Brahma Kumaris Lawyer Hit with $54,000 Fine

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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Brahma Kumaris Lawyer Hit with $54,000 Fine

Post27 Sep 2018

Nice story ... Brahma Kumaris Lawyer Hit with $54,000 Fine.

The Law Society in NSW, fined her $54,000 for matters considered not the best practise
Outspoken Sydney lawyer Zali Burrows currently represents Brahma Kumaris Australia, one of her colourful list of clients, which includes a convicted drug smuggler, a convicted terrorist recruiter, an Isis supporter, a genial biker [gang member] and ... the Australian director of Brahma Kumaris!

Meanwhile BK Super Star Shivani is given her own tour of Australia.

What was all that stuff we were told to do and used to practise, like not having pictures Brahma Baba because it would distract us from God and practising egolessness.

Apparently Personal Cult is the New Egolessness™ for the BKs.

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Re: Brahma Kumaris Lawyer Hit with $54,000 Fine

Post27 Sep 2018

With respect to Shivani: Delivering sweet lectures is not an index of a souls power of Yoga. After all of the flower and rose tinted lectures to large crowds, the question has to be asked: How much did the resident soul in the body contributed to the lectures and how much did incorporeal entities contributed? Has the Yoga power of the touring BK increased or decreased?

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