Testimony of a Spanish speaking ex-BK

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Testimony of a Spanish speaking ex-BK

Post03 Dec 2011

Translated from the original Spanish, see original here. A classic post.
ex-BK happy wrote:I want to share my experience so it can help other people who have lived through similar situations.

In the 90's, I was going through big changes in my life, not long before I had moved to another country and I was lonely, friendless, until I met a meditation group called Brahma Kumaris.

At first I found them most loving, they seemed so peaceful! I remember taking a weekend course. Everything was free and I became very curious, but they seemed so nice and friendly. One Sunday I decided to go to morning classes, at first I did not understand much of the concepts, because there was so much information about Hindu belief systems, but I said to myself, "eventually I'll understand" and so I left my doubts aside because "The Knowledge" being taught seemed to have all the answers to the questions that I always had about God, the meaning of life, and so on.

Then I was invited to a retreat. Already I started to change my mode of dress (you had to wear white to symbolize "purity"), how to speak, and so on. At that retreat there were many "new students", so there was a bombardment of love and a welcoming atmosphere which was stunning. Soon I became more involved in that world, which, without realizing it, was beginning to control my life through indoctrination.

The process was so gradual, imperceptible, the ideas were that my life before the group was "bad", being a "Shudra" (lowest caste), impure and now I had to be purified through the "Yoga" (meditation) or "remembrance" of a God who was called "Baba". I was taught that it was a power, and as we were direct children of God, our mission was to change the world for which I was involved in the "service" of saving mankind, and spreading the message of peace.

This translates into recruiting people for the group. It's what I did for the ten years I was involved in the system.

At the time, I started to live in the main BK center and everything went very well for a while until the abuse started, verbally and psychologically. In fact, it was also there before but not in such great magnitude. By that time, I had spent many years listening to morning classes (which we were obliged to attend and were verbally "punished" subtly and given important tasks to do), and it began to affect me physically. I used to live in a state of extreme tiredness. Believing the ideas of the imminent destruction of the world began to cause me so much distress to the point of feeling physical discomfort.

At first I related my health problems (gastritis, fatigue, migraines, constant muscle pain) to the teachings of BK. But, after class the stomach pains used to start which did not disappear. The truth is, believing in Brahma Kumaris' End of the World was something I did not agree with internally (and do not accept it as such), but did not share not it, even with myself.

Because of the repeated abuse, and constant pressure from the coordinator of the organization, I decided to move out from the center. Everything I did was controlled by them, including details without any apparent significance. No matter how hard I tried, I was not appreciate for what I did, they were just not satisfied. The idea was to break my will and reduce me to on the ground, to keep me constantly vulnerable. I developed a state of chronic stress, was sleeping 3 hours a day and to performing tasks within the center, I worked outside in order to contribute money to the organization. I never felt so alone as when I lived there because I could not share what really happened to me. The abuse and humiliation were attrocious.

Today I thank my willpower that I had to leave such destructive place, which says one thing and does another. It is not a place of meditation, but the slavery of people working for their benefit, because "the heads" of the organization do not work to make their money. Therefore, the entire group has to provide money for maintenance of activities and the whims of the leader.

With the help of a friend I began to understand what actually happens there. Mental control so fierce that it affected me psychologically, leaving phobias, fears and insecurity, poor memory, inability to integrate into the world around me. I did a bit of therapy and, especially, read a lot about it. That helped me, so today I am a happy person again to be free to choose the life I live. I got a job, regained my relationship with my family, and especially the love the world where I live, the love of people. I am open to the best of life.

Never let a group of people change your behavior and your value system to their advantage. I write these words in order that helps for those who want to leave the group and know that you can be a happy ex-BK.

Finally free,

ex-BK happy



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Testimonies of those affected in Spain by BK.

Post05 Dec 2011

Testimonies of those affected in Spain by BK post by Maria »05 Dec 2011 (a rough translation into English).
I invite and encourage you and to tell your experiences here, whether current or past relationship with you or your family members. The goal is that your witness is reflected.

The public has a right to know the true face of BK.

I was captured by the BKWSU over twelve years ago, and left more than four. I studied daily Avyakt Vanis and Sakar Murlis. After receiving advice on cults and mind control to educate me, I can say I've got my life and myself. I am still working every day with enthusiasm, each day is better than the last. And I maintain beautiful and satisfying emotional relationships, and I am not lying in a ditch or have phobias of sex or life.

BK makes you a zombie. There is life outside of BK.

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