New Age mind control cults

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New Age mind control cults

Post08 Jun 2011

New Age mind control cults

Starting in part 2 8:48 to the end, now and then a BK Sister Ellen appears. I think I may have posted this before, not sure.

Interesting in the movie is the Indian interpretation of freedom. Indian "freedom" is to be free from individualism.

Does that explain the detachment obsession and the no need to think etc.?
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Re: New Age mind control cults

Post09 Jun 2011

I don't remember this, and have never seen it before. Although it appears to be designed to "scare the bejesus" out of good Christian white folk in Middle America - complete with scary, horror film music. lightning bolts and portentous voice over - it is quite good in places ... and it is interesting that the debate has really not moved on or changed very much. The connection between the gurus, The West and money is made very clear.

BK Ellen comes across as a highly typical brainwashed cultie. All BKs should watch this and as if they are really that different from the other cults.

I love the cut from BK Ellen and the cult expert saying, "they seek to escape suffering by numbing their emotions and compassion through meditation". There are many references to the cruelty carried out by the gurus made possible through detachment and the cutting off factor, and how 'anything' can be justified "for the cause". I have to agree to this.

However, although she grew up in India and has very good insight into cults and Hinduism, Caryl Matrisciana and her husband were also part of a Christian evangelist movement targeting what they called "Counterfeit Spirituality" and engaged in what they saw as a war between Christ and rising evil. She comes across if she is reading from a script ... 'the script', or message, the producers wanted to put over. Subtly all of everything except Christian evangelism is tarred with some kind of creeping evil influence, counseling, therapy, healing, even other churches.

This was made in the 1980s. All the gurus, and followers, look so young. I think there was an Ellen who was married to a very early Western BK, Derek in London, who came from Findhorn in Scotland. If I remember correctly, they were split up and she was sent off in service to the West Coast of the USA. Details need checking. In fact, I think I remember this documentary being spoken about in the typical "hushed tones" used for forbidden material within the BKWSU. The rest of us never saw it.

I laughed when the Rajneesh leader excused Rajneesh's Rolls Royce collection as "being good for Capitalism", as India was a Capitalist society, and accusing critics of being "Communists". That other terrible bogey man to the Middle Americans. Jeez ... which is worse ... being in league with Satan via the New Age or a being Communist because you don't have a big expensive car?

By video 8 or 9 it starts to get a bit silly and starts to attack physical Yoga, vegetarian diet, macrobiotics, herbalism, intuition, even movies like "Gandhi" and "Star Wars" AND The Beatles ... the lot ... as "the invasion of Eastern Mysticism into the West". Eastern Mysticism being Satanic in nature, "ugly and fearful". They have really got it in for "Hindu Occultism".

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