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PBK issues
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 1:23 am    Post subject:

arjun wrote:
"Any comments on the value of charts for personal progress from XBKs/BKs/PBKs/QBKs/etcBKs ??"

Maintaining a chart is not something which has been started only after Shivbaba's arrival, but existed even before that in the form of writing daily diaries. Many great personalities have followed this method to their advantage.

As far as Baba is concerned, He has laid a lot of stress on the maintainance of chart because it leads to self progress as well as a sign of honesty towards self, God and the other souls. Repeated stress is laid by Baba for the maintainance of chart because BKs/PBKs are involved in giving Godly message to the people of the world. And if they do not implement the knowledge in their life themselves, then there won't be any effect on others. It will be like a sword without an edge. If written sincerely, the chart shows whether we are making any progress or not. During the time of Brahma Baba, children were supposed to maintain charts and submit it to Baba so that he could go through it and suggest steps for improvement of one's stage. But after the demise of Brahma Baba, although all those BKs who maintain a chart definitely benefit from it in their effort-making (purusharth), they cannot get any individual word of advice from Baba since they feel He has returned to the soul world. I believe the sincere BKs, who maintain the charts, submit it to Baba even now by placing it in front of the picture of Brahma Baba at Madhuban or the BK centers. I don't know if any such BKs get any response from the Dadis/BK teachers on behalf of Baba, but even if they get it , it cannot be equated with the advice of Baba.

As far as PBKs are concerned, those who are sincere/interested in this method of self progress maintain the charts and submit it to Baba and get words of advice from Him. They have the advantage of speaking out their mind to him directly or over phone or through letters also and get the problems of their loukik or aloukik life solved.

Hi Arjun,

I'd forgotten that you PBKs are confined ... oops ... provided with this special forum. Well, good to hear you write about your belief and experience with chart.

Of course if journals worked to solve all problems before Shiva Baba came, maybe He needn't have come at all. And if PBK's chart method works to solve problems better than BKs, then we would expect a huge increase PBKs,.. after all we all want to solve our problems, don't we?

Sounds to me like BKs and PBKs have more not less problems tho, since you have both worldly (lokik) and otherworldly (alokik) problems, whereas we NBKs/XBKs have only one type of problem. Okay, I'm teasing a bit. Very Happy Not entirely tho ...

I honestly kept my chart for myself ... and ended up giving it up, giving up on the BKs and leaving. Maybe it works for souls belonging to a higher level than mine. Shocked

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:27 am    Post subject: problems and solutions

Dear Joel,
Omshanti. Thanks for your response. As regards your comments, I would like to say that Shivbaba has come only to accomplish those tasks that human beings cannot accomplish. Although the method of writing chart or diaries must have existed prior to the arrival of Shivbaba, that was on individual level and not on a large scale that is witnessed either in BKs or PBKs.

I have already said that maintainance of chart can be beneficial both for BKs and PBKs if it is maintained sincerely. It can solve many problems for both of them, but the PBKs have an edge over the BKs in a sense that just as the BKs who submitted charts to Shivbaba prior to 1969 and reaped its benefits, the PBKs who sincerely submit their charts to Shivbaba are reaping the benefits now.

As regards problems, I agree that the BKs/PBKs have more problems than the rest of the world because if you believe the concept of 5000 years drama, then because of taking more number of births, the BKs/PBKs, throughout the world will have more problems as they have more karmic debts than the rest of the souls. And the present chariot of Father Shiv will have the maximum problems in the world since he has come to unite the entire world into one family. If you have seen the plight of the parents who have a huge family then you can understand the plight of Shivbaba who has to unite the entire world that too in the face of opposition from every corner. But the beauty lies in the fact that he runs the affairs smoothly despite all these problems.

As long as Brahma Baba was alive he had to deal with a few thousands of children. The transport system, the communication system was outdated when compared to the present times. Moreover, the presence of BKs in countries other than India was practically negligible. But now Shivbaba has to deal with so many kinds of children (PBKs) from all parts of the world and with the modern communication system He is flooded with letters, emails, news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year even though He is on a move for most part of the year. So one can imagine how He manages things.

BKs may ask that Prakashmani Dadiji has to deal with a much larger family numbering in lakhs. So she should be considered greater than the present medium of Shivbaba. But there cannot be a comparison between both of them because in the BK set-up, the powers of decision-making have been delegated at various levels throughout the world. Any particular problem reaches the level of Prakashmani Dadiji only when it could not be solved at the local level, state level, zonal level etc. And such problems are only major ones and not the problems of the personal life and certainly not of a poor BK I suppose. Whereas, Shivbaba says in the murlis that one can ask Baba whenver one is faced with a difficulty. And this is what Baba is doing now practically.

Apart from implementing His larger objective of transformation of the world through knowledge and Rajyoga, He is also attending to the individual problems of His children through all possible means. And this He does without a distinction of the economic status of His children. He has to deal with good as well as the evil (myself being one of them) kind of children. How He is doing it is only to be seen & experienced and cannot be described in words. These are not just words of exaggeration but words of experience over a long period of time.

My words are not meant to undermine the efforts of the Dadis. The work being done by them/BKs is also commendable provided that they are doing it as instruments of God.

With regards,
On Godly service,

Joined: 15 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 9:54 pm    Post subject:

Assandhari had started a topic "possession/influence by other souls ... voices in the head" under Anything and Everything Section. He wrote:

"Last year I spoke to Virendra Dev Dixit (leader of the advance party) on the subject. He simply stated that souls of a positive nature will be co-operative and negative minded souls will be destructive. Anyway, anybody else have any thoughts/experiences on this facinating area?"

The other day I was watching a recent Discussion CD No.70 of the advance party, in which a foreign based young PBK brother who began discussing something with Baba in a normal way, was suddenly possessed by some other soul and became suddenly motionless and fell back on his chair. When Baba asked him some simple questions, he wanted to answer but was unable to speak. Then he went near Baba and embraced him for a few moments and then felt relaxed. Slowly he returned to a normal state. In the latter part of the discussion CD that brother laughingly narrated his experience how he had felt the entry of another soul a few moments ago and how he wanted to answer Baba's questions but was not allowed by that soul to open his mouth. Since all this has been captured on video, it can be a useful material for those studying the entry of souls into other human bodies and also how meditation/pure vision can help overcome the evil spirits.

With regards,
On Godly service,
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