Dishonesty, corruption in the Yagya

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Dishonesty, corruption in the Yagya

Post14 Jun 2012

befree wrote:From: Dishonesty, corruption in the Yagya

I am a BK for past 20 years in foreign lands, more than half my life. I've lived in the centre for many years but not now. I am still active in service. But the amount of dishonesty, corruption and undivine activites from some of our surrendered instrumental souls is appalling. I have witness bullying and actions that have hurt others by these souls. Even a normal non-spiritual person would have the vaues not to do such things. Even the big Dadis and Didis knew of it all as the many complaints were made and yet nothing was done to recifity the situation.

To say, "it's Maya" is not an excuse for someone to remain in such a position. I am almost ashamed to be assosicated with such an organisation that claims to be Godly and yet behaves in this way. I know not all centres are like this, and some operate well. I know we all have weaknesses but I witness more divinity, more openess, more enthusiasm, more care, more innovation and more faith in God in the Pentacostal churches I attend than our own BK centre.

Our centre is lifeless, boring, dysfunctional at times and inactive (maybe as a result of the souls who are running it). My wife (who is Christian) also comes to centre regularly with me (as her respect for me), she likes the Gyan but finds its hard to believe that we are the true Godly place as she see less faith in God from her own church and no one smiles much in morning class. Also even some of BKs are narrow minded, they only see what's happening at the centre, but some churches etc are experiencing God much more than we are, and it shows in their love and committement to serve others and spread there word.

Please help me ... I know this is the true knowledge but the BKs have seemed to have gone backwards ... maybe it's just here ... or maybe it's a world problem ... maybe it's just me ... I do not know ... but something is not right. ... the organsation here has a lot of work to do to call themselves the Godly one.

What do you think?


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Re: Dishonesty, corruption in the Yagya

Post02 Jul 2012

Don't sell your soul and search for your own liberation, bless ya. I have been there and seen it.


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Re: Dishonesty, corruption in the Yagya

Post25 Mar 2013

tommytommy wrote:Don't sell your soul and search for your own liberation, bless ya. I have been there and seen it.

Never give up, trust your instinct.

To specify the above, never give up, always fight injustice, especially where the BKs are involved.

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