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Shiva, to BKs, means God. Literally it means, "the Auspicious One", "the Benevolent One", the Supreme Benefactor. Shiva is seen as the seed of the human world tree, The Point, a human soul who never takes a body, and so remains completely pure and powerful and perfect. Baba means father, as in "daddy" but usually translated as "sweet father".

BK Gyan, (or "the Knowledge), says that Shiva becomes involved with the the rest of humanity only at this point in the Kalpa (Cycle), during the Confluence Age, and only through Brahma (i.e. Dada Lekhraj), who acts as the mouthpiece of Shiva giving divine directions ("Shrimat") to those of his children who are to raise the level of spirituality in preparation for the start of the new cycle.

The use of the word Shiva by the BKWSU has little to no relationship to Shiva as understood by classic Hinduism. Benefactor. The Supreme Soul is also a point of light. However, unlike human souls, he is eternally pure , omniscient and almighty. He is also known as ‘Rudra’ and ‘Bholanath’- Lord of Innocence. In the path of devotion, there is an expression: “None can compare to Bholanath”.


Shiva Baba

Shiva is also called Baba as He is the father of all souls.

Shiva Jayanti

The birthday or incarnation of Shiva (God).


Symbol for God, worshiped in India. Oval image over which the devotees pour milk etc as offerings.


The night of Shiva. A Hindu celebration fo Gods descent onto Earth.