Patzcuaro: Things that need changed in the BKWSU

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Re: Patzcuaro: Things that need changed in the BKWSU

Post24 Jan 2013

Patzcuaro wrote:I enjoyed those seven years of daily Amrit Vela, vegetarianism and even celibacy. It's a logical pack of rules with a clear objective ... BK gave me not only the main lues, it also gave me the tricks to get there. There is no posible way I'll be able to pay them back what they gave me.

There are two things here ... the external form and the internal purpose.

I can agree with you that if you follow the external form, getting up early, regularity, health diet and lifestyle, meditation etc you'll feel very good. So too would you if you joined the Marines or became a ballet dancer and pushed yourself to a similar set of disciplines following a Yoga group (I don't call BKs a Yoga group, they are a spiritualist cult).

However, we cannot ignore what purpose that good frame of mind is then put too. It's not a "feel good" cult. It's not even a personal development cult. It's an End of the World cult ... and it is impossible to deny it.

If the BKs were to put to good, practical use all the money they take and all the free labor they are given, I would respect them, e.g. uplifting untouchables, building public sanitation and water pumps, feeding and educating children. But even if they were, eventually, to do real social upliftment, they would only do it as an advertisement to promote their real cause ... a high status in heaven, giving the scientists courage to use the nuclear weapons, and so on.

The BKs have a few good psychic trick but are at a low social and intellectual level.
Patzcuaro wrote:What I was trying to say is that there should be no place for those asking to ban other's voices just because they have different opinions on BK. People harmed during their experience in Gyan would take equal benefit from positive coments than from negative ones in order to create a personal, but richer vision.

As someone who knows their AA from their RIBA and MVRDVs, I'll also throw in this ...

As an architect, especially from a second world nation, you are very likely to be from a higher class, especially from an Indian point of view, and the Brahma Kumaris have a nose for such things. Were you just a kitchen assistant, I doubt you would have received much of their attention.

There are many advantages to being from a middle or upper class with a private education and high profile career and those include a sense of confidence, ability to organize or control others and so on.

Consequently, although you are not aware of it, I think you would have treated differently by the BKs because you were worth more to them. We have seen this in person many times within the BKWSU.

What is then interest is
    a) Why the BKs did not listen to your seemingly rational advice
    b) Why you then gave up and left and stopped following the Principles.
The BK leaders are experts are "listening but not listening" and then using or manipulating the enthusiasm of individuals such yourself. We could list their names here ... they are already on this website. Most of them have left or carved careers at the edges of the BK movement. You probably know them.

Why did not the BKs listen? Because to them, you did not get it. You did not understand what it was all about. Your opinions were just manmat to them ... in short, you were having Maya (probably "Brother's Maya), left Baba and threw away your fortune for the next Cycle. "Gutted your next Kalpa" is the term which was used. And we know what Baba says in the Murli about BKs who leave.

I agree with the BKs, you really did not get it. You headed off doing your own thing ... and part of you saw through the BKs and the BKWSU which is why you left and stopped playing their silly game.
    You confused the BKs' path with the real spiritual path.
This is understandable as the BKs' path starts off following the real spiritual path but then once the individual is enculted, it veers off on its own direction (... and into their bank accounts).

So, how many of the disciplines do you follow now and what do you think of what "Baba says" about people like you?

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