Avyakt Murli 2008/12/15 BapDada speaking to groups

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It is the turn of Bhopal zone to serve:

Achcha, a good number has arrived here from Bhopal. What newness have those from Bhopal thought about? Everyone is doing whatever has already been done anyway, but what newness will you bring about? In the earlier turn too, BapDada had said: You have already served the VIPs. All zones and all wings have done that. However, BapDada now wants you to bring the VIPs who are in relationship with you closer, those who can become mikes and transform others through their sound. Whether they have come, here once in six months or 12 months, or whether they have come four to five times, have given lectures, been in relationship and connection with you, now make such mikes whose sound can benefit many others into heir-quality souls. They should also be well known. However, people of today are extroverted and so they also want to see external show. So, now create such a plan that continues for a long time and make such heir-quality souls emerge. It has been so many years since the wings started. It has been a long time, has it not? So, now bring those who are heir-quality very close. At present they are in the line of VIPs and co-operative; they also do service, but they are not heir-quality. So, they should become so co-operative, that whatever task needs to be accomplished at whatever time, they would say, "Ha ji" for any task with the qualifications they have._You have made good connections and BapDada is pleased with this aspect. However, they too should now become ever-ready servers. Bring together souls of such quality from all wings. Do not think, "We have to take them to BapDada!", but bring them together as a gathering to anyone place. You can do it anywhere, where it is easy for all of them to come, and continue to arrange one or another special programme for them. When they have a programme, you go to them and meet them and give your co┬Čoperation, but they should now become a little homely so that they are able to be co-operative at a time of need. Those from Bhopal have done service from the beginning. They have made connections with the VIPs, but now demonstrate this by doing service using this method. They are becoming Brahmins, the number of Brahmins is increasing in all the classes. That is good. All the classes are good, but now serviceable people should emerge so that when their sound or their introduction is heard, service takes place. They should remain ready on time. You can do it. Now, show this by doing it. You give Baba a list of so many VIPs, but it will happen if you get a gathering together. That gathering should be visible. Seeing one another, they have that enthusiasm and think: "This one is coming here, this one is coming here" and they thereby become enthusiastic. So, now all the zones and wings that come here, first gather together some people from the main places. Let it not be that they just get together in Madhuban. Bring them together at any place and make them move forward in their love and co-operation. What will the teachers do? Teachers, you will demonstrate it by doing this, will you not? What can you not do? Each one of you - whether you are young or old, if you have the determined thought, then even the young ones can perform wonders. You just have to have the determined thought: I have to do this. You mustn't move forward with arrogance, but with self-respect. Whenever BapDada sees any children from any zone, He sees them with the vision that each child is one who is going to become something. Some children, by themselves in an incognito way, are performing very good wonders of service. Although BapDada does not receive the news, He knows. So, show wonders! You did very good service in the beginning. You began that; BapDada remembers that. Now, perform some wonders. You will do that, will you not? It is good. The numbers are increasing, but now also increase the quality. Achcha.

Every zone receives a very good golden chance for service. The Father is pleased and all of you also take a chance with happiness. It is good. BapDada is pleased. He is pleased seeing the expansion.

Education and Administrators wings:

It is good that the Government also understands that education is necessary for life, and, nowadays, the majority has begun to understand that spirituality is necessary in education. The environment has now changed. Previously, people used to say that spirituality is to do with the seniors and elders. Now, they understand that if there isn't spirituality in education, transformation cannot take place. Therefore, the impression that the world has is now changing. As much as possible, those from each of the cities should now try to take part in the small or big schools, colleges or educational places. Many children can transform their parents. Service should take place in all the schools. Through the schools, both teachers and parents will come in connection with you. Today, children are a problem so, if the parents or teachers see a little difference in the children, they would feel that this is something good. This is happening in some places, but it should happen in all places. If someone wants the co-operation of someone giving a lecture or of arranging a programme, then they can take help from one another. You should check the departments as to where it can happen, where someone can help, where someone can help you to arrange it, spread this a little more. In some places, it is being spread, but let it spread to the villages too. Some are spreading this in villages. The Education Department can do a lot. In a worldly way too, if children are educated, it is beneficial for the world and you would accumulate charity. It is good, you are doing it too. BapDada hears about it all, but the sound should spread everywhere, the sound: "The spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris is essential" should spread everywhere. Prepare a group that will spread the sound. All the wings that have been created are all essential in their own way. You can spread the sound. Wherever you go, whether in education, medicine, ministry or anywhere or any wing, they should hear that spirituality is essential in that wing too, it is essential in that wing too. This sound should spread. It has begun a little to be heard that what the Brahma Kumaris can do, no one else can do". This has spread just a little. For management too, they understand that the management the Brahma Kumaris do cannot be done by anyone else. Spread this sound in every place in every wing. Wherever they go, they should hear that the work of the Brahma Kumaris is good; only then will they become good. It is good, but, otherwise, whatever you are doing, is good and continue to do more. Continue to spread it. Achcha.

Double foreigners:

All double foreigners, stand up! Youth, too, stand up! On behalf of everyone, Baba is congratulating the double effort-making children. All of you have become the decoration of Madhuban. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the decoration of Madhuban. Now, all of you have had a good thought that someone or another is present in every turn. BapDada is pleased. Previously, when you used to hold big programmes in any country, VIP from abroad would come onto the stage. Now, the speakers are not VIPs, they are Brahmins. That too is a matter of happiness. The decoration of our home comes. However, BapDada has heard that you have made a programme for those from abroad to come to this land and do service. You have made such a programme, have you not? This one is standing in front (Nizarbhai). Have you made a plan? What you have done is good because BapDada's elevated versions of the beginning were that those from abroad will awaken the Kumbhakamas (sleeping giants) of India. So, now try to have speakers and VIPs from abroad for the big programmes you hold. There should also be VIPs. You have made a good plan. Brahmins come anyway, but VIPs should come and share their experience of what they have received. That will happen too. Now, there are many in connection with you.

You are double effort-makers, are you not? Those who feel that they are double effort-makers, raise your hands! Double effort-makers? Double? Are you double effort-makers? The majority of you are raising your hands; some of you are not. Do not become slack in this. You have now received the title of double effort-makers, have you not? Then you will receive the title "angelic effort-makers" because when you come here, you fly here. In the same way, in your stage, you are angels, that is, those who are in the flying stage. Not the ascending stage or the stage of walking along, but the flying stage. You pay attention and service is also increasing. Now, prepare such a group that is always steady and constant, stable. They should not be those who do everything "sometimes". Let them be that constantly. Prepare such a group. Let the word "sada" (all the time) be so firm that you are ignorant of what "sometimes" means in your effort. While you are moving along, the word "sada" should also be in a practical form, in every subject. Such a group can be prepared abroad and also in this land. You can race. A small group or a big group can be created, but such a group can be created anywhere. Will you prepare it? Double effort-making children have the habit of demonstrating something by doing practically whatever they think of. So, demonstrate this by doing it. Do you have this courage? Do you have courage? Teachers, speak! Janak, speak! Do you have it? You are still thinking. You may think about it. Try it out and then, on behalf of everyone, BapDada will give that group a gift. Anyone can prepare it, whether this land or those from abroad. Let there always be the sound of "No problem!" Achcha.

All the children from everywhere who send love and remembrance in different ways, BapDada definitely receives that. Merging those children in His heart, BapDada makes them emerge close to Him. Nowadays, some children are engaged in settling the karmic accounts of their past births. Their love and remembrance is also reaching BapDada. For example, Uncle, (Uncle Steve Naraine) he was the first VIP instrument. The sakaash from BapDada and the whole family that knows him is definitely reaching him. Everyone is giving remembrance from their heart. Similarly, many children are saying "Baba, Baba" and settling their accounts and moving along receiving sakaash. All those in this land or abroad who are engaged in settling the karmic accounts of their body, all those special children are receiving BapDada's love and blessings all the time and will continue to receive it. Together with that, letters from everywhere, and facilities even faster than letters have emerged. So, all those who have sent their remembrance, BapDada is giving each one love and remembrance personally by name and according to their speciality. Together with that, the sounds of the hearts of the gopikas in bondage are also reaching Baba, and BapDada is remembering such lovely children. It is a wonder that they are living in bondage, and yet they are free from bondage in their hearts. Even while being in great bondage, they are earning their income in an incognito way; their partner is sleeping and they are earning an income. These divine activities of those in bondage are unique. BapDada is giving love and remembrance to the true gopikas everywhere who are in bondage. They have a special time and BapDada gives them rays at that time. Achcha.

To all the lucky and lovely children from everywhere who have determined thoughts and who do something practically as soon as they think of it; they don't say, "I will do it, I will see about it", but they do it as soon as they think of it, to those who are constantly destroyers of attachment - they are free from attachment not just in their relationships, but there is also no attachment to the consciousness of the body or arrogance of the body, to such children who are destroyers of attachment and are ever-ready, to those who constantly put their hand in the Father's hand of shrimat, those who fly with the Father and who will come into their kingdom with Father Brahma, to such fast effort-making children who have the flying stage, please accept lots and lots of blessings and love and remembrance from BapDada, and namaste to the children who are the masters.

Speaking to the Dadis: (Dadi Janki and Mohiniben hugged BapDada). These two are instruments, but everyone is embraced in this hug.

To Shantamani Dadi: It is good. Although you are bedridden, you are remembered in everyone's heart because you are an original jewel, are you not? The original jewels are invaluable jewels; they are only a few. Everyone remembers the Dadis a lot.

The Rural Development Wing is holding a campaign from 18 to 29th December 2008 called "Campaign for Awakening the Eternal Yogic Agriculture Awareness" and it was launched yesterday by the river at Abu Road.

BapDada heard the news that those serving the villages are showing a very good result. Instead of using different types of fertilizers on the fields, with the power of yoga, they are able to grow very good fruits and vegetables without using fertilizer etc. This has been carried out practically and also tested out scientifically. The fruits, flowers and grains that have been grown with the power of yoga do not create any diseases. The germs of any diseases are destroyed with the power of yoga. This practical proof has been shown in many places and the instrumental VIPs have also accepted that if they try with the power of yoga they can make it grow a lot more. That is very good practical proof. Everyone is ready to accept something when they see the practical proof. This is very good service by the Brahmin family which can show the proof. This has been carried out in many places. They have come here. Where are those who are serving the villages in this way? Those from the Rural wing, stand up! They are preparing such land here in Abu too. What have you grown on that land? What have you already grown there? (Papayas have been grown there, and chick peas and peas are still growing.) That is good. You earn an income for yourself, you have yoga. No matter what the reason, you must have had continuous yoga. So, that is benefit for you and also for the people. It is a good thing. Sometimes, show the practical results of what has been grown to the class. (Papayas and chick peas.) Show those to everyone. It is good. If the sound continues to spread in this way, then everyone will come without you having to call them. You won't need to print invitations. Congratulations. That is very good service.

Special homework till 18th January 2009

1. The return of the avyakt sustenance and sustenance received through the corporeal form: Become free from royal laziness and carelessness.

2. Transform the attitude of trying to transform others and transform yourself instead. Imbibe soul-conscious feelings and good wishes.

3. Instead of looking at the weaknesses of others, see their specialities, see double Father.