Surya and Suman (Suman doing TV or Radio today 18 March)

für Deutsch sprechende Ex-Bks aus Nederland, Osteuropa und Russisch-Staaten, ihre Freunde und Familie
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Surya and Suman (Suman doing TV or Radio today 18 March)

Post17 Mar 2007

joel wrote:I know Suman and Surya, have visited them in Frankfurt. They did not go off together, are not married, do not live together.

A few of us both here and on XBKchat wondered what happened to Suman Bakshi and Stefan Nagel, two early Double Foreigner "Marathis" (Albeit Suman was a striking woman of at least two cultures and daughter of some Senior Sister, was it?).

I was just given a lead that both are still active and Suman is doing a TV or radio show today, the 18 March. I cant speak German, so I don't know which it is ... Offener Kanal Offenbach/Frankfurt (Open channel Offenbach/Frankfurt)
Sonntag, 18. März 2007 - 20:00 Meditation - Zeit der Besinnung von Suman Bakshi, Frankfurt

Heutiges Thema: Das Beichten vor Gott

"Das Beichten vor Gott" means something like "Confession before God". Beichte is usual a verbal confession of a culpable misdemeanour during a in private discussion with a confessor. So it seems like Suman has a regular meditation slot. Whether she is still with the BKs or has gone independent, I do not know.

Both seem to be active in interfaith events such as doing tours of Hindu and Sikh temples as far as I can understand. My German is extremely limited; ... n_2006.pdf

Stefan Nagel, who was called "Surya" and wrote one of the first Western BK books on BK Raja Yoga. He was famous. Boy, could he kick sand in the eyes of today's corporate coaches. He must have been one of the first Double Foreigners in Gyan way back in the early 70s and, it seems, he has become a Professor of Religion and was at the University for Frankfurt. From XBKChat, it is said he wrote a very long thesis on the BKWSU. John, you were asking if it was ever translated.

Doing a quick Google will actually bring up a number of links for both of them if any one is interested in follow up on this, although Joel may have them already. I would be very interested to read what he wrote as well. It could well be;
    Brahmas Geheime Schopfung Die Indische Reformbewegung Der Brahma Kumaris: Quellen, Lehre, Raja Yoga by Nagel, Stephan ISBN 3-631-35484-3 and is available to buy may be on Amazon or elsewhere. That translates as;

    "Brahma's secret creation. The Indian reform movement of the 'Brahma Kumaris'. Sources, teachings, Raja Yoga."
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Post17 Mar 2007

Could they be contacted and invited to express some opinion on the Forum? Suman had very pleasant looks (ugly Sisters always jealous of more attractive ones!) also and a bit sad eyes, before she disappeared from sight.

Hope now she's happier!
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Post17 Mar 2007

It is Shrimat to go around with a glum face :lol:.

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