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Sindhi millionaire businessman Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani, or Dada Lekhraj as he was known out of respect. A follower of the Vaishnavite Vallabhacharya Sect who became the founder of the BKWSU following a series of divine visions and what some believe to be possession by God. Consequently thought to be God and renamed Prajapati God Brahma, then Prajapita Brahma or Brahma Baba.

Dada means elder brother, Baba means father or "daddy" and are terms of respect.

Following the visions and possession by the spirit the BKs name as "Shiva Baba", Dada Lekhraj's body was used in order to express a message to humanity and teach what became to be known as Raja Yoga. Followers, known as his "mouth born progeny", believe that Lekhraj Kripalani is God's only direct medium or instrument.

Early days

For the first 20 years of the movement's existence, Kripalani was called Prajapati God Brahma. There was no God Shiva in their theology. Kripalani was considered by Prajapati-Brahma Kumari followers to be a reincarnation of, and about to be reincarnated again, as Krishna in a Golden Aged heaven on earth.