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Named after the traditional Indian flute, or Murli, that God Krishna is said to have played, the "Sakar Murlis" are said to be the words of God Shiva as spoken through the medium of Lekhraj Kirpalani, known as Brahma Baba to Brahma Kumars and kumaris.

The remaining Sakar Murlis were spoken between approximately 1964 and 1969 and have been revised by the BKWSU ever since. Initially, "revised" meant to repeat but, controversially, "revised" has latterly come to mean re-editing by unaccountable human beings within the BKWSU.

Published Sakar Murlis

In is an attempt to present the Murli in the clearest possible way, we have chosen to publish them in paragraphs instead of one long piece. The Murlis were originally spoken rather than written, consequently there is no way that we can be 100% sure where the natural breaks would be. We are aware that by cutting the text into different section, we could be influencing the others with a subjective vision of how BapDada present their ideas.

Given that these Murlis have already been cut and changed in the process the BKWSU call "revision", it is no longer entirely possible to distinguish Shrimat from Manmat. We have therefore been forced to use our own discretion of where to make paragraph breaks. The intention is first and foremost, as quickly as possible, to offer everyone a chance to read "The Knowledge" for themselves.

Once the precedent of openness, honesty and forthrightness has been set, it is hoped that more - and perhaps the original versions of the Murlis - will be made available for individuals to read and compare, by the self-elected authorities within the BKWSU that presently withhold them behind password protection and encryption.

Editing or revision

Many Brahmin souls consider that the Sakar Murlis are entirely Shiva's teachings through the chariot of Dada Lekhraj. Others question how much of their content was provided by Brahma Baba and ask how it could be possible to know. As the BKWSU consider Brahma Baba to be equal to God, many consider the question irrelevent. Various justifications have been made to change the text or to interpret various aspects.

These have included;

  • predictions relating to the time of Destruction,
  • the length of the Confluence Age,
  • the human population of the World,
  • apparently racist or classist statements,
  • to reduce length to a "manageable" 3 pages when originally they could extend to as many as 6.

They have been changed due to the practical facts of the Destruction apparently not happening or World population increasing beyond the original predications and where the opinions stated do not fit into the current policies of the BKWSU, some of which are said to be aspects that the BKWSU does not accept or understand.

Please note that in the beginning, the Sakar Murlis were up to six pages long and without essences, slogans, messages and so on. What is presented between the line breaks at the top and bottom of the page constitute all that is left of the core of the authentic Murli. But even it has or is being changed. We have to make efforts to find the thread of truth out of this.

  • Donations of original Murlis as comparisons, or older more complete edits are very welcome.

Links and copies of Murlis

For a list of published Sakar Murlis, see category link below ;