What is Worthing Worth?

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What is Worthing Worth?

Post10 Sep 2009

In "What is Worthing Worth?", Rosie wrote:
Rosie wrote:Over recent years I have seen the development of Worthing and marvelled at the fact that the Charity Commission haven't pinned the BKs up against the wall. The thousands spent on refurbishment, plus all the skills and free labour that Brothers have given, doesn't equate to "tackling poverty or developing the understanding of Hinduism in Worthing". There are some truly genuine souls doing all the donkey work there, but for whom? Cosy "retreats" for chosen BKs, and no doubt hospitality for the odd VIP who may be good for a few thousand or so.

Why, if Destruction is just around the corner, invest in expensive properties at Worthing which will be washed into the sea? There is only one conclusion - that "Destruction" talk is an absolute load of rubbish and "construction of property portfolios" is really what all this is about.

Pity the more genuine Seniors, who are intelligent and have to carry this awful knowledge of what really goes on within the organisation. How trapped they must feel. No wonder many have trouble sleeping! With no money (surrendered), no experience in the world of work, and often no "family" outside the BKWSU, what options do they have of escape and a normal life?

Their options may be somewhat limited but they will still have more choices than the poor in India. So, yes, I believe there is a God (but certainly not channelled by Dadi Gulzar - we all know that is Brahma Baba still hanging on in there) and angelic forces in the Universe.

Support is there, however, you must truly want it and accept that you are caught within the web of a true cult. You can recover but first you must not continue turning a blind eye to all the lies and incredibly bad behaviour within this organisation. Take the good bits and spew out the rest and get a life!

Om Shanti and God Bless


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