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To My Sisters My Heroes

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 2:18 am    Post subject: To My Sisters My Heroes

About three decades ago, a young man from South America sought spiritual awakening before the age of twenty one. He got more than spiritual knowledge. The knowledge and his interactions with the mediums of the knowledge would transform his thinking and have a positive influence on his career. The mediums who were a great influence on this individual were primarily women who had dedicated their lives to self transformation and world transformation. The youth was able to have a face to face meeting with the Founder of PrajaPita Brahma Kumaris Iaswariya Vishwa Vidalaya. The young man was concerned about his career options as a doctor and scientist. He also liked Raj Yoga. His family feared that he would give up his academic pursuits to become a swami. He wanted to ask BD about his future career possiblilties. In those days, it was extremely unusual for a Raj yogi to discuss lokik matters with BD, even when such matters were intricately connected to spirituality.
Two brave sisters, who were his teachers became his lawyers in the Court of Indra and asked BD about career options for the Raj yoga kid from South America. BD with a smile blessed the youth and told him that his academic pursuits would be a great instrument for service. The two BK sisters had risked their status to be the lawyers in the Court of Indra for a Videshi brother who was an unknown in the Raj Yoga Community.
The two sisters who championed the case of the youth were Jayanti bhen and Hemlata bhen. I was that young man. Cool It was a major mile stone in my life and I will forever be grateful to Jayanti bhen and Hemlata bhen for representing my interests in the Court of Indra. Smile Their action was symbolic of the very significant and positive influence women have had on my spiritual and non-spiritual ontology. Before the heroic action of the Bk sisters and after, women have had critical roles in my development.
Here are some other instances. During the thallium epidemic in Guyana, I was poisoned as a result of an assassination attempt. The physicians who played a signal role in my recovery were Hansa bhen and a lady from Sri Lanka. Four years later, I was allowed to leave Guyana after the Cabinet of Guyana approved for me to depart the country. For four years I was not allowed to leave Guyana. Two high ranking government officials, both women played a significant role in the processing of my request to leave Guyana. I will mention two other instances in which I have had positive interactions with women on a spiritual and professional level.
Several years ago I was granted a visiting scientist fellowship to work at one of the top science research corporations in the US. The scientist in the company who selected me was a lady from Hong Kong. Once at a retreat I was approached by an attractive and wise young lady, who was also a scientist. We had a five hour long discussion on science and spirituality. It was one of the most refreshing discussions I have had with a yogini! Smile
My brothers, do not think that I am an apple polisher with respect to brothers interacting with sisters! Smile I am not an apple polisher nor I am a potato cleaner with respect to positive interactions with sisters.
I give the above account to demonstrate my love for sisters and brothers and to clear the fog which created the impression that I do not like BK sisters. I am responsible for the creation of that fog. The opposite has been my experiences and extends to sisters in general. Cool Smile
Om Shanti,
To my brothers and sisters.

Love to you all,
Errol bhai
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:56 am    Post subject: To My Sisters My Heroes

Methinks you doth protest too much. I'm not a therapist but, perhaps you have a problem with women??

Best wishes,


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:47 pm    Post subject:

hi Hanuman
Are you PBK in belief? Question , Say it if you wish to tell. Anyways you got good experience...
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