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Original BK teaching poster of The Cycle

BKs see time as a loop, with one endlessly repeating kalpa i.e. cycle, which consists of:

  • Golden Age - paradise on earth - a Garden of Eden - one people, one language, no religion, no sorrow, no conflict.
  • Silver Age - an age of invention and expansion of peoples and languages, with a slight degradation in perfection.
  • Copper Age - an age of the establishment and growth of commerce and religion
  • Iron Age - an age of degradation, decay, and death

This is similar to Hindu and Vedic beliefs, and is echoed in other ancient cultures (e.g. Greeks), but the BKs give a radically different timespan for the cycle, and are unique in believing the Cycle repeats identically each time. They teach that each quarter lasts 1,250 years, giving a total cycle of 5000 years. there is a "fifth age' of 40 to 100 years, the Confluence Age which overlaps the end of the Iron Age and beginning of the Golden Age.

The BKs believe that we are at the end of an Iron Age, in the Confluence Age, and our next births will be in the next cycle, following a short period of Destruction or world transformation.

  • Refers to the world cycle. The cycle is very much a part or Indian mythology and Hindu cosmology. However, Shiv Baba explains, the duration of the entire cycle is only 5,000 years. The entire world drama plays out in that period - fifty centuries. Another mistake, according to the god of the BKs, is the placement of Krishna in Dwarpa yug, the third age of the cycle. The god of the BKs claims that Krishna is in fact the first prince of Sat Yug, the Golden age - the first quarter of the cycle and is the first birth of Lekhraj Kripalani, their founder and medium. There is also an illustration of a ‘Kalpa Tree’ which shows the world cycle in the form of a tree, with the deity religion as the trunk, and other religions as branches of the tree.

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