Madhuban 2008-9

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Madhuban 2008-9

Post03 Aug 2008

BKWSU has already given the groups dates for BapDada’s meeting as follow:

    1st Group - October 20th (Monday)
    2nd Group - November 15th (Saturday)
    3rd Group - November 30th (Sunday)
    4th Group - December 15th (Monday)
    5th Group - December 31st (Wednesday)
    6th Group - January 18th (Sunday)
    7th Group - February 5th (Thursday)
    8th Group - February 22th ( Sunday)
    9th Group - March 9th (Monday)
    10th Group - March 12th (Tuesday)


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Re: Madhuban 2008-9

Post04 Aug 2008

Anybody in this subforum going ? i.e preferably BKs in this forum answer.



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Re: Madhuban 2008-9

Post05 Aug 2008

To be honest I don't miss that place. I last visited Madhuban with my girlfriend in 1996. I said Hello to Jayanti and Sudhesh. Sudhesh reacted when she saw me by quickly moving off to another part of the complex. Maybe I shone too much light and goodwill that day! Or it could have been my dress - I was wearing a Taliban style topi on my head at the time.

BB's room was always my favourite spot to sit and be. However, as an ex-vegetarian chef, I always found the food at Madhuban pretty dismal - reminded me of school dinners! Don't get me wrong, I love North Indian cuisine. However, I tended to live on fruit, nuts and water when I stayed there.

I found Arunachala in southern India more to my liking. And also the teachings of Ramana Marharshi. To the point and without all the bullsh** and superstitious nonsense that is part of the BKs.

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new looks

Post06 Aug 2008

Hi, Hanuman, welcome and thanks for making me laugh with the image of your taliban attire. The BKs have many traits in common with Talibans, so why did not they appreciate your mise? I remember one year I was wearing some baggy Afghani style of pants (white). I thought they were cool, loose and comfortable but in Madhuban I got more negative comments than I ever imagined! Man, what do you expect, you go to the ashram "dressed to kill" with a girlfriend and you expect friendly welcoming drishti and behaviours?

Seniors are leaders in teaching others how to judge people on the basis of appearances. And no, we are not all just souls, equals and God's children: a major divide is the one between compliant ones and disobedient ones, those that receive looks of disdain.
I found Arunachala in southern India more to my liking. And also the teachings of Ramana Marharshi to the point and without all the bullsh** and superstitious nonsense that is part of the BKs.

This is interesting. I am curious now to do a google on it. I remember how years ago, some "contact souls" had just come back from the SaiBaba ashram and were very impressed by the delicious food.

I never understood why we BKs were condemned to go to such a tough place in the desert, not really self-sufficient in terms of fruits and vegetables, with a hostile climate, extremes of heat and cold and water shortages, whereas there are locations in India a lot more pleasant in the Himalayas, near the Ocean or rice paddies with swinging palm trees and fresh green coconuts to drink ... where they teach you some exercise good for your health or some craft ... If you could survive Madhuban, especially in the old days, you would be ready to become an excellent fakhir!

p.s. are you available to give suggestions and tips as a professional vegetarian chef?

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