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According to BKs: The Advance Party, or sometimes known as Advanced Party, is a group of BKs not yet reborn but doing spiritual work in subtle bodies, re-incarnated BKs and scientists/world leaders (who are being influenced by God Shiva). Some will survive the imminent Nuclear Holocaust and Destruction of the World and be involved in recreating the Golden Age heaven on earth for the BKs to descend from the Soul World and incarnate into for their first birth of a new Kalpa.

According to PBKs: Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya AIVV is a spiritual organisation the aim of which is the transformation of the world in one family through practice of Raja Yoga and studies of Godly Knowledge. AIVV is also know as the Advance Party (BKs are the Basic Party) or Shankar Party.

AIVV maintain that at present time World Mother Kamala Dev Dikşit and World Father Virendra Dev Dikşit play roles of Parvati-Shankar. After the Destruction of old world in near future they will be recognised as Lakshmi and Narayan of confluence age. Those who have recognised the Father, understand His knowledge and make efforts to inculcate virtues and become like deities on the basis of Godly directions (shrimat) will survive the destruction They will start the new world – heaven, sustained by Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan in form of Vishnu. BKIVV do not agree with this.

Advance level study completes the whole picture of The Knowledge and gives the answers to questions which cannot be answered on the basic level, such as who are the parents of humanity. Depth of understanding depends on individual intellect, faith and role in the Drama.

The not yet born BKs come into the bodies of Advanced Party members and so receive advanced training.

Many reborn BKs also enter the Advance Party. It is similar to leaving High School (BKIVV) and graduating to University (AIVV).