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Do BKs cling on to those who leave?
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:32 am    Post subject: "Law of Karma"

Yes Bansy, I agree with what you say. I am sure I have some very deep karma with BKs as well as with other people who have been close to me. May be from past lives on earth. I talk about this a bit in my post “5000 Years” on the main forum. As for the something I have done that may return to me, I agree that can happen too. However I think that one can get too easily into fear states from dwelling on the results of karma, and this can lead to guilt and compulsive behaviour. Therefore I am of the opinion that karma is not a universal law of nature but is part of the reality paradigm that we choose to take on for ourselves. An in between position, which some BKs would go along with, is that karma can be cleared by meditation. Maybe this is much the same as my own personal ideas in that while meditating we get beyond the dimension which we have created on earth and so become free from the so called “Law of Karma” that we ourselves created. In other words, if you believe in karma it is real, but if you don’t believe in it then it does not exist for you and you are already free from it and there are no accounts to settle.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:28 pm    Post subject: Do BKs cling on to those who leave?

Do they cling???

And HOW! Razz

Sam wrote:
The BKs believe that “once a brahmin, always a brahmin”, and that Ex BKs will return to gyan before the end of the cycle. If you have recognised the knowledge, the family, and the spiritual home sufficiently to become a pukka BK, then you must* be a golden age soul is the reasoning, As such they feel they are being helpful to a soul who is in effect an estranged family member. This may have a sub-plot in that the person contacting the XBK could be a compulsive rescuer of other people, but that is their problem.

(*my emphasis)

^^^Yeah this makes the most perfect sense, Sam.

I have recently had to request that a current BK completely cease corresponding with me due to the constant and unrelenting preaching/proselytising. Over the past 3 years I have patiently explained, requested, pleaded and in the end practically begged him to stop doing it. He cannot possibly help it though LOL

this was my last correspondence with the BK in question ~


Your abuse may be a Karmic return (situation reversal for causal & effected settlement) but it may NOT be, it could be the first episode of the soul who raped you (in which case you would acknowledge this in Yoga for Baba to settle the Karma according to my experience) and you did nothing to cause this in a previous birth.

But in any event the truth in my intellect says; the incomprehensible interconnectedness of all Souls interactions in matter, is such that one can literally state with almost certainty, that each soul's actions are dependent upon varying levels of understanding and accountability to the extent one soul cannot be held completely responsible for any given action entirely. Except of course the personal rememberance of the supreme Mother & Father God whereupon the fruit of this is; absolution and the absolving of transgressions of an Vikarmic nature, real sensate relationship & in terms of heightened experiences of pleasure beginning with magical experiential contact, inuitions, supersensuous Joy & drenching in ecstacy.

Woohoo!! Pure DogmaTM! Laughing
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