in his promotion of the Brahma Kumari cult when the child is not old enough, or conscious enough, to know what it is all about and ... [i[shock of shocks[/i] ... for once I commend the BKWSU in the UK for its position.

Any responsible adult, faced with the burden of evidence we have unmasked ... and knowing that it is only a fraction of the total miscreance ... would be forced to take exactly the same position we are taking ... and put out a warning about Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumarism, not just another self-serving advertisement.

Yes, I believe there is a second ethical consideration here from a BK point of view ... and that is, as you point out Enlightened, a BK using BKism for self-promotion.

John poses the movie as a gift to his son ... but then, on the other hand, the BKs present and sell it as a product of "The Films Division of Brahma Kumaris" for 50 Rupees a go.

Bear in mind, 86% of India's population lives under $2 per day, 44% lives under $1 per day therefore it would take a day's wages for the majority of India to afford to buy one. Who exactly at the Brahma Kumaris targeting with such products?


Over to you, John.
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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post09 Jan 2014

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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post09 Jan 2014

In that Nirwair review video, note the new way they’re depicting "Brahma Baba” (Brahma is the title adopted by Dada Lekhraj - the BK founder).

I have never seen that before. They never used to show him this way. Shades of Roman Catholic idols of Jesus and the depictions of Buddha in Varada Mudra !! (Varada mudra is the "gesture of giving"). Essentially usurping the iconography and aesthetics of other religions, which they have done with other art, e.g. book covers etc using Zen/Ch’an styles etc.

For a religion that brings about the zenith of human civilisation, why is their artwork & imagery all borrowed pastiche? Now their non-guru is also a doing the ”me too” mudra. Hmmm ...

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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post09 Feb 2014

Pink Panther wrote:For a religion that brings about the zenith of human civilisation, why is their artwork & imagery all borrowed pastiche? Now their non-guru is also a doing the ”me too” mudra. Hmmm ...

Here it is ... as usually, a complete rip off of other religions' iconography. BKism just follows the same old model others have established re-directing adherent money and free labor into their bank accounts.

And it has to be said, a most of Brahma Kumari imagery is damned kitsch and low brow. I mean, WTF does a little guy in a canoe and a hunting hat symbolise?

BTW, it was also not exactly surprising to see that BK John Sass never re-appeared to substantiate his hyperbolic accusations. How divine of him ... dump and run.

Jesus Kirpalani ... What? The Brahma Kumaris plagiarise another religion? Never!!!

They're just like cheap Indian shopkeepers or restauranteurs who look in the windows of other businesses and open one right next door ... selling the same old crap on the basis that if the other shopkeeper can make a buck there so they can steal a bit of their business too.

"Your God can do it? So can out God too!"


Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post07 Sep 2014

Mr. Green, you are very funny! ... I enjoy're a classic ...

Save Innocents

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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post08 Sep 2014

Ha ha, another funny pose, yeah it looks funny when stupids copy genius & becomes more idiotic when a person tries to copy those great omniscient beings that walked on Earth. Its so derogatory to put Lord Jesus & Lekhraj kirpalani on same platform. This is the same Lekhraj who molested girls, rubbed their br*****, bathed with them & spend those special Golden nights behind closed doors...It is very pathetic to see BKs comparing Lord Jesus with such a hideous person. Chi chi chi....
ex-l wrote: [i]They're just like cheap Indian shopkeepers or restauranteurs who look in the windows of other businesses and open one right next door ... selling the same old crap on the basis that if the other shopkeeper can make a buck there so they can steal a bit of their business too.

Excuse me, Ex-I, is it not wrong to condemn the common shopkeepers who try to get something for their survival? Yes, it is copying but they do return substantially without looting their customers. Don't attach "Indian" to every other negative aspects that you see as a result of BKWSU corrupt system. I agree that such things are common but this should not be the preferred way.

Definitely it hold true for BKism, they have expertise in copy-paste-modify-glorify strategies. Perhaps no one can match their cheating & deceiving skills.

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Re: Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

Post08 Sep 2014

John wrote :
I do not want to bore you, so I´ll get right to the point.
I do not want to bore you with details and long and painful stories.

Hi john, i do not know why i am feeling bored. Avoid long writing, i hate to read such articles which do not end ever. But to keep up, i am posting my views related to just few statement of yours. Well, how are you right now, fine???? I have not yet read what you have posted but am expecting it to be different from other BKs who keep on fawning about BKs.

It is truly beautiful to see what the BKs have achieved. You have to admit that.

Yes, i do admit, it is magnificent but its only external beauty which attracts most of the film makers. Why Inner aspect matters no more? You will be startled to know how BKism has accumulated money for "achieving" all that you saw there.

All those buildings to accommodate so many people… the kitchen that feeds thousands of people every day.

Yes that building is also constructed by poor people who are generally referred as Shudras(lowest among the low) by BKs. And that kitchen does not offer free food, it may be freely available for you but many others have to pay for it.

The big hall, Diamond Hall. What a powerhouse!!!

You do not appear to me, intellectual, at all. Easily getting mesmerized by tangible things present in world which will get destroyed one day.
I did not have to tell God why I was there. He already knew. He knew I was ready to call it quits. I was so broken hearted….

I consider it as your own opinion. Devoid of any rational approach.

So as I was experiencing this beautiful silence, this stillness and all this collective peace, God suddenly gave me what I now know to be the greatest gift or gifts of my life. And these gifts were coming directly from God. I know what I am saying, because I know what I experienced. Everything took place in silence.

Worldly people often feel moved by collective silence done in organized manner. Mind needs peace & stability, & this thing you can even get wherever you want, for that big hall or large gatherings are not must.

The first thing He did, with so much love, was to welcome me there, as if Shantivan were my true home.He made me feel that.

You are on wrong side of spirituality if it is what you mentioned above. "HE" as you referred him to be a doer, then that replaces all concepts of karma. No one does anything for you, they are just mediums or intruments & nothing more than that. It is your own meritorious karma of previous birth which gives happiness now, there is no such God who can do something for you independently. The peace is coming from inside not from some external Baba. You have to understand this. Same thing can be achieved outside Mt. Abu too. May be you have experienced that. Whatever be the reason, all these are temporary techniques which will give you peace for finite time & you will have to work again to get it. Seek the permanent happiness instead, & yes BKism does not offer permanent happiness. Even senior Dadis keep on suffering from this or that disease, physical one gets disclosed but no one knows about the mental pressure these Dadis have to bear at such an old age.

The example He gave me was that of a DNA chain.

Now ex-l kindly pay attention to this one. DNA?? Which Murli entertains biology concept discovered by scientists. I think all scientists & their inventions are considered to be low & impure in BKism. This is definitely a modern Baba (or Murli writer) who does not even spare copying subjects of all other fields.

God loves us more than we know or can possibly comprehend. The more I discover, the more I love, and I am loving Him more each day because I am discovering so much….

Ah...that's true but when you will discover the truth behind this new God of BKs, you will stop believing in concept of God altogether. It is fully deceiving.

We are completely lost! But what exactly does He mean with that? Lost of what, or from where?

Yes you are completely lost. No offense intended though. All BKs are lost of true happiness that comes in absence of abhorrence towards non-BKs or in general sense, humanity as a whole, from everywhere. Change the perception which shall change your way of living. One thing is clear to me now that the people laden with mental pressure are most vulnerable in BKism. They easily loose control on that buttered road to virtual God.

The answer is right in front of us. Just open your eyes and look at the state of the world.

These are state of worldly people.
Open your eyes & look at your very own state in this world. How sad is it that you have to ask for peace from an external source.
Tell me of a place in the world where there in no fear or uncertainty in people´s hearts.

Stop talking like that. Do not go to generalize the world. Your own state is not reflection of state of all other people. Just making one film does not give you liberty to comment on other in any way you want. Everyone knows about filmmakers, directors & producer. They may be respected by lacs for their work in world but no real man would come up to them to say that they are great because it is more important for them to keep everyone else grounded.

Cancer, cancer, cancer, it’s everywhere you look. It is in every house, invading every family.

Yes, many senior BK Didis, Brothers & Dadis died due to cancer. Is it not a joke on your predications & analysis?

Having said that, I am the first one to admit and to say to the entire world, that there is human weakness inside the BK family, a lot of human weakness

Sorry, you are not first one. We all have admitted already that BKism is full of weakness.

This weakness might translate to “corrupt”, “abusive”, “greedy”, “selfish” and anything and everything you can imagine.

As you said there can be an English error, so it is this one. It should be " has translated into", got it, right?

And you should know that in this Godly family everybody wants to be a king…. So just imagine the pushing and the shoving that takes place in here…

I knew it already. There must be some rat race inside BKism to occupy their predicted 16,000+100+8 seats. Though it is damn boring theory & there is no such thing which ever existed.

But I also know that not everyone in this family plays this game. You can, and you will find the most beautiful human beings in here. And when I say the most beautiful, I mean it. I know you know this too.

Yes, i know that most beautiful creature living there is most deceiving. Now you also know.

Anybody that loves God is a friend of mine, and here I find genuine love in people’s hearts. I experience it during our collective meditations, especially during our Amrit Velas.

There is a saying in Hindi "chor chor mausayray Bhai". So, that feeling is evidential.

But what I have also come to understand is that God has come to remove these weaknesses from all of us,
including the BKs.

When that god was not able to remove meakness from Lekhraj, how will he remove it yours, no one else except you can remove your own weakness. Believe it or forget it.

Well, John i think i must leave any further discussion on your post, it is too long & boring. Even my post is getting too long & will then turn ouit to be another boring crap. If i will find anything interesting, i will post my thoughts.
But really dude, how do you believe all that crap? All other religious & spiritual organizations also offer similar peace, so how does that differentiate thsi peace from that peace, have you ever though about it? Or just jumped to grab this opportunity to make a film on unknown God who BKs claim to be very much known to them. But in reality, they themselves are unaware about any God.

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