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A medium with specific psychic abilities, similar to possession, which includes the ability to allow other spiritual or disincarnate beings, or states of consciousness, to pass through them or express them via words and action. During the period of possession, the medium or channeller can either be present and conscious, as in the case of In the example of Dada Lekhraj; or removed and unconscious in the of BK Gulzar.


Channelling within the BKWSU

BK Gulzar

Since the death of Dada Lekhraj, the role of channelling the Shiva within the BKWSU, has fallen upon BK, or Dadi, Gulzar. It is said that when she is possessed by Bapdada, Gulzar goes out of her body and is held in suspension in the Subtle regions. During the period of possession, it is said that both Shiva and Brahma are presenting on Earth, talking and move her body whilst they instruction the institution and meet groups of BK Brahmins. Mostly they remain sitting, although on a few ocassions they have stood and moved.

Dada Lekhraj

In Dada Lekhraj, or Brahma Baba's, case it is more difficult to assess how and when the possession or channelling took place. His original followers were largely unaware and unconcerned. For them, Dada Lekhraj was their Baba, or Father, and there remains an emotional attachment to God Shiva via the body of Lekhraj throughout the Institution - despite instructions within the Murli to avoid doing so. This manifests in the form of "Trance Lights", or life-sized backlit images of Brahma Baba, at BKWSU centres which are used as meditation aids.

Regardless of whether Shiva was or was not present in the body of Brahma Baba, the process seems to have been seamless and discrete. Brahma would start the regular lessons, or Murlis, with the words, " God speaks". There are numerous references in the Murlis to Lekhraj's body having "two engines", or two souls in it; his own and Shiva.

Prophet souls

In the case of the BKWSU, such mediums or channellers are called "chariots". It is also taught that the major prophet souls of the World Tree, e.g. Abraham, Buddha, Muhammad were also chariots, or channellers, e.g. the body and sanskars of Jesus being used as the chariot for the new Christ soul to start his religion.