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Avyakth and Vyakth

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 1:22 pm    Post subject: Avyakth and Vyakth

Supreme soul is not there everywhere but everything is based on supreme soul. This is otherwise can be called as Shivababa is avyakth to whole universe but he is not one who spread in universe. When we search for god, then we search inside our soul. If we search in the universe it is going to be waste of time and no use. We all are part of avyakth but with conscience of material world around. So when we look any thing in world that thing is based on atoms. All these atoms make some thing that we see in this world. These atoms can come from and vanish in avyakth. Things that are felt and seen to this senses are sakar or vyakth. But things that are not felt and not seen to these senses are avyakth. So whole nature is something vyakth but supreme soul and souls are avyakth. Vyakth or sakar is something that we feel, possible to look and that have space. If space is something that comes from avyakth then is it not possible that it can vanish in avyakth? When universe is created for us from thought of Supreme soul, there is every chance that he destroys this universe, very soon when all souls have finished their unique roles in this material world.

And all souls to again experience happiness need to come again in material world.
with love
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