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Dadi Hirdaya Mohini, or Dadi Gulzar as she is known, is one of the original BK sisters. Gulzar, which means ‘rose garden’, was one of the original members of a boarding school set up in Sindh in 1937 at 8 years old and is now Joint Administrative Head of the BKWSU. Gulzar is known as a Dadi which means " senior sister " and is a term of status and respect. She was only 16, Brahma Baba asked her to leave the headquarters and open a meditation centre in Lucknow.

Gulzar is unique for her role as a trance medium. She has, since the death and believed enlightenment of Brahma Baba in 1969, been the sole medium or medium|channeller]] for the entrance of the spirit known as Shiva Baba in order to speak the Avyakt Murlis, meet with BK students and given instructions regarding the administration of the organisation.

BKs believe that not only does " God " enter her body and possesses or takes complete control over her senses including the power of vision and speech but that " God " comes in a combined form with the soul or spirit of Dada Lekhraj, also known as Brahma Baba. This combined form is known as Bapdada, literally " Grandfather and Father ".

This process of spirit channelling is said only to happen at the BKWSU headquarters called Madhuban in Mount Abu, India and for a short time each year. BKs internationally make efforts to attend Madhuban in order to witness " Baba's Season " and " meet God ".