Ram becomes Ravan, Krishna becomes kans. Is it so?

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Ram becomes Ravan, Krishna becomes kans. Is it so?

Post24 Mar 2008

Aum Shanti.

The head of PBKs, Veerendradev Dixit, has said that Ram himself becomes Ravan and Krishna himself becomes kans in the drama. I am not able to understand his logic behind this statement. I accept that in the Murlis ShivBaba has said, and as is also explained in the picture of The Ladder (Seedhi ka chitra), that those who were Deities in Satyug themselves later become shudras. But the legendary Ram and Krishna are different aspects of the part played by The GodFather in Sangamyug (Confluence Age). How can Patit-Pawan Ram become or enact the part of Ravan, similiarly how can Gopi Vallabh Krishna become or enact the part of kans? On one hand Virendra Dev Dixit says that Jaisee drishti vaisee shrushti, in other words he says that children will grasp or perceive Godfather's part according to their mental state. So, the question that arises is, "has Virendra Dev Dixit himself perceived the role of Ram as Ravan and that of Krishna as kans when he says that Ram becomes Ravan and Krishna becomes kans?". If it is so then it means that he has misunderstood The GodFather.

Now, I would like to explain the logic why some people like Virendra Dev Dixit perceive Ram as becoming Ravan and Krishna as becoming Kans. To understand this logic, I request you to read my post "Some secrets of Krishna, Ram, Trinity and GOD." which is in the BK Splinter group.

In my post, I have explained how is GodFather i.e. the Gita Gyandata Trimurti Shiv Bhagwan, and who He is (read the last para of that post).

GodFather is present in this physical world now and is the next birth of Dada Lekhraj Brahma, and all the six units including Ram and Krishna together make The GodFather. The people like Virendra Dev Dixit who are not completely surrendered to the Ram and Krishna units of The GodFather, and when they mistakingly assume one or both of The Units Ram and Krishna to be their own higher self or selves then they instead of following Ram and Krishna Units, they try to control them or direct them according to their own incomplete or impure will. But, what happens when an egg hits a stone or darkness tries to cover Light. They themselves breakdown or vanish. They utterly fail. This failure makes them to think that the Unit Ram has become Ravan and Krishna has become kans, because they do not understand their own mistake but are doing what they are doing thinking that they have understood The GodFather.

The question arises, why cannot anyone else other than The GodFather, who is actually The next birth of Dada Lekharaj, assume the Units Ram and Krishna to be their higher self? The simple reason is that because it is not "The Truth". I will try to explain this with a crude physical example. Suppose if some organ or unit of someone's body like heart or liver is transplanted to someone else whose blood does not match with the donor's, then the organ or unit transplanted will react negatively with the receiver's body.

The same happens with the people assuming Ram and Krishna Units to be their own higher self because they are against Dada Lekharaj in some way or the other and have not accepted Him as Prajapita Brahma. Mind (like physical blood) of such people does not match the Mind (like physical blood) of The GodFather i.e., Dada Lekharaj's soul. This is the reason why ShivBaba has said in the Murli that "(God)Father is the highest Authority and then that Prajapita Brahma also stands to be the highest Authority. This Dada ( i.e., Dada Lekhraj) is the greatest Authority of all." (Murli dt. 8.1.95 page number 243 of Murli khand one published by PBKs).

(I am giving here information of how DNA changes with our feelings which was given in 'DNA REPORT by Greg Braden' which I had found in a website months back. This experiment was done by military. They took some leucocytes (white blood corpuscles) from a donor and studied the behaviour of the DNA of the donor in his body cells and the DNA in the leucocytes taken from his blood. They showed different video clips arousing different emotions in that donor. It was found that the DNA of the body cells of the donor and the DNA in the leucoytes taken out exhibited the identical response at the exact same time with no lag time or transmission time. They then tried how far do the emotions of that donor affect his detached DNA. They found that the donor's emotions affected his detached DNA even when taken 50 miles away from him. You can understand that subtle units of The GodFather are unimaginably many many times more sharp and active than physical DNA of human being).

Virendra Dev Dixit and PBKs are not the only people, but there are many BKs, even so-called Maharathis, who in their heart envy Dada Lekhraj. They do not have true love for him. Even I belittled Dada Lekhraj after coming to Advanced Knowledge of PBKs. And before that, when I was in BKs, I saw how few BKs showed false and outward love for him. A thought had warned me once that I should not get against Dada Lekhraj. But unfortunately it happened after coming to PBKs. In a way it has helped me to understand the importance of Dada Lekhraj and has eventually led me to understand The GodFather.

Remember that ShivBaba has said in Murlis that when children teach RajYoga the world turns to hell and it is only when The GodFather teaches RajYoga that Heaven will be established. So, our first and the foremost thing to do is change our heart and have genuine true love for the soul of Dada Lekhraj, who is The Head and The Father of all human beings and whose practical Physical Personality is The GODFATHER.

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Re: Ram becomes Ravan, Krishna becomes kans. Is it so?

Post24 Mar 2008

Dear Sanjeev Bhai,

Omshanti. Since this is the Commonroom Section, it would be better if you raise issues which are purely of interest to BKs/PBKs/ex-PBKs in the respective sections or in the BK-splinter groups section. Since most members of this forum are ex-BKs/newcomers, they may not be interested in such subjects.

In spite of being a PBK, it is not easy for me to completely understand your ideas, so I suppose it must be confusing for the ex-BKs/newcomers to understand the same.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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Re: Ram becomes Ravan, Krishna becomes kans. Is it so?

Post17 Aug 2008

Arjun Bhai's post +1 :D .

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