National Complaints Board: BK Taking Gold off the Record etc

for discussing revisions in the history of the Brahma Kumaris and updating information about the organisation
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National Complaints Board: BK Taking Gold off the Record etc

Post06 Mar 2020

From: National Consumer Complaints Forum (India)
Brahma Kumaris, India, Rajasthan
Consumer complaints and reviews about Brahma Kumaris
Pooja Mani

Jan 31, 2020
Destroying families
My mother has joined bramkumaries 5yrs back, after that my mother forced my Father and other relatives also to join bramkumaries. She sacrificed onion and garlic and she used to go every day 2 times for Murli. Before joining there she was happiest and positive women. She cares for other and now she has totally changed. She always talk negative and look always tensed. My Father has also joined. He was good business man now he always think about their teaching and not able to concentrate on his business. Their love and affection towards us has changed . They didnt think about us they always talk about their useless teaching. My request to people dnt follow them and government must have take actions against them. Dadi she is god for them, always travel in CHARTERED Flights. She spent more than 20 lac in month for travelling.
From where they have got this much amount?
Government must ask them, and stop this fraud organisation.

Oct 27, 2019
Disturbing family life
My mothar is follower of the bhramkumaris since 15yeras or I can say that the worst days startd form the last 15years because before following teaching of bhramkumaris she was totally different but the teachings have just brainwashed her and tranfer her totally into a different person. In ashram there are no guidlines regarding the celebrations. They celebrate every festival on that very day not before a day not after a day which is very disturbing because that days families celebrate with each other but the bhramkumaris do not even leave that special days, they are spoilng that days too. what the headquarters are doing for this ,where are the guidelines,where is the peace. The bahans in the ashram are so rude ,they always said we left our families see what sacrifice we have done . They just say one line Om Shanti but act totally opposite to it. I just want to say that plz issue some guidlines ,plz stop spiling the families,plz stop just brainwashing the people.

Sep 16, 2019
Complaint about a teacher
I am a student of this organisation. My parents are followers from last 5 years. I respect this organisation alot and have no complaints from this organisation . I only want to request you to change our b.k. center teacher.
Kimdly change B.K.Sunita from center kesri singh pur, Sri Ganganagar . I believe she has a habit of back bitching and saying bad words. She doesn't respect any women coming to center. She is always behind every man. Please change her , as she is spoiling the name of the organization.
Thank you so much

tilak mukherjee

May 4, 2019
destroying child and family life
My wife got married forcefully without my knowledge-she was a regular visitor to brahmakumari ashram(before marriage) in Taldanga in dhanbad district.till child birth, she was OK but after delivery she became pure veggie and distanced herself from any physical contact with me--always used to quarrel and listen to 'peace of mind ' channel and became fully involved in brahmakumari..she is a psychiatric patient with nerve disorder(genetic history) and needs proper treatment but due to brahmakumari effect she is not taking medicines, preferring to stay aloof, always sermonising people and forcibly telling to go to ashram and do son is suffering a lot due to this.

Oct 31, 2018
Brahma Kumaris Frauds
Brahmakumaris are fraudsters and tricksters. They use age old females to brainwash innocent people who are psychologically ill. These people use tricks like end of the world or world destruction coming soon and give your money to us. And they will build their ashrams or huge buildings. They will use celebrities and public figures to show that they are genuine. Being a female Godwomen does not mean that you will make use of your womanhood to fool people. These guys break up families for their benefit. My parents are brainwashed and giving all the money to them. My Father is going mad because of their false teachings. All the Hindu organisations come together and should act. And these celebrities should stop going to this organisation. They are not spiritual people they are fraudsters and tricksters using hypnosis.

Oct 31, 2018
Brahma Kumaris Fooling People
They will say end of the world coming soon. Donate your money to them because they have God in their pocket. These tricksters are using psychological tricks and fooling people. Why nobody is reacting against them? Being female God women does not mean they can cheat people. Government should take action. Public figures should stop going and supporting these fraudsters. They take money in the name of God. People should be aware that this is cult organisation and refrain from these so called brahmakumaris. They will ruin your family play with your mind and take your money. BK Shivani is also trickster. She never discloses hidden agenda of these Brahmakumaris Fraud. Its high time we should take action against these people.

May 18, 2018
Brainwashing & spreading misunderstanding
my colleague is a strong follower of Brahmakumaris, her beahviour traits are as follows:
    1. She is known to be fighting with everyone in office, nobody likes her behaviour, as she is very toxic.
    2. She has certain beliefs and that the reason she does not eat food offered by anyone but only packaged food she says Shivaniben has said that jo hum khaate hain hum waise hi bante hain, khaana agar ghusse ke mood mein banaaya to apni body mein jaake wo waise hi vikaaar paida karega, I do not know how she is sos ure that packaged food is made in the best mood? This kind of behaviour is disrespectful and rude, If you feel that a particular food may not give you good vibes, then, why not say a small prayer before you eat? Instead of making other people feel bad.
    3. She keeps her files and papers spread everywhere in the cabin, I share a cabin with her and she is in total mess all day, she does not select one proper pplace to sit, even in a small conjusted cabin where two people can sit peacefully, she has to sit right next to me.
    4. She keeps singing and talking loudly while working. This disturbs everyone nearby.
    5. She is jealous of whoever gets promotion and says, why has this person got promoted, he/she does not do anything? Is this what is taughht at brahmakumari meditation centres?
    6. She keeps cribbing about the company all the time, she does not apply jobs elsewhere or resign if she hates the company so much, her full time cribbing, spreds negativity and disturbs others.
    7. She keeps giving lecture and suggestions and advices to everyone abot what to wear what to eat etc etc...these are not just suggestions, if someone tells you everyday you would want to live your life your way. You cant respect someone so much.
I had complained about this lady on the Brahmakumari website saying please clear her misunderstanding and help her improve, but there was no response. If this is the toxity Brahmakumaris is spreading then they better stop right there, because this is now afecting my daily life. I have to see her face everyday and she is very very toxic.

Jan 15, 2018
Destroying my family
हमारी सागर केंद्र से कुछ बहने रायसेन गैरतगंज राहतगढ़ त्योंदा सिलवानी क्षेत्र पर सेंटर खोले हैं जिसके जिसके लिए वह मेरे पापा के ऊपर प्रेशर डालते हैं कि वह पैसे दें हम 6 बहने हैं पापा किसी भी बहन की शादी के लिए कोई पैसा नहीं देते घर के पैसों से उन लोगों को पैसा देते हैं वह आती हैं तो हम लोगों को शराब पीकर गालियां देते हैं हमारा आधार उन्होंने डोनेशन के नाम पर ले लिया है ऊपर का और वह बोलती है कि आप की 6 बेटियां हैं तो हमें नीचे का भी घर दे दीजिए हमारे पास कोई और सहारा नहीं है हम लोग दिन रात मेहनत कर के पैसे कमाते हैं और वह सारे पैसे ले जाती हैं हमारी गाड़ी हमारा घर सब अपनी तरह समझ के यूज़ करते हैं पापा कुछ सुनते नहीं है और उल्टा हम लोगों को ही बोलते हैं कृपया हमें हमारा घर और हमारा पैसा वापस दिलवा दे हम नहीं चाहते हैं बिल्कुल भी कि हमारे पापा या हमारा कोई भी घर का सदस्य ब्रह्मकुमारी का को फॉलो करें कृपया मदद करें

Sep 16, 2016
In train Brahma Kumaris People bad behaviour to others passengers
i was going to amritsar and i traveled in Pachim express train no. 12925 on dated 10-09-2016. coach number B1 seat no 54 my seat. My seat seizing by Brahma Kumaris travelers from Gujrat. when i talking about my seat the Brahma Kumaris Lady asking me stand up and go to hell. Once other people informed me they also treated by same as me. shame on both of you people they said we were attach with Brahma Kumari group. They only going to enjoy not god DEVOUTNESS. Sab dikhava hai dikhava jin logo ko dusre logo se baat karne ki bhi tamiz nai hai wo log kya bhagwan ki baat karte hain. sharm aani chahiye. White dress pehen ke khud ko bhagwan samjhte hain or dusre logon se aise behave karte hain jaise hum log inko bhagwan maane.

Jul 21, 2014
taking lots of gold and cash off the record
Some people in the head office (situated at abu road, rajasthan) of Brahma Kumaris are taking lots of gold and cash in the name of donation without keeping any records of it. Recently they distributed nearly 7 kilos of gold to 2500 surrender Sisters of the institution and this all is off the record. So many people in the head office takes direct money and other things from daily members of the institution and use this to purchase personal properties etc. they are making fool to thousands of people that they will use this money for Godly service but actually they don't do the same they use it for personal use.

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