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BK Dictionary

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Cool Dip

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:03 pm    Post subject: BK Dictionary

Hi everyone.

I am not a regular member and this will be my only post. I am submitting this in response to a request I received. The "dictionary" below is NOT a BK publication. It was prepared by someone who WAS involved with the BKs at one time. The word entries are in alphabetical order. While it is fairly comprehensive, there will always be words and terms that are not included in it. If any visitors or members wish to know the meanings of BK terms not included here, I suggest they write their questions here, and another member who knows the meaning of the word can respond with the answer.

I hope you find this useful. Good luck !




ACCHA - alright, good, fine, O.K.

AMRIT VELA - nectar time - 4 am - the time recommended by Shiv Baba for the best meditation.

ATMA - the soul. It is an imperishable, incorporeal point of light, in the center of the forehead. There are three aspects of the soul: the mind, the intellect and the sanskars or impressions.

AVYAKT - not manifest or apparent, imperceptible. Hence ‘Avyatk murli’, for the teachings of Shiv Baba given through the medium of Dadi Gulzar, after Brahmas ascent to the angelic world in 1969. Also ‘Avyakt BapDada’ - the combined form of Shiva and Brahma in the angelic world.

BABA - father - used to refer to the Supreme Soul, Shiva - hence ‘Shiv Baba’.

BAHIN - sister - e.g Sudesh Bahan means Sister Sudesh. Spoken quickly, it sounds like “Ben”.

BAPDADA - the combination of Shiva and Brahma, in the subtle world, after Brahma’s ascension in 1969. Raja Yogis go to Mount Abu to meet BapDada through medium.

BAP SAMAN - the stage of being the same as the Father - this is one of the aims of Raja Yogis - to inculcate Godly qualities and virtues to the point where they become a reflection of God.

BHAI - brother - e.g. – Ramesh Bhai means “Brother Ramesh”. Spoken quickly, it sounds like “Bye”.

BHARAT - India...the eternal land. Heaven, the deity kingdom, was, and will be, in India.

BHATTI - intense and prolonged meditation session, for special purposes - e.g. purification.

BRAHMA - the creator. The name given by Shiv Baba to Dada Lekhraj, his first medium.

BRAHMA BHOJAN - Pure vegetarian food which is cooked and eaten while in remembrance of God.


BRAHMA KUMAR - Son of Brahma, a male member of the movement.

BRAHMA KUMARI - Daughter of Brahma, a female member of the movement. The sisters who are teachers wear white saris.

CHAKRA - wheel, cycle, circle, disc - used to refer to the World Cycle.

DADI - elder, senior sister.

DHARM - religion.

DHARMRAJ - God as Supreme Judge.

DHARNA - pledge, inculcate.

DIDI - senior sister.

DRISHTI - a spiritually charged gaze which is beneficial to the recipient. During meditation, Brahma Kumari sisters give drishti. Shiv Baba himself gives drishti when he appears through medium.

DWARPA YUG - the third age of the cycle, the Copper Age, the age of prophets and religious founders.

GITA - literally ‘song’. Traditionally, a sacred text, the jewel of the Mahabharat. In Raja Yoga, the word is used to refer to the knowledge and teachings of Shiv Baba - hence ‘Gita Gyan’ - Gita knowledge.

GYAN - knowledge - used to refer to the teachings of Shiv Baba. Also used to refer to involvement in Raja Yoga – hence “So and so is now five years in gyan” or “I came in gyan in 1977”.

JANAM - birth. The maximum number of births a soul can take in the cycle is 84. This would apply to a soul who takes first birth at the very beginning of the Golden Age. The breakdown of births is as follows: Golden Age: 8, Silver Age: 12, Copper Age: 21, Iron Age: 43 (includes a spiritual birth).

JIVANMUKTI - liberation in life - the karma-free state of deities in the Golden Age.

KALI YUG - the last and worst age of the cycle, the present age.

KALPA - refers to the world cycle. The cycle is very much a part or Indian mythology and Hindu cosmology. However, Shiv Baba has pointed out that the major mistake made was to assign an extremely long duration to it - hundreds of thousands of years - whereas, as Baba explains, the duration of the entire cycle is only 5,000 years. The entire world drama plays out in that period - fifty centuries. Another mistake, according to Baba, is the placement of Krishna in Dwarpa yug, the third age of the cycle. Baba explains that Krishna is in fact the first prince of Sat yug, the Golden age - the first quarter of the cycle. There is also an illustration of a ‘Kalpa tree’ which shows the world cycle in the form of a tree, with the deity religion as the trunk, and other religions as branches of the tree.

KARMA - the account and effects of actions.

KARMATEET - a stage of being free of all negative karma. Brahma attained this state before he left his body in 1969 and ascended to the angelic world to be with Shiv Baba.

KRISHNA - the first prince of the Golden Age. Brahma, Shiv Baba’s number one child, will be reborn as Krishna. On coronation, he becomes ‘Narayan’.

LAKSHMI - Queen of the Golden Age. As a princess, hers name is "Radhe".

MADHUBAN - literally ‘honey forest’ - a name given to the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India.

MARYADA - code of conduct.

MAYA - illusion, delusion, unreality, temptation, a force that takes souls away from God.

MUKTI - liberation.

MURLI - literally ‘flute’. This word is used for the teachings of Shiv Baba. It is very appropriate and poetic. Baba enters a medium and speaks, as a flautist makes music by blowing wind through a hollow flute.

NAMASTE - salutation to you, greeting of respect.

NARAYAN - King of the Golden Age. As a prince, he was known as "Krisna".

NARK - hell - the present world.

NIWASI - dweller, resident - e.g. ‘Bharat niwasi’ means ‘resident of India’, ‘Madhuban niwasi’ is a person who lives in Mount Abu, and so on.

OM SHANTI - greeting of peace. Members of the movement use this greeting.

PANDAV - a Brahma Kumar - i.e. a male follower of the BK movement.

PARMATMA - the Supreme Soul - God.

PARAMDHAM - the supreme abode - the Soul World – God’s home and the original home of all souls.

PRAJAPITA BRAHMA - a name give by Shiva to Dada Lekhraj, his first medium. It means ‘Brahma, the father of humanity’.

RAM - King of the Silver Age (Treta Yug).

RAVAN - the devil, temptation, the allure of vice.

SANGAM YUG - literally ‘Confluence age’ - a short auspicious period which bridges and straddles the last years of the Iron age (Kali yug) and the beginning years of the Golden age (Sat yug). The confluence age began in 1936, with the descent of Shiva into Brahma’s body.

SANSKAR - mental impressions, the traits and tendencies of a soul, caused by past experiences and behaviour patterns. Close to what people describe as a person’s nature, but not quite.

SARKAR - concrete, manifest. Used to refer to Shiv Baba’s murlis given through the body of
Brahma, before Brahma’s ascension to the angelic world in 1969. Hence ‘Sarkar murli’

SATGURU - the true teacher - God.

SATSANG - spiritual gathering, congregation - for learning, meditation etc.

SATVICK - good, pure. Satvick food is vegetarian.

SAT YUG - the Golden Age - the first of the ages in the world cycle.

SEWA - service - refers to spiritual service.

SHIVA - benefactor. The Supreme Soul is also a point of light. However, unlike human souls, he is eternally pure , omniscient and almighty. He is also known as ‘Rudra’ and ‘Bholanath’- Lord of Innocence. In the path of devotion, there is an expression: “None can compare to Bholanath”.

SHRIMAT - Shiv Baba’s teachings, particularly his disciplinary advice to Raja Yogis.

SITA - Queen of the Silver Age (Treta Yug).

SWADARSHAN CHAKRADARI - one who wields the discus of self realization.

SWARG - heaven - the Golden Age. Heaven and hell play out right here on the world stage.

TAPASYA - penance.

TOLI - Indian sweet.

TRETA YUG - the second age of the cycle, the Silver Age.

TRIKALDARSHI - one who knows the three aspects of time - past, present and future - through realization and a firm grasp of the knowledge of the world cycle.

YAAD - remembrance. Remembrance of the Supreme is basically what Raja Yoga is.

YAGYA - sacrificial fire. People come to Raj Yoga to burn their sins through the fire of meditation. This word is used in reference to the movement. Hence, to speak of the history of the yagya is to refer to the history of the organization.

YOG - yoga, meditation, remembrance of God - through the mind, not by physical exercises.

YUG - an age or era, one of the four ages of the world cycle – Golden, Silver, Copper or Iron Age.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:56 pm    Post subject: BK Dictionary

Cool Dip,

Thank you for providing this much needed tool for poor souls like my self and others in search of answers. I profess I will be a frequent user of this tool and perhaps one of the few to ask for more clarification on the use/meaning of words.

It would be nice and much appreciated if members that do translations, to also post said translations here in addition to their post.

Here is one I found by Ex L that would be a good addition to the dictionary: [b]This is called " Manmat " [ approx. translation : the word / creation of your own mind ]. You are constantly warned *NOT* to follow your own mind, that you cannot trust the thoughts within your own mind, and to follow " God's Words " or " Shrimat ".[/b]

Also, does anyone know the meaning of "BB" and Bramacharin(sp) Monk?

Please convey my sincere thanks to the volunteer that provided the translations. Thank you again Cool Dip! Wink


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