The Head and the Heart

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The Head and the Heart

Post02 Jun 2008

The Head and the Heart - posted by: casy on July 4, 2004

I wanted to start this topic because like most things on the journey to wholeness, there is a point of balance, of integration. In the 12 step programs they say that the longest journey in the world is the journey one takes from the head to the heart. Bhakti and devotion is heart. The intellect is put on hold and the experience of, or addiction to, love becomes God. What I have always loved about the ‘Tao of raj Yoga’ is that knowledge is the foundation.

The challenge then for souls like me, and I suspect some other members in this forum, is not to undo our heart experience before it even happens through reductionist reasoning. I have struggled with doubt on and off my whole life… well before ’signing up’ for Raja Yoga. The pattern within my nature that seeks to find truth, has me arguing away happiness and gentleness and love. And truth doesn’t necessarily find it’ way closer to my world through this methodology.

I have come to realise that I carry a deeply etched fear of ‘losing myself’ - my sanity, my capacity for self rule, my independence - if I move more to the heart, put the thinking, critical analysis on hold. However, one thing is to think deeply and effectively about the challenges or inconsistencies along the path, but to submit to the habit of the head overruling the heart utterly, just creates long term damage to the soul. And vice-versa.

The way/s of knowing have to be greater than just thinking and feeling. I have noticed that when I look after my thoughts well (not too many, and quality) and when my Yoga is focused and open and trusting ... I experience clarity beyond devotion, beyond logic. Such vibrant insight - the good the bad and the ugly - without judgment, without anger, without resentment. Just seeing and freedom ... and the love of it all.

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