Please guide me

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Please guide me

Post30 Jan 2012

Om Shanti

My name is Sujatha

I would like to share with you my problem. I got a Brahma Kumaris gnana past 4 years but I cant go to every day class because there is no class near to me & also i having Bhandan in my family side. Am going only weekly once but in my home all are forcing to get marry, am not ready to get that commitment. Actually am a working woman, in my working environment am facing so many problem. One of the my colleague is disturbing for me every day but he is already married then also why the people are like that why they are thinking like that? Am avoiding so many times telling with Baba every thing but some time I fear when I fell down in that lust. How to escape from this type of situation. How to control our self?


BK sujatha
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Re: Please guide me

Post04 Feb 2012

Don't waste your life giving it to the Brahma Kumaris. Find someone you like and start your own life. Get the BKs out of your mind. They've been misleading people for decades with false knowledge.

Life is not always easy, nothing is guaranteed, and so you have to be practical first.

If a man is married and trying to seduce you, you should complain to your boss or speak to his wife. Put a full stop to the harassment immediately. If you want to explore your sexuality, find someone that is available and don't risk hurting a third person (e.g. his wife).


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Re: Please guide me

Post06 Jun 2012

It is normal to have sexual feelings.

IMO it should be totally your choice when you marry and to whom. You should choose who you marry and when. If you are earning money then the pressure should be less. If you feel sexually attracted then that is normal. If the colleague is sexually harassing you - that is wrong - and you should tell him strongly that this is not acceptable or OK.

There is no need to feel guilt about sexuality. If attending the BKs is causing to you to feel guilt about sex - they may not be the kind of support that you need. :)


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Re: Please guide me

Post23 Jun 2012

salli chutiya


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Re: Please guide me

Post25 Jun 2012


You are free if you want to be a BK, it is OK if you want to marry, it is OK. Everything you feel is OK. You cannot have wrong feelings. You only have to look at yourself and ask, "what do I really want?". That is the only real guide you get. Every one who tells you how you should feel or what you should do are not you and you have to live with you so guide yourself. You can do it.


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Re: Please guide me

Post05 Aug 2012


Discuss this problem with your senior most whether senior most from your family viz. your Father/mother or from the place where you go viz. your centre head whom you feel has more power.If you feel happy as BK then go n ask your centre head otherwise discuss with your family head.


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