"What about Shrimat?!"

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"What about Shrimat?!"

Post03 May 2007

On the 2nd April 2007 it was brought to my attention that a BK raised the question of Shrimat in connection with so-called BKs (yours truly included obviously :shock:) posting on this site etc etc etc.

Finding myself speechless at the mention, I decided that the best course of action would be to ralax and let God do his stuff, because from experience I know that if one of Baba's child asks anything then Baba will answer sooner or later; so why should i hurt my head trying to reply? Not at all.

I decided upon the effortless task of listening attentively for God's response via the Sakar Murli (do all you BKs have this faith?). Sweet as Baba is I did not have to wait too long because the very next day, the 3rd April, Baba obliged with a few words on the matter. I will share a selection of these and some additional thoughts in this post.

To start with, I do not think that I am too far off the mark when I opine that for any BKWSU student to have the matter of Shrimat raised in connection with his or her activities is quite a serious thing. True? Yes. An unstinting compliance with Shrimat is one of the most compelling motivations that most about every BK would have experienced at some stage or the other throughout their Godly Student life.

My understanding is that in the study of Raja Yoga Meditation one becomes familiar with 'mat' matters under 3 banners. There is: 1. Manmat - The dictates/directions of one's own mind; There is: 2. Parmat - The dictates/directions of someone else's mind; and there is 3. Shrimat - The elevated directions of God.

Since we are talking here about Shrimat my mind concludes that there is only one repository and source of Shrimat within the BKWSU and that is the Murli (if we are to believe them at all that is).

How do i conclude this? Simple. It is in the Murli that we hear the phrase, "God speaks". And what does God speak? Shrimat! Are we to take the words of DJ as Shrimat? Or the words of PBK Sister Mohini? Or the words of whichever BK chooses to come question us about the extent of our Shrimat compliance? When a BK is asking me about my following Shrimat are they asking me about God's directions or some other BKWSU created oblox. Typically, I think that we BKs use the concept of Shrimat to beat ourselves and each other with. It is a sort of code word that makes us look around furtively hoping nobody observed some infraction against a rule; or we look out hawkishly to pounce upon another who we feel has broken some rule. Am i wrong?

In the BKWSU there is so much of Shrimat and not all of it according to Baba's teachings. And as for the alleged 'Shrimat' that is broken every day by center-in-charges and SS don't even ask!

So when i want to know about Shrimat I listen only to God. I aint in too much to Parmat but i do listen to the postive words of my spiritual companions - the choice abouty what to do with them remains mine; and alas there is always the task of purifying my own mind for which Baba's exhorts that I remain Manmanabhav.

Extracts from Sakar Murli dd 3/4/07; "Sweet children, follow Shrimat, reform your actions and burn your sins"
"... Just as you souls adopt a body and speak, so the Father too says: I speak to you through this body. I give directions to you children ... to the extent that someone follows His directions so he benefits himself. ... The Father explains that it is then up to you whether you follow Shrimat or not ... You yourself incur a loss. If you do not listen to Him you will fail. ... You children understand that you claim your inheritance according to the extent they you follow Shrimat. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins of many births will be cut away ... The Father says: Renounce the Old world and rem,ember the new world ... there is Shrimat an dthere are devilish directions ... you should understand that these are God's directions. The Father says, "If you receive a wrong direction through this one (Brahma Baba), I will still put it right. ... The Father Himself says: I am the inlimited Father of you souls. I give you an unlimited unheritance, therefore now follow MY Shrimat."

So to my mind (manmat) there is no need to be overly concerned about someone else's questions (parmat) in the matter because Shrimat is what God speaks. And I have not heard him say that a BK can not post on this web site.


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