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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 5:15 pm    Post subject: views

I find it amusing that Brahmins feel they have a clearer view of the world drama and they want to share that with everyone yet realistically it is the xBKs who have the clearer picture because they can see both sides without bias and see the tricks and traps used to lure people into living "the knowledge". I am not a science person although I know enough to know the 5,000 year cycle is a load of rubbish and these Murli's are self destructive and can do more harm than good by basically using guilt and twisting a person’s conscience by using threats to get them to follow the “word of God”.

I see it on this forum each day, you present a conflicting point of view and they reply with manufactured Murli quotes and standard reply meant to rebutt these views - or the best is when they try pin it back on you with stuff like this

However I believe that you wish to learn more but you have been hurt and mislead in the past.

So now you are very cautious.

This is understandablebased on your experiences.

Shiva is very deep and to understand is another thing.

Rolling Eyes

also, I have been thinking on what Kevin said:

Kevin wrote:
kyra, we must not assume that god is what we think he is for he may not be that

What if we have it all wrong (all religions and not just brahmins)? It's an interesting thought.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2004 7:38 pm    Post subject:

Hello Kyra,
I'm just seeing your post. Yes, I agree with Kevin.
Three common approaches to perceiving knowledge are as dogma, eclecticism and as dialectic. RY, with its requirement of absolute, unquestioning faith is dogma; when we take bits and pieces from various sources and try to fit them together to form a coherent picture we are adopting an eclectic approach; when a third position evolves from two seemingly contradictory or opposite ones we are witnessing the dialectical process.
Another way of seeing knowledge is by considering them open or closed systems of perception. RY offers a closed system; we who have "stepped out" are facing an open system. That requires courage. Why? Because we have to deal with uncertainties and still live with hope. A common approach on this site is eclectic: for instance, we may try to take from RY and fuse it with extraneous sources of knowledge. Sometimes we even try to put the old stamp of SB authority on it. it's a way of preserving our sanity. The thing is, our understanding of Truth is always essentially limited by the capacity of our being or, put another way, to the level of our consciousness - and one of the limiting factors there is our location on this planet in this segment of the vast universe. Even in RY we come to understand that consciousness is not merely divided into soul or body consciousness. There are stages of soul consciousness, and there are also finer explanations of these things than taught in the path of RY.
The theory of recurrence or repetition of events is an interesting study also, but I gotta go now. Take care.

"Those were the days my friend ...."
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