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The Tao of Raj Yog For XBkS

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:24 am    Post subject: The Tao of Raj Yog For XBkS

To many BKs who attend the sessions at centers, the life of an xBK seems to be one of hell. I feel that line of thinking is more often than not inaccurate. The BK would contend that the xBK has no clear connection with God and the Brahmin family. Also many think that the xBK would be totally defeated by the negative influences in the lokik world. These notions churned on the gadhi are not necessarily true.
There is the power of the tao of Raj yoga which the excommunicated BK has with him and her. Personally I have still been able to maintain a connection with Baap and Dada. I still meditate each day, I read old Murlis and practice many of the principles. It is the Tao of Raj Yog which is one major source of sustaining the self.
Tao (Chinese), Do (Japanese) means the way. In Hindi it can be called marg. It means naturalness. Naturalness implies, in the case of Raj Yog, being in a stage of oneness with Raj Yog. It is as though the student and yog are one. One is said to experience the Tao of Raj yog, when in any situation, the individual can effortlessly experience soul consciousness and feel the powers and virtues of God. It takes years of practice. However, the trick or yukti is to make remembrance a subconscious activity. When the individual experiences oneness with the weapons of gyan and yog, the individual is able to apply the weapons effectively and effortlessly.
Prior to my banishment from the Brahmin family, I recommenced the study of the oriental martial arts. As a BK I had forsaken the martial arts as a form of violence. Several factors contributed to my return to budo, the warrior way. I discovered that once I commenced studying and practicing budo, I was able to experience soul consciousness and God consciousness effortlessly. I felt in tune with nature in a way that HD Thoreau described. A part of myself that lay dormant was awakened in a positive way.
Though it may seem to me manmath, Miyamoto Mushasi's Book of Five Rings, is an excellent account of mastering naturalness, which is very applicable to Raj yog. I do not think Master Mushashi's writings are manmath, when applied for advancement of the soul.
Dr. Jean Shinoda -Bolen's two books should be excellent reading for xBKs and BKs. My brothers and sisters in the centers should not dismiss Dr. Shinoda-Bolens books as manmath mess. Her two books, The God In Every Man and Goddess In Every Woman, explains by means of Jungian psychology, our godly roots.
Recently, Dr. Herbert Benson published a book called, The Break-Out Principle. It was Benson who more than forty years ago discovered and scientifically demonstrated the relaxation response.
The relaxation response is the physiological opposite of the fight-or-flight response. It is elecited during meditation. The break-out principle is observed when an individual is able to be maximally creative and/or resourceful. For example, a student scoring high on an examination by being relaxed or a marksman hitting the target with accuracy and precision. In all of these instances, the tao is harmonized with relaxation of the mind to perform at a peak level. During my first semester at Tuskegee University, I studied archery. We had to hit the bull's eye a specific number of times to score an A in our practical final examinations. On the day of the examination, my meditation enabled me to be calm and I was able to harmonize my relaxed state of mind with the tao of archery. I hit the bull's eye the required number of times, scored high on the theory examination and got an A in the archery course.
My practice of harmonizing the tao of many other pursuits with the Raj Yog has been grounds for my banishment from the divine family. As an educator, I teach my students similar techniques for them to reach their highest academic potential. I have been accused by some administrators in the divine family of using Raj Yog for selfish. I do in my heart feel that I am sharing wisdom with souls. A few years ago, during a fencing competition, I faced off against one of the strondest fencers in New York City. I remained cool and calm and fenced with great naturalness, as though the foil was an extension of my hand. I won the fifteen point bout. I felt as though I was in another mental zone and Baap-Dada were doing the fencing. My brothers and sisters at the centers would say I was under the influence of a non-corporeal spirit. They would contend that Baap-Dada would have no time to waste fencing. I would say Baap- Dada payed me a visit on the fencing strip, peste, to remind me that I should never forget my true identity nor my Father and Big Brother.
Om Shanti,
To my brothers and sisters.

Love to you all,
Errol bhai
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