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Denzal Sinclaire

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:13 pm    Post subject: Denzal Sinclaire

Frank wrote, under the topic "After Raj Yoga can there be ANY faith?"

Before I came to Madhuban I thought that meeting Babdada was something really special. Everyone talked about it and I thought that this would go right through me and shake all of my being. At one point however it seemed the total oppositewhen I finally actually went to Madhuban in 2000. Before my realization, sitting there before the stage, I planned to walk up that stage and throw my BK ring in Dadi Gulzars lap and leave the BK and Madhuban. Then suddenly there was sweet brother Denzal Sinclaire from Canada, who instantly turned his head towards me and gave me a drishti as if he felt that there was something going on. I could read his subtile thoughts. “ We stay in Yoga, in rememberance”. This was the turning point. I realized that it all was very very subtle and that the whole circus was just a turmoil of souls begging and crawling for a vision or experience. The real thing was so incognito and subtle.

Here is an article about this cat Denzal, from today's Toronto Star. The dude is apparently an incognito BK and Canada's leading jazz vocalist. Notice the bit I put in bold emphasis. As regards the sadness mentioned, could it be that the musical bro has hit a wall in his spiritual path? Just wondering.


Jazzing it up with some love
Crooner takes on Genesis, Wonder

New album has melancholy tinge

He has the Hollywood heartthrob moniker and a voice reminiscent of a '40s crooner, but Denzal Sinclaire isn't trading on gimmicks.

With the release of his third major label album, My One and Only Love, the Toronto-born, Vancouver-based jazz vocalist is boldly declaring his intentions; as his choice of material and delivery demonstrates, the goal is neither mainstream appeal nor the swooning femmes who lap up the boyish charm and comedic bent of his household-name counterparts, Matt Dusk and Michael Bublé.

"Several years ago, my motivation was different," explained Sinclaire, 39, in an interview earlier this week.

"I was probably a lot more dependent on people liking what I do, like I was coming from a begging kind of place. Now I feel more that I'm sharing the work I'm trying to do on myself — trying to maintain a positive outlook and share that through music.

"If I can experience niceness and then do that while I'm singing, then I know it will have an interesting effect. I'm trying to be an instrument for good energy on this earth."

On the new record, Sinclaire's already sedate, eloquent tenor, comparable to Nat King Cole's, is slowed to a risky crawl. The ballads include the requisite Gershwin tunes ("Here Comes the Honey Man," "For You, for Me, for Evermore") as well as covers of Stevie Wonder ("Happier Than the Morning Sun,") and Johnny Nash ("I Can See Clearly Now").

"There's a tendency to remain pure and just limit yourself to a certain body of work, but as I grew older and a little more confident about myself, I realized `Hey! I'm a musican.' Also, the jazz musicians that I so much admired — Miles Davis, Nat Cole, John Coltrane — were actually playing popular songs of their time. They're standards now, but they were just pop tunes, or songs from the musicals in their day. So why not interpret the music of our time?"

But when you select songs by Genesis ("Follow You Follow Me") and Willie Nelson ("Always on My Mind") you can expect quizzical looks.

"What is jazz?" muses the singer. "I don't know. I was thinking about it. Why is it that when I sing it it's jazz? Because people know me as a jazz vocalist, therefore everything I do is jazz?"

Though the lyrics are largely upbeat, Sinclaire's interpretations have a woeful tinge, evidenced also in the personality he reveals over lunch.

"I've been trying to come from more of the positive, but there is a bit of sadness there," he concedes but won't be pulled into elaborating. "It exists at the moment. And as much as I am trying to sort of avoid that — it's not denial, but I'd like to express optimism more — some of the songs do have a melancholy tone to them and the reason for that is along the journey sometimes you do have the challenges that you face, sometimes you have to relook at what love is."

The enigmatic artist points heavenwards when asked about his one and only love.

"Not with a physical being, but I do have a love," he explains.

"I'm singing about the big love and people will tune in to that however they want. The love we have come to know now automatically has built into it sorrow. Most things that give us happiness now also give us sorrow, too; and we've come to expect it with a `That's life!' resilience. But it wasn't always like that. So I'm trying to tap into that."

And ideal for his quest is the relaxed, earthy vibe in Vancouver where he has lived for the last decade.

"Because nature is so close, there is a different energy there. You can get away and reflect more readily. That's where I rediscovered the spiritual side of myself. It was always there, but it certainly is more reflected in my outlook on life and obviously the way that I perform."

Denzal Sinclaire performs at Montréal Bistro, 65 Sherbourne St., 416-363-0179, at 11 p.m. Thursday; $15, no reservations.

Here is Denzal's website. Frank, do you, or anyone else here recognise brother Denzal's face from your stay in Abu?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 8:08 am    Post subject: Frank - restricted permission

Frank is given restricted permission to post in this exclusive forum. The permission is only for responses to this topic.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2006 6:30 pm    Post subject: BK ring?

I had a look at Denzal's site. His Bio makes interesting reading. Check out the video in which he discusses his work and recent album.

You'll find it on this page:


Scroll down the page and, on the left, under EPK, double click on either HI or LO. That should bring up your Windows Media Player and play the clip.

There has been some discussion of BK rings recently. In the video clip, is that a BK ring Denzal is wearing? The video is in black and white, so one can't be sure but, based on the dark circle or oval in the center of the ring, I'd say its a BK ring. What do you think?
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