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MUSIC CORNER...streaming songs

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Joined: 26 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 3:56 pm    Post subject: MUSIC CORNER...streaming songs

Lots of songs - both English and Hindi - are available as "streaming audio" on the internet. This means that you don't have to download the music file. You simply click on a link and the song is played through your Windows Media Player, Realplayer or whatever other software you use to listen to audio. Because you are not downloading the actual music file, there can be no question of copyright infringement.

I invite other XBKchat members to prowl the net and make posts here, adding the links to songs they like. Now, turn on your computer speakers, click on the link and enjoy!

"Sultans of swing" by Dire Straits:

"Ek pyar ka nagma hai" (Hindi), sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh. After you click on the link, a screen will come up. Click on the "play selected" button you will see. After a short voice ad, the song will play.


Joined: 13 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 11:09 pm    Post subject:

Great idea Atma!

Now here's my contribution. Its that 60's classic: "Cats in the cradle" Oops! Make that "Cat in the kettle"


Joined: 22 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:36 am    Post subject:

That sure was a super laugh, Paul! Great humour!! Laughing
"Those were the days my friend ...."

Joined: 26 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 6:17 pm    Post subject:

Here is another nice song. Its "Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu" from the movie "Waqt". The singer is Asha Bhosle. Click on the link below, then click on the "play selected" button.



PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2005 2:36 am    Post subject:

Rolling Eyes Well, For fun U may listen to this.., then dig this. with such a bhakti (cat) feeling and also humour inspaitt;.. Rasta Man Songs, that takes you further in the digging of gyan them should could be made to play just intended to purify your mind (mana) that also works allways with the passion and nature.

The Rasta man always talks from the heart, pure feelings, specially the king of this music; Zion train is comming our way, Soul train is comming our way. "inspaitt", this passion for freedom shouted by this consciouss people, filled within with love for gyan, loving lyrics lovin Baba with mind engaged in love, love for freedom, serving humanity... like they say.. Them a go to Zion (paramdham), Get readdy.., also.. the mother and the father makes the moods of the children... Jaja, them nice people, U Know ?.. as the rasta musical king says, .. Why should I bend down my head and cry, my father is the KING,.. or, ..taking over, Revelation time.. Oh Jah ! Earth right full ruller, the conquering lion free our people again, and again and again....
This cool stuff then, Mon... Lively up yourself.. and positive vibrations to all of ´em, The Rasta man says it.


Oh, this page is for media player: www.ireggae.com

Have fun !

Joined: 22 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2005 12:08 pm    Post subject:

Not sure I "overstand" all you're saying brother but welcome to the site! Tell me though: how come Rastaman trod the globe to Bogota? You from the West Indies? Where did you come across BK philosophy? Jus' curious mon. Irie bro. One Love Cool
"Those were the days my friend ...."

Joined: 26 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 7:31 pm    Post subject: Aarti's and Bhajans

You can listen to traditional Hindu devotional songs - Aarti's and Bhajans - at this site:


You can also download the music by right clicking on a title, selecting "save target as" and save to your desktop as MP3 files. You can then play the songs from the computer file or even transfer them to your MP3 player, iPod etc

In the Hindu household, dusk and dawn, hold a special significance as far as prayer is concerned, as it is during this transition (From dawn to morning, and dusk to evening) that negativity needs to be burnt and righteousness welcomed.

Traditionally the 'Aarti' is performed during the morning and evening in a Hindu household. The Aarti consists of a small flame which burns on a wick, placed on a plate, which is rotated round the Deity. The Ritual of the Aarti makes the light of the flame dispel darkness, the incense that is burnt gives out fragrance, a bell is rung, hands are clapped while one sings the Aarti. If you ask a Feng-Shui expert, he will confirm that all the above is very good to ward of an evil eye!

The 'Aarti' reminds us of the greatness of the Lord, because the flame that we rotate is symbolic of the Cosmos (Sun, Moon, Stars) revolving around the Almighty paying obeisance to Him.

Guru Nanak burst into song, at Jagannaath Puri, which is used as the Guru-Granth aarti, 'Gagan mein thaal, Ravi, Chand Deepak baney…'
Which means that the Sky is the 'thaal' or plate, the Son, Moon and stars are the flame…

A beautiful prayer is sung, for the Lord of the Universe 'Jagadeesh'.

Jagadeesha comes from 2 words 'Jagat' and 'Eeshwara'

'Jagat means 'Creation' and 'Eeshwara' means Lord .

An Arti that is particularly moving is Jai Jagdish Hare. You'll see it on the site (above) in the middle of the left column (Arti's). Here is a translation of Jai Jagdish Hare:

Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey Swaami Jaya Jagadeesha harey
Bhakta janon key sankata, daas jano key sankata,
Kshana mein door Karey - Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey ..

It means:

Salutation to Thee, O Lord of the universe,
Thou, who, in an instant, removest the sorrows and problems, of those who love Thee!
Salutations unto Thee!

Jo Dhyaavey Phala Paavey Dukha Vinasey Mana kaa
Sukha Sampati Ghara Aavey, Kashta Mitey Tana kaa –
Om Jaya Jagadeesha harey…

It means:

Thou rewardest Thy devotees, who singest Thy praise, by removing their mental afflictions.
Joy, prosperity and health enter the homes of those who pray to Thee!

Maat Pitaa Tum Merey Sharana Gahoon kiski
Tum Bin Aur na Doojaa Aash karoon Jiski - Om Jaya…

It means:

Thou art my Mother and Father, whose refuge I seek,
There is no one else beside Thee, who I could really count on!

Tuma Purana Paramaatmaa Tuma Antaryaami
Par-Brahma Parameshvara Tuma Sabake Swami - Om Jay…

It means:

Thou art Complete and Perfect! There is nothing hidden from Thee!
Thou art Perfect, Eternal, Absolute. The Lord of all Creation!

Tuma Karunaa Ke Saagar Tuma Paalana Kartaa
Mai moorakh khal-kaami
Mai Sevaka Tum Swami Kripaa Karo Bharataa - Om Jay.....

It means:

Thou art an Ocean of Compassion, Thou art the Protector of all,
I am ignorant, O Lord! I am but your Servant, while Thou art my Master!
Do Have Mercy on me!

Tum Ho Ek Agochara Sabkey Praanapati
Kisa Vidhi Miloon Dayaamaya Tuma ko main kumati - Om Jay......

It means:

Thou art the One. The Real Essence. The Life of all lives.
How do we unite?
I, who am so ignorant, and Thou who art All Merciful?

Deena Bandhu Dukha Harataa Thaakur Tum merey Swaami Rakshaka tum Mere
Apney haath uthaao, apney charan lagaao, Dwaar para main terey, Om Jay......

It means:

Thou, art the Succour of the oppressed, and the Remover of pain and sorrow.
Thou art my Protecting Force!
I beseech Thee to Raise Thy hand, so that I surrender to Thee!

Vishaya Vikaar Mitaao Paap Haro Devaa
Shraddhaa Bhakti Badhaao Santan Ki Sevaa - Om Jay.....

It means:

Help me to get rid of my imperfections and vices,
Bless me with increasing faith, and spirit of service to the devout!

Tan Man sab tera, sab kuchh hai tera,
Tera tujhko arpan, kyaa laagey mera. Om Jay......

It means:

All that I possess belongs to Thee,
I offer Thee what in reality is Thine, As nothing is truly mine!

Joined: 26 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2006 3:08 pm    Post subject: KIRTAN! THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ECSTATIC CHANT


This is a double foreigner Jai Uttal and my favorite chanter. His new one by the same name has an entry by his child. This one is on the original track...which I like. Click on #5 & #6.



Kirtan is the calling, the crying, the reaching across infinite space – and digging into the heart's deepest well - to touch and be touched by the Divine Presence.

On Kirtan! The Art and Practice of Ecstatic Chant, world music pioneer Jai Uttal guides us through the profoundly transformative practice of Kirtan, singing the many names of God and Goddess - the heart of devotional, or "Bhakti" Yoga.

Kirtan is one of the gifts given to us by the yogis and seers of ancient India, a key to unlock the vast mystery world within our hearts. By chanting these Sanskrit mantras and melodies without inhibition or self-judgment, we effortlessly enter a space of deep emotional release, inner connectedness and surrender.

There are no beginners or experts in this practice. Kirtan is simply prayer, and with the power of our own voices and emotions we create a bridge that spans the vast ocean of consciousness and infinite love. So experiment; listen and sing along with this 2 CD set with 2.5 hours of music, and join Jai in exploring:



Joined: 10 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:09 am    Post subject:

^^thanks for that very good link, Tete Very Happy

some nice stuff there...the fact that you can download samples is great

Joined: 19 Apr 2004
Posts: 66

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 1:10 pm    Post subject: Re: Aarti's and Bhajans

Atma wrote:
You can listen to traditional Hindu devotional songs - Aarti's and Bhajans - at this site:


Atma are they the same musicians who do the BK hindi songs, they sound so similar or maybe a lot of Hindu music is similar sounding?

I have downloaded them they are lovely songs, thanks for sharing! Very Happy
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