Anyone Who Can Help Me To Get Back My Wife & Daughter?

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Anyone Who Can Help Me To Get Back My Wife & Daughter?

Post10 Apr 2018

is there anyone who can help me to get back my wife and unmarried daughter from this so called mad sim ?
Save Innocents wrote:Do you think this cult will end by 2036?

Given the belief system & orthodox followers, it seems more like people under tension, family & relation problems & other mental illness who will resort to such cults which at least give them a space to rest & daydream along with others for a few hours.

The family & relation problems can be solved in two ways, first by understanding everything & taking rightful decision & other is to end all relations. BKWSU prefers second method for its followers. It not only removes family & relations related problems but also insures full dependency of followers on them. So, in a way most followers find that peaceful seeing that their problems are vanishing due to so called Gyan. In fact, it is not going alone but vanishing all forms of relation knots with itself.

The family break up (external ones which one can see) may not be very large as compared to total number of followers but those which happen internally where people have no emotional connection with other family members but still stay together due to some dependence, say, financial or psychological.

A mother or Father after joining BKism, & after following it for years, cannot love his children in same way they used to, which is very certain if you understand the psychic pressure that BKism creates on them. And I think those BKs who separate from their family leave their relatives in much better conditions than those BKs who stay physically within family but are emotionally & mentally somewhere else - in BapDada dreams or at BK centers.
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Re: Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me To Get Back My Wife & Da

Post11 Apr 2018

Grihasthi wrote:Is there anyone who can help me to get back my wife and unmarried daughter from this so called mad sim ?

Welcome Grihasthi,

I am sorry to hear you have become yet another victim to the Brahma Kumaris cult.

What is a mad sim?

Can you tell us a little more about what has happened in your family eg, how long your wife has been involved, how she got involved, how things in the relationship were before BKism and so on?

Do you have just one child?

Normally my habitual first advice in such situations is to quickly and without raising any discussions about the matter, to put all family property and wealth beyond of the reach clutches of the Brahma Kumaris as, all too often, what we find is that first the Brahma Kumaris split apart family members, then they turn them against other faimlies members, then they go to take the property, land and any possible wealth along with their free labour. This include, for example, encouraging them to surrender wedding jewellery, cars, you name it.

Where there are children involved, possibly this could be done by putting it in their name, but where the daughter is already enculted into BKism ... that is out of the question now.

Don't be fool by all the well practised sweet talking and psycho-babble; the Brahma Kumaris operate a large and expensive operation now that needs to be fed by the money and free labour or adherents.

And don't be fooled to believe that there can be any compromise, the BKs want all they can get and will use a "softly-softly" approach to get it.

I am sorry to write this but start off by accepting the worst case scenario ... that you have lost your wife and daughter, that they have become brainwashed against you by a devious criminal organisation, that they are now enemies of yours inside you own home, looking to take it all.

The BKs encourage their followers in this way ... that they have "died alive"; that all non-BKs are impure and evil; that ordinary love, attachment and family loyalities are burdens or bad karma; that only by surrendering their minds, bodies and wealth to the Brahma Kumari leaders ("man, tan, dhan") can they have any hope.

I don't know how much you know about BKism, so allow us to inform you and translate into plain language what they believe, how they say it, and what "yuktis" or devices they uses to capture adherents and con non-BKs such as yourself.

In the first place, avoid discussions and especially conflicts with your wife and daughter ... they will only use this against you.

Does your wife and daughter work? Have they got her own income or wealth, or do you support them? Are you bound to one geography by work and so on?

Which centre have they been targeted by?

Thank you.

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